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Best 15 Jobs With the Highest Job Satisfaction

Best 15 Jobs With the Highest Job Satisfaction

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There are many good jobs out there with the highest employee satisfaction rate.


Some roles are companies are very flexible, some might offer a competitive bonus scheme, or you might find a job that is truly the most mentally stimulating.

According to various job satisfaction statistics, there is a variety of different factors that make a job satisfying. This usually differs from worker to worker.

For example, you could be a nurse and get satisfaction from helping people, or you could work for a financial corporation and enjoy the high salary and opportunity to grow.

However, no matter how different the reasoning for job satisfaction is, there is some common ground.

This article explores the jobs with the highest satisfaction and the factors behind them.

Why Is Employee Satisfaction Important?

Employee satisfaction is important because it means the position is fulfilling, and it will increase motivation in the workplace.

It is known that when an employee feels satisfied in their position, then their productivity increases.

For example, if you are working within a position that has exceptionally long hours with very little reward, you might not feel that satisfaction as you are not being compensated for your hard work.

The most satisfied workers tend to feel at their best in their career when they are given a diverse range of tasks to complete.

This not only keeps the mind active; however, it adds a bit more variety to their day, therefore, increasing productivity.

Lack of micro-management is also among one the factors that help towards job satisfaction.

Most workers prefer to be in control of their own work and how they carry it out. They want to have their voice heard regarding the work they conduct and how they carry it out.

Job satisfaction, therefore, is crucial for both the employer and employee. If the worker is satisfied within their position, they are more motivated and productive when carrying out their daily tasks.

What Makes a Job Satisfying?

As mentioned above, there are varying factors, dependent on the worker, that can make a job satisfying.

Believe it or not, financial reward is only a small part of the equation.

So, just what are these factors?

They are:

Positive Working Environment

This should go without saying because everyone strives when they work within a positive environment.

Most job satisfaction surveys show that if there is a good atmosphere in the workspace or office, this results in higher productivity and general happiness.

A positive environment shows the company cares about its staff by providing health and wellness benefits, a casual open-space environment, plenty of light – the list goes on.

Career Growth

You want to know that all your hard work pays off, this is often shown in job development and promotions.

Sometimes having something to strive for gives workers an incentive to impress and be more motivated within the workplace.

Doing Meaningful Work

This could mean several things. For instance, you could be in the health industry and want to work on something life-changing, or you could be in a managerial position that helps other staff develop.

A variety of daily tasks helps to keep the mind active and productive.

Limited Stress

This is easier said than done in some positions, but there are ways stress can be managed at work by both the employee and employer.

Having digital detoxes (no emails for an hour) or even having a quiet place for workers can attend to get some peace during the day.

Ensuring lunch breaks are taken is important. Allowing workers to switch off and refresh during the day helps to alleviate stress.

Work-Life Balance

This has come under scrutiny for many years now, with some jobs expecting longer than usual hours to be a regular occurrence and even some work seeping into the weekend.

This can cause burnout among employees, which is why a good balance is needed for an employee to gain work satisfaction.

Not working weekends or looking at emails while on holidays can improve the culture within the office, too.

Financial Reward

It goes without saying that money has some impact when it comes to job satisfaction. You want to be rewarded financially for the hard work you do.

Many job satisfaction surveys show that making more money can increase happiness.

Although this is not the main contribution, it is good to do your research to see what the average wage for your role is across the board.

If you are receiving relatively less, this could result in poor work satisfaction.

Finding a Job You Are Good At

It might sound like a simple plan; however, sometimes, you might have a passion for a role before you start working, and it might not be for you once you have experienced the job first-hand.

If this is the case, to receive job satisfaction, you should think hard about the work you like and are good at.

Positive Relationships With Co-Workers

A major factor in work satisfaction and happiness in the workplace comes down to getting along with your colleagues and management.

Working as a team and having a friendly environment to work in makes for more enjoyment and motivation for workers to come in every day.

Having regular catchups, team outings, collaborative sessions can help with this.

Praise and Recognition

Being cared for and recognized for your work is important. If an employee feels heard and seen, then this also helps with productivity and motivation.

Being criticized more than praised makes employees feel demotivated.

This could be a promotion, bonus, or just a simple “well done".

Top 15 Jobs With the Highest Job Satisfaction

Therefore, what are the jobs that have been voted the most joy-inducing and satisfying?

Here is a list of the top 15 jobs/industries with the highest rate of job satisfaction.

1. Nurse

Average salary: According to the BLS, registered nurses can earn as high as $115,800, with job growth predicted to expand 45% over the next 10 years
Satisfaction rate: 71%

Why Being a Nurse so Satisfying

Being a nurse and caring for ill patients is not an easy job; however, it is known to be fulfilling, especially if helping people is your passion.

If you are a registered nurse and work at a doctor’s office, hospital or another healthcare facility, then you will need advanced education and licensure.

2. Teacher (Secondary)

Average salary: According to the BLS, registered nurses can earn a median wage of 60,000.Specialneedsteachersearnaround60,000. Special needs teachers earn around 61,030
Satisfaction rate: 76%

Why Being a Teacher Is so Satisfying

As with being a nurse or other healthcare practitioner, a teacher is helping their students learn, inspire, and reach their full potential, which can be very fulfilling.

76% of teachers report high job satisfaction. To become a teacher, you will need to get the right qualifications first.

