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The 8 Best Online Day Trading Classes for 2022

The 8 Best Online Day Trading Classes for 2022

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For those wishing to enter the exciting world of day trading, a formal course is often the quickest and most accessible way to learn how the industry works and how to build a successful trading career.

Online education has grown over the last few years, meaning that students can learn about a whole new industry from their own homes, at their own pace.

Many established and reputable companies offer classes, all with varying structures, content and costs.

Day trading can be both lucrative and highly risky. It’s beneficial to have a solid understanding and appreciation of how to invest, manage risk and monitor the markets.

Even if you have previous trading experience, this type of trading is constantly changing and evolving, so up to date knowledge and refreshing existing skills will always pay off in giving you the cutting edge against other traders.

The 8 Best Online Day Trading Courses

To help you decide, we have rounded up the 8 best day trading programmes, with details such as cost and features.

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a great starting point to see what’s out there. Conduct your own research too, to make sure you find the course that suits your needs.

1. Asia Forex Mentor


  • Multiple lessons spread over video format
  • High quality
  • Self-paced with lifetime access
  • Covers a wide range of lesson topics
  • Useful examples throughout the course


  • Those who have already traded could struggle to grasp Mr Chew’s way of thinking
  • Expensive

Best for: Beginner to Advanced traders
Price: $997

Ezekiel Chew the founder at Asia Forex Mentor isn’t your typical trainer. He is a recognized expert in the finance industry where he is frequently invited to speak at major financial events. His insights into the live market are highly sought after by retail traders.

Ezekiel is considered to be amongst the top traders around who actually care about giving back to the community. He makes six figures a trade in his own trading and, behind the scenes, Ezekiel trains the traders who work in banks, fund management companies and prop trading firms.

His highly regarded One Core Program teaches you how to trade not only forex but also stocks, commodities, crypto and more. To Ezekiel, it doesn’t matter what vehicle it is. It’s about trade selection and having various options opens up the best of the best trades.

The One Core Program covers:

  • The unique way he reads charts with a combination of price action and others.

  • His 16 high win rate strategies that work on every move the market makes.

  • The highly popular Road to Millions formula that turned many new traders into full-time traders.

  • The business behind trading, trade management methods, proprietary point calculation system and many more.

It’s no wonder that the One Core Program is considered one of the best trading courses around.

Visit Asia Forex Mentor

2. eToro


  • Options for classroom-based or online learning
  • Useful insights for beginner traders


  • Classroom course requires payment

Best for: Multi market overview

CFD is not available in the United States. U.S. users cannot trade CFDs.

The one-day eToro Trading School course covers multiple trading areas including forex, cryptocurrency and stocks.

In-person education is delivered by Henry Ward, a professional trader with over 10 years’ experience under his belt.

Though the course claims to be suitable for traders of all levels, the content is well suited to beginner traders, or those looking to learn more before dipping their toes into the water.

You’ll have an introduction to the financial markets, learn essential key terms and what they represent, and walk through the fundamental principles of trading.

Perhaps the most useful element of the course for beginners is the introduction of trading personalities. This should help you identify what type of trader you are and determine the most appropriate styles to suit.

In addition to the classroom-based course, held in London’s Canary Wharf, there’s also a library of webinars and podcasts for those interested in distance learning.

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68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

3. Forex Signals


  • Free trial available
  • Daily live streams and market analysis
  • Insights from trading mentors
  • Community of fellow traders to discuss ideas with
  • Online video library for education


  • Requires monthly subscription (different tiers) to maintain access
  • May not offer much value to advanced traders

Not a trading platform as such, Forex Signals was founded in 2012 with the express intention of being an interactive ‘trading room’, where active users can interact and discuss the market, strategies and learn from mentors and experts.

Now with more than 500,000 members, Forex Signals has a 24/7 chat function that is overseen by trading mentors that have over 55 years of experience, mostly providing high-quality trading signals.

The interactive community feel is designed to give beginner traders the support they need through educational videos, discussions, live streams and trading tools. It is not a broker or a platform but could be considered to be a Forex social media site.

With three main strategies in use, Forex Signals is the place for a trader to get feedback on potential trade ideas, as well as checking out what other traders are doing – and then be able to comfortably follow the trading patterns of others to copy their success.

