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Aquarius Career Horoscope

Aquarius Career Horoscope

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The ultimate personality test, your star sign can tell you a lot about your traits both in your personal life and at work.

Horoscopes have been used for centuries to predict how the alignment of planets and stars might affect an individual's environment, mood and personality. A career horoscope can help you to understand more about your strengths and weaknesses, and the careers you are best suited for.

If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, read on for your Aquarius career horoscope.

Aquarius Career Horoscope
Aquarius Career Horoscope

What Are the Key Traits of an Aquarius?

Aquarians are the ultimate altruists – they love to help others and don’t seek material success. But they do crave attention and don’t mind being in the public eye.

Idealists that are socially and environmentally conscious, Aquarians are at their best when they can help others. Whether through fundraising, activism or research, their goal is to improve the world around them.

Because Aquarians are not very interested in material pursuits or traditions, they need to have a cause to feel connected to something.

People born under Aquarius tend to enjoy self-expression through art, music, acting and performing. Aquarians enjoy solitude and work best when they can manage themselves and their workload.

The natural curiosity displayed by Aquarians makes them excellent at critical thinking and getting to the heart of any problem, often losing themselves in a project or an idea. This means that they are diligent and quick learners. Unfortunately, this laser focus can lead to a disconnect with colleagues and friends, as they sometimes forget that others need to have input in group projects.

Aquarians are non-conformist by nature – they may follow rules if there is an obvious purpose to them but their natural rebellious streak can make following rules or schedules for the sake of it impossible. This can mean that they are entrepreneurial; not afraid to look for new ways to get where they need to go.

Aquarians hate tedium and the mundane. Rigid rules, strict schedules and stifling micromanagement will bring out their obstinate, rebellious side – and that will kill their enjoyment of a situation quickly.

What Is an Aquarian Like at Work?

At work, the Aquarian is fascinated by technology and ideas. First to adopt any new software, they will also be the first to fully understand how to get the most out of it – a combination of natural curiosity and fast learning skills make any new technology or system easy for them to understand.

With a brilliant memory and that insatiable need to fully get to the bottom of a problem, Aquarians make excellent leaders – especially when it comes to managing projects that need an entrepreneurial spirit.

Their need to help, and it is a genuine desire, means that if there is a cause for an Aquarius to get behind, they will get fully behind it. Whether that is a charity fundraiser, a political agenda or just a new working system, the Aquarius enjoys using their social idealism to get others to follow them.

They might not always follow the rules, but they are idealists with a cause and will stop at nothing to see that through.

As an employee, Aquarians are socially conscious and a voice for those who need extra help – whether clients, customers or colleagues. They are tolerant of others and are rarely swayed by prejudice, making them brilliant at being objective when making judgments.

Employers value the Aquarian’s diligence and responsibility, especially when it comes to working autonomously – which is a good thing as, despite their best efforts, it can be difficult for them to maintain effective communication when they start diving into projects.

At work, Aquarians are at their best when they can follow a passion without too much interference from management. If they are interested in the work they are doing, they work best in solitude, with little outside distraction.

Top 10 Career Choices for an Aquarius

1. Actor

We aren’t suggesting that Aquarians need to be the center of attention, but they do enjoy having an audience. Whether it is on stage, radio or TV – or even movies – creative Aquarians are at home when acting.

This career doesn’t involve much in the way of mindless repetition, is never mundane and allows for self-expression in the most public way.

2. Scientist

Natural curiosity is an important part of the Aquarian’s makeup – and what makes them excellent in the sciences.

Whether in the lab, as a researcher or in the field, the in-depth analytical mind of the deep-thinking Aquarian makes them ideal candidates for a role that requires them to use different and creative ways to find an answer.

3. Teacher

The ultimate in altruistic work, teaching suits the Aquarian – getting a platform to speak and share ideas, while ultimately helping others.

Whether working with young children, teenagers or adults, a teaching position allows them to help others and work on themselves.

4. Activist

Whether for a charity they feel strongly about or for a political party they know will save society, Aquarians make excellent activists.

Not afraid to ask challenging questions, their natural disposition as a disrupter and their eye for detail will make Aquarians formidable fundraisers.

While charity endeavors will fit their altruism, the excitement of political maneuvering will hold their interest, so either facet of activism would be a suitable career move.

Aquarius Career Horoscope
Aquarius Career Horoscope

5. Social Worker

Social workers help the very neediest in society, from disadvantaged children to the elderly needing more support. Aquarians like to help others – and being able to help from a position of power while maintaining some distance will appeal to their personality.

Social work allows for an Aquarian’s natural curiosity and avoids the mundane. While there are rules that need to be followed, they have a solid cause behind them and shouldn’t be a barrier to the rebellious Aquarian.

6. Environmental Engineer

Being fascinated by technology, Aquarians are naturally drawn to anything that is on the cutting edge – and what better way to combine their scientific drive with their ecological awareness than to engineer our environment?

This role will ensure they are thinking creatively, solving problems and changing the world – all while working in a role that is anything but mundane and repetitive.

7. Life Coach

The deep-thinking Aquarian would be well suited to a career as a life coach. Their intuitive nature combined with their desire to help others will help them in their ambition.

Making a contribution to the lives of others will be satisfying for the Aquarian who enjoys connecting with others and strives to improve the world.

8. Museum Curator

Aquarians will enjoy investigating a subject and delving deeply into research to find out all they can about something that they are passionate about.

Collecting antiquities and art, or learning about scientific and historic breakthroughs will ignite a fire in the curious Aquarian – so sharing that with the world in a museum is a perfect choice.

Combining their need for the spotlight, their natural helpfulness and their brilliant memory, showing museum visitors the latest artifacts will be a great career choice for Aquarius.

9. Electrician

Who doesn’t love problem-solving with added spark? Aquarians are naturally drawn to scientific and technological work and, as an electrician, they will be able to work with cutting-edge tools, software and design to solve problems and, as always, help others.

Aquarians work well in science and technology roles, so becoming an electrician – whether for a big company or as a sole trader – is a great career match.

10. Project Manager

Project management suits the Aquarian as they enjoy working autonomously without unnecessary interference, but this role also allows for a degree of collaboration, placing the Aquarian in the role of helping.

Project management removes the mundane by allowing you to work creatively to solve problems and on a variety of different tasks every day.

Final Thoughts

Trying to find a meaningful career that is fulfilling, challenging and worth getting up for every day can be tough without some form of guidance.

Using your star sign to plan your career path is not the most scientific method, but there can be no harm in having a look at your career horoscope to consider which of your strengths and weaknesses reflect those of a typical Aquarian.

Typical Aquarian character traits, whether positive or negative, can inform your decisions on career, relationships and other facets of life. You may find that your career horoscope is a useful way to start thinking about how your personality traits might help you to identify your future career direction.

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