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Geico, The Government Employees Insurance Company, is the United States’ second-largest car insurance company. The company also provides other types of insurance.

This article will focus on the Geico assessment test, with some background on the company and employers.

Geico has a wide variety of opportunities for college leavers, graduates and experienced professionals, making it a very popular and attractive career choice.

There is also a plethora of jobs and careers to choose from at Geico. Such as sales, legal, information technology, customer service, actuary, data analytics, manual repairing and corporate.

Benefits of Working at Geico

As well as offering a wide range of jobs to a vast amount of people, there are some other benefits to working for Geico.

The company offers a supportive workplace environment, encouraging hard work and success.

It has a great bonus scheme and an annual salary increase. Geico also offers employees the chance to develop and proceed higher through the company.

It is thought Geico likes to see employees blossom from humble beginnings, much like the company itself.

There is the chance to claim free life insurance along with healthcare and other statutory benefits.

Being able to offer flexibility to staff, in terms of working hours and working remotely, is important to Geico. This is a great benefit for employees with children.

Student and Graduate Jobs at Geico

Geico likes to pride itself on giving employees a job that blossoms into a career, and most of its management team started at Geico as graduates or college leavers.

There are a few routes students and graduates can take in a career with Geico.


An intern is a student who works in a specific industry to gain hands-on experience.

Geico offers an internship program that can help these students to gain experience through an industry-leading company.

The internship can lead to a full-time job and, in turn, a career.

Leadership Programs

A college graduate will have gained qualifications, but to gain hands-on experience, they could apply to join the Leadership Program with Geico.

The Leadership Program is a fast-track route to train in management, receiving feedback, mentoring, and networking with managers and leaders.

It is a great opportunity to work on a salary while gaining the experience and knowledge needed for a management position.

Entry Level Careers

As there are many types of roles and careers at Geico, the company hires college graduates with a vast range of majors and from locations all around the country.

By applying for an entry level job, graduates will be on their first step to a long and purposeful career with the company, earning a reasonable salary that will increase annually.

Other Career Options

Geico offers career opportunities for people wanting to change their career path completely, with on-the-job training and career development support from experienced professionals.

The Ideal Candidate for Geico

The hiring process for a job at Geico varies from role to role, though there is a common application route that most jobs for the company will follow.

Before discussing the process, it is worth noting what Geico is looking for in candidates:

Geico Application Process

Online Application

Once the individual has found the job they would like to apply for, they will need to click on the application form for that particular job.

New users to the Geico website will need to create an account.

You can use the computers at a Geico location to apply for the job if you have no other access to a computer.

The application can take up to 30 minutes to complete, and you will need to enter all your employment history and qualifications.

You will not be able to attach a resume.

Telephone Interview

If you have the relevant qualifications and experience to pass the application stage, you will be invited to take part in a telephone interview with the company.

The interviews will last:

  • 15 to 30 minutes for sales, services, claims and repair positions
  • 30 to 60 minutes for management, IT and corporate roles

Some employees have said to expect up to an hour for any of the telephone interviews.

It is a good chance for the company to get to know you and for you both to understand the role and company.

Geico Pre-Employment Test

The next stage of the hiring process is the pre-employment test, where depending on the role, the candidate will be tested on skills such as computer literacy, technical skill and typing.

The assessment, which can take one and a half hours, can also include a role-play scenario.

The results will be communicated to the employee via email, although some candidates may be offered a job immediately after the test, so it is advised to take two forms of identification to the assessment.


The potential employee will be asked to attend an interview with a member of the hiring team, where they will be asked several questions and may need to take part in a role-play case study.

It could also include shadowing a manager or current employee.

To give an idea of the type of questions that may be asked at the interview, below are some example questions with tips on approaching them.

"Tell us three facts about Geico"

It is advised to research and learn some of the top facts on the history of the business and its current status regarding how many employees it has, the types of awards it wins and where it operates.

"What were your top reasons for applying for a job at Geico?"

It may be tempting to say here that the reason for applying is to be employed; however, Geico is looking for people who want to progress in their career and have researched the company so they know what to expect.

Geico prides itself on its awards that focus on treating employees well; therefore, it might also be worth mentioning that you appreciate these accolades when answering.

Background Checks

Geico will request a drug screen for all employees and interns, as well as credit and criminal background checks.

The company may also ask neighbors, friends and old colleagues for character references for some roles and situations.

Geico needs to follow the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which ensures a person with a conviction in certain areas or particular financial issues does not work for insurance companies.

Geico Assessment Test: Advice and Tips
Geico Assessment Test: Advice and Tips

Geico Assessment Tests

The Geico pre-employment tests can be daunting to some, especially knowing that only half of those taking the test get a score satisfactory enough to pass.

Below is a breakdown of the assessment tests with helpful tips and advice.

Customer-Facing Assessment Tests

Customer-facing assessment tests tend to have the following areas assessed:

Computer Skills

This timed test looks at the candidate’s typing and computer navigation skills.

They may be given different computer programs, such as Word and asked to navigate their way to complete a task.

Geico also tests typing skills and commonly requires employees to successfully type 40 words per minute, with good grammar and spelling.