This is a subscription service, and there are three tiers available:

  • The cheapest option is a monthly subscription, named Apprentice, which gives limited access to the platform.
  • For the six-month subscription (Committed), more access is allowed.
  • For the top level (Professional), you get a year’s worth of access to the whole platform, including the mentors.

Unlike more passive trading signal sources, using the Forex Signals chat is time-consuming, and you need to be prepared to get involved to get the most out of it – but with that being said, the signals and research that you can find here are usually dependable and useful.

Visit Forex Signals



  • Daily Live sessions
  • Tons of educational material, video courses and tests to complete your knowledge
  • RM referral structure where anyone can become an entrepreneur and transform RM into your own income source with partnership payouts of up to 1 Million Dollars a month


  • Monthly subscription to retain access to all features

Price: $199 for All-In-One package, $150 for standard packages

RM believes that anything can be easily learned, as long as you know the right approach.

Its main goal is easy and understandable education.

RM provides its users with online educational courses for forex, Options and Crypto trading with a bunch of interactive videos and tests and wants you to learn in an exciting way.

RM's live sessions are like watching your favorite YouTuber or Twitch streamer. But with RM you will learn how to trade, gain new financial knowledge and possibly improve your financial situation.

Packages offered include:

  • All-in-One: $199.50 per month
  • Forex package: $149.50 per month
  • Options package: $149.50 per month
  • Crypto package: coming soon

When purchasing a subscription you get full access to all the educational materials and features offered by

For more experienced traders, offers a referral scheme to allow you to bring in new clients, create your own network and receive partnership payouts from all your active referrals.

As your number of active referrals grows, your level within the academy grows too. The higher the level, the higher your monthly payout. Each level has a fixed monthly payout amount of up to $1,000,000.

Review Referrals section in order to have a better idea on how much exactly YOU can make! Or jump straight to creating an account and giving RM a test drive, before buying a package!


5. Shifting Shares


  • Self-paced video format
  • Lifetime exclusive support group access
  • Detailed insights with practical application
  • Profitable patterns backed by examples
  • Single payment with no recurring subscription


  • No forex or crypto
  • UK stocks only
  • No free trial

Best for: UK stock trading

The UK Stock Trading Course comes endorsed by many industry experts and teaches you how to trade UK stocks.

Michael Taylor is a well-known expert in the market and is often invited to speak at trading events and has written for the Financial Times.

He has traded for a living since 2016 and set up the course in 2020 to fill the gap in quality trading education for UK stock traders.

Michael offers plenty of free content for those interested in starting to trade UK stocks with books, video lessons, and free tools.

For those who want to progress to becoming a six-figure trader, he offers his paid tuition with The UK Stock Trading Course with 8+ hours of content.

The course costs £597 and comes with lifetime access and all future content additions free.

So far, the course covers:

  • How to set up and scale your trading business
  • Risk management and effective position sizing
  • Advanced stop-loss strategies
  • Reading Level 2 to get better prices
  • How to use direct market access to beat market makers
  • Finding and trading ‘in play’ stocks
  • Profitable patterns backed by examples

It’s clear why Michael’s course is a top choice for many traders and his reviews are outstanding.

Visit Shifting Shares

6. Bulls on Wall Street


  • Choice of courses available to suit different topics and needs
  • Members' chatroom
  • Live class training available
  • Watch live trading


  • Courses require expensive monthly, annual or one-off payment for access
  • No free trial

Bulls on Wall Street was conceived as a community to improve ongoing education for traders back in 2008.

Designed to leverage the innovations in social media to make sharing best practices and new strategies easier, it is a popular destination for beginner traders as well as those who have some experience and want to learn new things.

Although the courses might be considered quite pricey, payment plans are available on almost every course, and there are some Swing Trading courses you can buy on-demand if there are specific topics like options or retirement trading that you want to learn about.

The 60-Day Trading Boot Camp was established in 2012 as a full coverage trading program, teaching everything that you will need to become a sophisticated and successful trader.

This course is a combination of homework, seminars, and videos on everything from the basics of trading instruments to strategizing, reading the market, and making decisions based on trends and market sentiment.

As with other courses offered by the Bulls on Wall Street team, the amount you pay for the course also offers you access to the community where you can continue to learn from more experienced traders – including the founders.

