Best Registered Agent Services
Best Registered Agent Services

Best Registered Agent Services

Here is the Best Registered Agent Services for 2023

There are many benefits to using a registered agent service, but choosing the right one for your business can be difficult.

Below are eight of the best registered agent services in 2023, all of which have advantages and disadvantages and cater to all LLCs and budgets.

1. Incfile

Incfile launched in 2004 and quickly became one of the most popular companies for registered agents.

To date, it has helped more than 500,000 businesses register and operate as LLCs, so it has plenty of experience and knowledge.

Incfile can also back its claims with the 27,000+ positive public reviews that are listed.

The basic package, $0, includes:

  • Preparation and filling for your Articles of Organization
  • Business name search and availability
  • One year of registered agent service
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Order status tracking
  • Lifetime company deadline alerts and notifications
  • Online document access

The $149 gold package provides extra services, including S Corporation Tax form preparation and a business tax consultation.

The $299 platinum package provides everything from the first two and:

  • Expedited document filing
  • Sample document library
  • Domain name and business email

The only notable disadvantage with Incfile is that the customer service is not as efficient as it used to be. There have been reports that emails go unanswered, and you can sit on the phone for a long time.

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2. LegalZoom

LegalZoom started operations in 1999 and is the most popular registered agent service.

It boasts more than a million customers and is so confident with its service it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

The $79 economy package includes:

  • Business name availability check
  • Preparation and filing for your Articles of Organization
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Banking resolutions

The standard package, costing $329, includes a personalized seal and a deluxe organizer.

The Express Gold package, $349, has additional expedited processing and express shipping.

The negatives of LegalZoom are that there are constant upsells, and it can be quite pricey compared to its competitors.

That being said, the annual report filing service is credited with being the best in the industry.

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3. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer has amassed over 25 million customers since starting operations in 2008.

What makes Rocket Lawyer stand out is that it also offers a legal services subscription and a seven-day free trial.

It has a 12-hour-a-day customer service line, and reviews are always favorable.

Rocket Lawyer has two subscription options.

Non-member, $99.99, includes:

  • Preparation and filling for your Articles of Organization
  • Business name availability search
  • Online document search
  • Hard copies
  • Phone and email support

Member, $39.99 per month, which includes:

  • Legal documents with document defence
  • Ask a lawyer legal questions
  • 30-minute consultation for every new legal issue
  • Discount on attorney services, registered agent services and future incorporations filings

The disadvantage of Rocket Lawyer is that the monthly fees can get costly.

This is definitely a service for those who would value having access to an attorney.

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4. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a Texas-based company that began operations in 2015.

To date, it has helped more than 6,000 business owners and accumulated more than 6,000 positive reviews.

It is considered to be the most affordable registered agent service and has an excellent customer service team.

The starter package, $39, includes:

  • Name availability search
  • Preparation and filings for your Article of Organization
  • Registered agent service
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Accounting assessment

The Pro, priced at $149, comes with banking resolutions and a Federal Tax ID Number.

Premium, priced at $249, is more focused on your online presence and includes a website, domain name and email.

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5. InCorp

InCorp has more than 25 years of experience in turning small businesses into LLCs, and it currently has 125,000 active clients around the world.

Compared with other registered agent services, the fees are not as competitive, but it does offer a different range of subscriptions.

The LLC Formation service has a flat rate of $117 and includes:

  • Preparation and filing for your Articles of Organization
  • Business name availability search
  • Domestic two-day shipping

If you’d like to remain with InCorp following the LLC formation, the RA subscription starts at $66.56 per year (minimum five-year commitment). This subscription is for the collection and forwarding of legal documents only.

You can then choose add-ons, such as:

  • Federal ID Tax number – $69
  • Manual annual report service – price not disclosed
  • Certificate of Goods Standing – $35
  • Trademark registration – $574
  • Foreign Qualifications – $149

The options available allow you to create a service personal to you – a feature not found in many registered agent services. However, it may not be the most budget-friendly option.