These tests mean the company can see how the employee will fare in the role on a day-to-day basis.

Multitasking Test

This assessment is looking at how the employee can handle doing two things at once.

One example is showing the assessee a split-screen, communicating with the customer on one side and looking through the information needed on the other side.

They will then need to answer the customer’s questions from information in the second screen.

Customer Simulation

This part of the assessment can be role-play or be written.

The employee is asked to communicate with a customer either by email or on the telephone and deal with the customer’s questions and queries.

Some customers that the candidate will have to communicate with will be classed as 'difficult' and the situations simulate real-life scenarios that have or may happen when working for Geico.


This part of the assessment looks at the candidate’s ability to read and assess a situation, discussion or complaint from text, and how they would converse with customers.

They will be given a piece of writing and have to reach a valid decision from the information given.

This test also assesses grammar and general vocabulary and spelling.

Spatial Reasoning

This type of psychometric test looks at how the employee can recognize shapes and patterns.

For Geico, it is commonly used for those applying for a role in the Claims or Repair department to see how the potential employee will read and assess information.

The test will be multiple-choice and timed.

Non-Customer-Facing Assessments

Non-customer-facing assessments can be bespoke to the job or sector, but some common areas tested are:

Numerical Reasoning

This assessment looks at finance, data, statistics, graphs and numbers.

The individual has to answer some multiple-choice questions using graphs and charts.

It does test not only basic math but also the ability to reach conclusions from data and graphs.

Technical Assessment

This can be job-specific, but, generally, the test shows some common problems within the specific sector.

The candidate must use their knowledge of the subject to answer the questions.

One common area assessed here is coding – for IT-based roles.

This test is also timed.

Preparation for the Assessments

To be in the top 50% and pass the assessments, it is best to prepare.

Firstly, research Geico as a business.

Look up what it is searching for in an employee, the skills required and its ethos to understand what you should demonstrate in your application and assessment tests.

However, it is recommended not to answer what you think Geico wants, as this may not be the right answer. Know the answer and apply it to what you know about Geico.

Downloading practice tests online is the best way to prepare, as you can do as many mock tests as you like, getting as many variations as possible; therefore, you will be able to revise certain questions and areas with plenty of time.

When you do the mock tests, do them timed to gauge how much time to spend on each question.

Many people fail the tests due to silly mistakes; the practice papers will help you identify the areas you need to focus on.

The tests are commonly conducted at the Geico offices, in different locations. Taking the tests at Geico is advised, if this is what you are offered, as it will limit distractions.

However, if it is only possible to take the test remotely, ensure you take it in a quiet environment where you can focus. Turn off phones and any other distractions.

Key Tips for Applying at Geico

As well as focusing on the best ways to pass the assessment tests, here are some key tips to help you sail through the hiring process as a whole:

Show Motivation and Interest for the Role

When speaking either at the telephone interview or face-to-face, be sure to show your motivation and a keen interest in the role.

Geico loves employees who are keen to progress and who realize the benefits of working for the company.

It may be worth mentioning the awards Geico has won for its treatment of its employees and that having a supportive and fair company to work for will encourage you to work harder.

Give Examples of Dependability and Reliability

Geico likes to know its employees will work hard and can be relied upon to do their job well.

Finding examples of this in previous employment history is a great way to prove your ability to do this.

Know Your Strengths and Demonstrate Them

As with the above point, ensure you have prepared examples of your strengths at work and how you have used them to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best things that you can do ahead of the Geico assessment test include:

  • Research the company and find out what their values are – This can help you to learn what they are looking for in potential employees.
  • Take practice tests – Practice questions can help to familiarise you with the format of the assessment, meaning that you can perform better on the day.

The Geico assessment test is widely considered to be one of the more difficult employment assessments to take.

To make it through to the next stage, applicants will need their scores to be among the top 50%. For this reason, competition is tough and it is important to score as highly as possible.

For many people, a role within Geico can help to boost their career, leading to promotions and other positive changes in the future.

There are also additional benefits for working for the company such as annual salary increases, free healthcare and flexible working options.

You will usually be contacted via email following the Geico assessment test. This will be to let you know how you did and whether or not you will be moving to the next stage of the process.

However, it is a good idea to take identification with you when you take the test as occasionally individuals will be offered jobs on-the-spot as soon as the assessments are complete.

The exact test that you will take will largely depend on the role that you have applied for.

You may be asked to complete questions that cover the following areas:

  • Computer skills
  • Multitasking
  • Customer simulation
  • Comprehension
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Technical skills

The hiring process is usually a multi-step format that begins with an online application. You will then usually have a telephone interview before being asked to complete the Geico assessment test.

As long as you pass the assessments, you will then move on to the next phase which is an in-person interview. If your interview goes well, the final step is to complete a series of background checks before you can begin working for Geico.

Only the top 50% of scores will move forward to the next phase of the hiring process. By this reasoning, it can be said that half of the people who take the Geico assessment test will fail it.

Final Thoughts

A job at Geico could begin just after college and result in a successful career, supported by a great employer.

However, many want to get on the career ladder at a young age, so it can be competitive.

This article has given many ways, mainly through preparation and knowledge, to shine through and pass each part of the application process.

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