Other courses include a free beginner’s course that comes with a trading kit you can get by signing up to the email mailing list, and there are courses specifically designed for swing traders and day traders.

One of the newest offerings includes a Crypto Day and Swing Trading course, with content that focuses on diverse ways to trade digital currencies.

There are more than 100 lessons included, taking you from complete beginner to confident trader and giving you access to the crypto trading room too.

Visit Bulls on Wall Street

7. How to Trade


  • Learn at your own pace
  • Video lessons cover a wide range of topics
  • Both free and paid-for courses are available to suit different preferences


  • Requires paid subscription to maintain Trading Room access (various tiers available)

Providing a trading education that is designed to take you from the basics through to the advanced strategy, How to Trade has a wealth of world-class educational resources.

There are more than 50 free trading lessons, designed by globally recognised mentors, and when you complete them, you will receive a certificate.

You can expect the free courses to include both forex and stocks education – from a basic introduction through to charts, technical analysis, indicators, risk management and psychology.

Alongside the free courses, there is premium content that comes with membership of the Trading Room.

There are three different membership levels, with increasing benefits as the price goes up.

Every level includes access to the Trading Room, all the premium content in the modular video academy, daily live trading sessions, trade sentiment analysis, weekly hot pick analysis, real time global news stream, live interactive workshops and access to pro trader tools.

The different pricing structures are as follows:

  • The Apprentice – £77 per month, billed monthly. Includes one month access to the Trading Room.
  • The Committed – £39 per month, billed six monthly. Includes six months access to the Trading Room. This also includes exclusive brokerage access and one-on-one with a mentor.
  • The Professional – £36 per month, billed annually. Includes a year’s access to the Trading Room, all the features of the Apprentice and Committed subscription, but also a direct line to the mentors, the Trend Surfing Expert Advisor, and a license key to Forex Tester 5.

Visit How to Trade

8. UC Trading


  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Access to Discord server with additional resources and member insights
  • Create an individual trading plan to suit your goals and personality


  • Expensive

The UC Trading Mentoring is a futures trading mentorship program entirely based on prop trading knowledge offering a professional and unique trading approach that most other providers do not have access to.

Utilised tools include the volume profile, market profile and order flow instruments such as the footprint chart.

It is accompanied by diversified coaching mediums such as a workbook, Discord server, videos, webinars and 1:1 coaching sessions to ensure the best possible learning experience.

The mentoring is led by a former private banker and experienced professional in his field of work maintaining 10+ years of experience in the financial markets.

In close collaboration with the mentor, this course will teach you:

  • Prop trading knowledge
  • Profitable order flow strategies
  • Learn to read the markets
  • Developing your individual trading plan
  • One-on-one coaching

The entire coaching process is clearly structured and follows three phases guiding you through the various steps to become a successful day trader.

Phase 1 focuses on building a theoretical understanding of the futures markets and day trading principles through the workbook and enclosed exercises.

Subsequently, phase 2 puts theory into practice providing you comprehensive educational content through their Discord server including numerous sample analyses, trades, and supplementary insights from other community members.

Here you can ask all remaining questions and receive individual support as well as share your trades to get a detailed review. In addition, the Discord server provides access to videos and webinars providing you further resources to guide you through the learning process.

Finally, in Phase 3 your trading becomes more independent, you have acquired an extensive theoretical as well as practical knowledge that is now applied in the markets.

Through continuous trade reviews and in close collaboration with the mentor, you will develop an individual trading plan fitting to your individual personality.

That is accompanied by 1:1 sessions to ensure you are reaching your goal of becoming a consistently profitable day trader.

Visit UC Trading

9. Forex Trading Coach


  • Learn online at your own pace
  • Includes 12-month access to daily trade information
  • Lifetime access to email support
  • Live webinars each week
  • Online community forum


  • Course is expensive
  • Trading track record performance not verified by a third party

Developed by Andrew Mitchem, who has been a Forex trading coach for more than 12 years, there are several training options available through this site – including several free resources.

With more than 3,000 successful students and a money-back guarantee if you do not make a 20% gain following the information given, The Successful Trader Course is a completely online system that comprises several video lessons that are designed to be beginner-friendly.

The course consists of 15 video lessons, lasting anywhere between five and 90 minutes long. These videos start at the beginning with learning about Forex trading (although Mitchem claims that you can use this process for trading commodities, too), and work through different trading strategies, tools and psychology.