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8 Best Registered Agent Services
8 Best Registered Agent Services

6. Northwest

Northwest began operations in 1998 and sells itself as a 'no-nonsense company' that provides legal and LLC formation services.

Its customer support is kept in-house and is of a very high standard.

But what makes Northwest truly unique is that it does not share your information with other companies. They write their own code and run their own servers, making them trustworthy and safe.

Northwest is also one of the few companies that automatically offers a year of RA services upon LLC formation.

Northwest also only offers one subscription type. It costs $225 and includes:

  • Name availability search
  • Preparation and filing for your Articles of Organization
  • One year RA services
  • Operating agreement
  • Fast LLC filing

The disadvantages of Northwest are that you cannot customize your subscription, and it is expensive compared to competitors.

It also doesn't have many third-party reviews, which some people may find off-putting.

Visit Northwest

7. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is a fairly new company, having been founded in 2012. However, it has received a reputation of being a reliable registered agent.

There are thousands of positive reviews about Swyft Filings across many review sites.

Its base rate is $49, which is not as competitive as others’, but they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a full refund if you are not happy. It also allows you to pay in two instalments, making it easier on the budget.

The base package includes:

  • Preparation and filing for your Articles of Organization
  • Business name availability and verification
  • Lifetime customer support
  • 30-minute business tax consultation
  • One-year free domain name

In addition to the basic package, the $149 standard package offers a Federal Tax ID number, organizational minutes and banking resolution.

The premium package ($299) includes everything from the previous two packages, three months of web hosting and a digital corporate kit.

While it does offer an excellent service, Swyft Filings does not provide RA services with the LLC formation package – this is an additional $149.

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8. Inc Authority

Inc Authority has been around since 1989 and has helped more than 130,000 businesses become LLCs.

Its biggest selling point is that Inc Authority will help you set up your LLC completely free of charge. However, the paid packages are costly compared to competitors.

The free formation pack includes:

  • Business name availability search
  • Preparation and filing for your Articles of Organization
  • One-year RA services
  • S Corporation Tax Election Form
  • Third-party business checking account
  • Third-party tax planning consultation
  • Third-party business funding analysis

The starter pack, $399, includes all the free services and:

  • Federal Tax ID number
  • Record book and company seal
  • Ownership certificate
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • One-year Inc Protection Advisor

The executive pack, $499, includes a website domain and a Business Licence Report in addition to the starter and free package.

The tycoon pack, $799, offers everything, as well as express processing and a business-oriented software suite called BizCredit Express.

The negatives are that Inc Authority does not offer any refunds under any circumstances. The fees are also quite expensive – you can find those same services at a much more budget-friendly price point.

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What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent (RA) is a person or agency who a limited liability company (LLC) has designated to receive various legal documents, including:

  • Office federal and state correspondence
  • Tax notices from the IRS and local tax authorities
  • Lawsuits
  • Subpoenas for information
  • Court summons
  • Wage garnishment notices
  • Corporate filing notifications

The RA is not authorized to represent the LLC or act on its behalf. Instead, they are simply responsible for receiving these documents and delivering them to the LLC.

Assigning a registered agent is a legal requirement for any business owner creating an LLC.

To be considered as an RA, you need:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Live in the state the LLC is operating in
  • Have a physical address you are comfortable being made public

Depending on the state you are in, you can assign the following as a registered agent:

  • Yourself, the business owner
  • An employee
  • Friend
  • Family member
  • External registered agent service

Do I Need a Registered Agent Service?

LLCs with under 10 employees that operate in one state only may find it more convenient to use someone in the office or a friend/family member.

However, this role comes with a lot of responsibility. Their address will be available to the public, so it may be best to explore external services.

An external service is also a more appropriate option if you:

  • Have more than 10 employees
  • Have offices in different states
  • Plan to operate in multiple states
  • Intend on changing your address
  • Do not have a physical address

If your company is somewhere in the middle, and you want to increase privacy and cut down on paperwork/recordkeeping, then an external registered agent may also be the option for you.