Alongside these videos, learners also get access to 12 months of daily trade information, lifetime access to personal email support, use of the Trading Room and a student’s-only forum site as well as custom-built trading software.

The course costs almost $3,000, but there are split payment options available if you contact customer services.

For those who need more of a personal touch, there is a one-on-one version of the online course available with exclusive access to the founder and his colleagues for personalised, structured learning – at a higher cost (but you need to apply to find out how much).

The free resources available are quite in-depth, from a Masterclass to an eBook and various webinars and seminars.

Visit Forex Trading Coach

What to Look for in a Good Day Trading Course

There are many day trading courses out there, but you should consider a few essential factors before deciding on one.


The most important consideration is the legitimacy and calibre of the organisation or person providing the information.

Some courses are written by traders who have only a year or two of experience. Of course, they may have been successful for those couple of years, but trading is a long term pursuit and short term success doesn’t always represent the level of skills and expertise needed to teach others.

Check that the creator of the course has been trading for at least five years before viewing them as a trustworthy source of information.


Check that the course covers the areas of trading in which you are particularly interested. Look at online reviews and check out online forums for other people’s experiences of various day trading courses.

Learning Style

You may also want to check the format of the course and how your learning will take place. The lessons could be self-directed or led by a tutor.

Find out whether you have easy access to a tutor for guidance and feedback. A good course will offer a way for you to connect with your fellow students, so look out for ways your course provider facilitates this.

You might also want to check if the course is run by a series of pre-recorded video lectures or slides, or if more interactive learning is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only a small percentage of people who attempt day trading will make a profit. A good day trader can achieve a monthly return in the region of 18%.

Since day trading can be both lucrative and risky, it is important to gain a clear understanding of investing, managing risk and monitoring the markets.

A formal day trading course is a fast and accessible way to start building a day trading career.

It is important to choose a reputable and trustworthy learning provider with positive reviews from past students. Find a course that suits your learning style and will allow you to study around your other commitments.

The quickest way to learn is through practice, so find a course provider that includes a demo trading account. This will allow you to practice day trading without having to risk any real funds.

Around 80% of day traders fail within the first year. Most day traders fail due to a lack of knowledge and education; however all trading comes with risk, no matter how knowledgeable you are.

To increase your changes of success, you will need to have the skills required to analyse stocks, know how to manage your trades and develop a profitable trading plan.

Day trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires a high degree of risk management and emotional discipline.

It is possible, but never guaranteed. To be successful, you will need to have a solid understanding of the markets, a well-developed trading strategy and the ability to keep your emotions in check. Very few people make money through day trading, with the vast majority failing within the first year.

All trading comes with risk, no matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are.

It is possible to day trade with a small starting capital such as $500. However, this will have an impact on your trading strategy and broker.

Choose a broker with a minimum deposit requirement of $500 or less, and find one that will charge you fees based on spread rather than commission.

To make money, you will need to trade on margin with leverage. The maximum leverage will depend on your location, so make sure you do your research. If you are trading with a small starting capital, consider trading major Forex currency pairs such as GBP/USD or NZD/USD.

In the US, it is legal to buy and sell the same stock as many times as you like, as long as your broker allows you to do so and you work within FINRA’s pattern day trading restrictions.

Day trading has similarities to gambling, but it is not the same. When you open a day trade, you are effectively betting that the stock will move in the direction that you want it to. Gambling is always down to luck, and the odds are always against the gambler. Trading requires significant knowledge and research to understand the odds of a price trending in a particular direction. Day traders work hard to strike the right balance between risk management and maximising profit.

Final Thoughts

With an array of day trading courses available, choosing the right one is a big decision.

For maximum success, you need to make sure the lesson format and teaching approach suits your learning style, and that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company.

None of the course providers offer the same, so research the course content and look into student reviews carefully.

Costs can vary hugely, so set your budget beforehand and don’t be tempted by big promises.

Some of the strongest contenders in this list offer straight-forward teaching without any hype, and still get great results for their students.

As well as course costs, trading itself can be costly and requires some investment. Be prepared to work at honing your day trading skills to manage risk where possible, but remain sensible and thorough when selecting a course to help you get there.

WikiJob does not provide tax, investment, or financial services and advice. The information is being presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal.

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