Is a Registered Agent Worth It?

While the responsibilities of registered agents are limited, having a specialized one, such as an external service, comes with several benefits:

  • They ensure your legal documents are received and responded to promptly.

  • Registered agents are available 24/7 to ensure no mail deliveries and paperwork are missed.

  • It gives you privacy, as the agent's address is publicly registered and used for correspondence, rather than your own.

  • Using a nationally-recognized external RA will allow you to do businesses in other states much easier. You have to register a different RA for every state you operate in – a national external service saves time and stress.

  • Having a single point of contact streamlines your business operations.

  • They ensure you are informed about any paperwork you need to take action on, ensuring you aren't fined for noncompliance and that you don't miss any licence renewals.

  • As each state has its own legislation and deadlines, an agent familiar with all states will seriously streamline your operations.

  • It saves you from having to deal with legal documents that you don't fully understand, particularly if you don't have the budget for a lawyer.

How To Choose a Registered Agent?

Before assigning a RA, you should consider the following:

  • Trustworthiness – The RA service must be 100% trustworthy, as they are handling legal documents essential to the running of your business.

  • Client reviews – Any reputable company will happily share client testimonials and have a track record of reliability. But you should also search external review sites for more honest testimonials.

  • States of operation – RAs need to live in the state you are operating in. A benefit of using a service is that they have a national network that will assign a RA in the states you want.

  • Knowledge – This is particularly important, as they will be informing you about legal and financial documents.

  • Additional services – Some RAs provide a fully comprehensive service that includes maintaining and organizing your important documents, tax consultations and website tools. Others may only offer the minimum an agent is required to do.

  • Availability – A registered agent service should be able to accept your deliveries 24/7 and give them to you promptly.

Pros and Cons of a Registered Agent Service


  • Compliance
  • Privacy and Security
  • Convenience
  • Business Flexibility


  • Cost
  • Limited Control
  • Dependency on Third-Party
  • Additional Point of Communication

Should You Be Your Own Registered Agent?

Deciding whether to be your own registered agent or use a registered agent service depends on various factors.

Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision:

  • Availability: As a registered agent, you need to be available during normal business hours to receive legal documents.

  • Privacy: When you act as your own registered agent, your personal address becomes part of the public record.

  • Compliance Knowledge: Acting as your own registered agent means you are responsible for understanding and adhering to the legal requirements, deadlines and regulations associated with legal documents.

  • Administrative Burden: Serving as your own registered agent means you will need to manage and organize all legal documents and ensure they reach the appropriate individuals within your business.

  • Business Expansion: If you plan to expand your business into multiple states or jurisdictions, each location will require a registered agent within that particular jurisdiction.

  • Cost Consideration: Using a registered agent service involves a fee, which varies depending on the service provider and the level of service you require.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Cost?

The cost of a registered agent can vary depending on several factors, including the service provider, the level of service required and the jurisdiction in which your business operates.

Remember that while cost is a significant consideration, it's equally important to evaluate the reputation, reliability and quality of service provided by a registered agent.

Cheaper options may not always offer the same level of support, expertise or responsiveness as more established and reputable service providers.

To determine the exact cost of a registered agent for your specific needs, it is recommended to research and compare different service providers, request quotes, and thoroughly review the details of their pricing and service offerings.

Final Thoughts

Deciding who should be your registered agent can be a headache, but doing your research thoroughly will save you so much time and energy in the future.

Before starting your search, decide what features your business will benefit from and what type of budget you have.

Some RA services are more expensive than others, but their customer service is of a higher standard. Read the reviews and decide which matters to you more – value for money or excellent service.

Rather than looking for the best RA service for your business, start by eliminating the companies that don't appeal to you. This will help your decision-making process much easier and quicker.

As a final point, these companies want your service, so do not hesitate to call the helplines and ask any questions.

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