Top 15 Jobs With the Highest Job Satisfaction
Top 15 Jobs With the Highest Job Satisfaction

3. Anaesthesiologist

Average salary: The national average annual wage of an anesthesiologist is around $261,730, according to the BLS
Satisfaction rate: 83%

Why Being an Anaesthesiologist Is so Satisfying

An expert in their field, an anesthesiologist helps patients when they need surgery. It is a more specialist role than a general practitioner and requires specific and niche skills.

You will have to prep patients before they are put under anesthetic and monitor their progress. Again, you will need the appropriate educational tropes to do this job.

4. Firefighter

Average salary: According to the BLS, firefighters earn a median annual salary of $50,850
Satisfaction rate: 83%

Why Being a Firefighter Is so Satisfying

A job that requires hard work, quick reactions, and courage, a firefighter is up there with being one of the most rewarding of jobs.

Known for the camaraderie between co-workers and the physical aspect of the job, there is also room to grow within the rank. Another job where helping people is at the helm.

5. Dentist

Average salary: According to the BLS, dentists earn a median annual salary of $159,200
Satisfaction rate: 82%

Why Being a Dentist Is so Satisfying

Although going to the dentist might not give you as much satisfaction as the job itself, but being a dental practitioner is considered a highly satisfying career.

Treating issues you might have with your teeth and overall dental hygiene, a dentist must possess good people skills, and the right educational credentials to pursue a career in this industry.

6. Psychologist

Average salary: According to the BLS, psychologists earn a median annual salary of $60,800
Satisfaction rate: 78%

Why Being a Psychologist Is so Satisfying

Being a psychologist is no easy feat; however, it can bring a tremendous amount of job satisfaction, especially as you are helping others.

Practicing psychology can be different, and the range of clients you can see will vary; however, according to statistics, there is significant satisfaction regarding this role.

Again, you will need the appropriate education for this, including a degree.

7. Human Resource Manager

Average salary: According to the BLS, human resource managers earn a median annual salary of $116,720
Satisfaction rate: 73%

Why Being a Human Resource Manager Is so Satisfying

Being a human resources manager means that you oversee recruiting, interviewing, and any internal issues that might arise.

You might also be in charge of coming up with new and innovative ways to train staff and improve wellness and wellbeing.

8. Chief Executive

Average salary: According to the BLS, Chief Executives earn a median annual salary of $104,690
Satisfaction rate: 73

Why Being a Chief Executive Is so Satisfying

Whatever industry you specialize in, a chief executive directs and coordinates the activities and goals of an organization or business.

They have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders; however, they also get to set the standard for the company and its employees, which is considered extremely rewarding.

9. Chiropractor

Average salary: According to the BLS, chiropractors earn a median annual salary of $85,010
Satisfaction rate: 70%

Why Being a Chiropractor Is so Satisfying

A chiropractor is someone who works with patients who might have a bad neck and back.

Another customer-facing role in the healthcare industry, a chiropractor helps patients manage their pain.

This can be extremely rewarding as they are helping people be free from chronic pain.

10. Clergy

Average salary: According to the BLS, clergy earn a median annual salary of $55,190
Satisfaction rate: 90%

Why Being in the Clergy Is so Satisfying

For a more spiritual and enlightening job that brings job satisfaction, clergy offers practical guidance to people in their communities.

They provide support and relief to people, which is a rewarding and vocational career.

11. Medical and Health Service Managers

Average salary: According to the BLS, a medical and health service manager earns a median annual salary of $100,980. It is also predicted that job openings in this field could rise 32% over the next decade
Satisfaction rate: 81%

Why Being a Medical and Health Service Manager Is so Satisfying

Whether you are a healthcare executive or administrator, your primary role is to direct and coordinate various health and medical services.

You might be involved in managing employees, looking after the finances, and communicating a great deal with heads of departments and other medical staff.

This is good for someone with excellent organizational skills.

12. Speech and Language Therapist

Average salary: According to the BLS, Speech and Language Therapist earns a median annual salary of $65,700
Satisfaction rate: 78%

Why Being a Speech and Language Therapist Is so Satisfying

A speech and language therapist specializes in helping people that might have a speech impediment and people re-learning to speak again after a head injury or a stroke.

Helping people with their speech scores high on the job satisfaction scale.

13. Occupational Therapist

Average salary: According to the BLS, an occupational therapist earns a median annual salary of $64,400
Satisfaction rate: 79%

Why Being an Occupational Therapist Is so Satisfying

An occupational therapist is a healthcare practitioner who specializes in supporting workers in maximizing their potential within the workplace. This could be via holistic or scientific measures.

This is another job role that works directly with people.

14. Computer Software Engineer

Average salary: According to the BLS, a computer software engineer earns a median annual salary of $107,510
Satisfaction rate: 57%

Why Being a Computer Software Engineer Is so Satisfying

Although it does not rate as high on the job satisfaction scale as other jobs on the list, being a software engineer is still classed as a fulfilling position.

Workers with a penchant for using their tech skills daily will receive tremendous job satisfaction working on developing apps and software for companies.

15. Surgeon

Average salary: According to the BLS, a surgeon earns a median annual salary of $304,000
Satisfaction rate: 83%

Why Being a Surgeon Is so Satisfying

A surgeon is someone who performs operations to treat injuries, diseases, and other healthcare needs.

Some specific surgeons work in a particular and specialized field.

This scores high in the job satisfaction survey. Surgeons study for years to get to where they are.

Final Thoughts

In short, gaining job satisfaction can depend on several factors, most of which have been outlined in this article.

It is what is important to the individual that will decide if they are satisfied in their position or not.

If you want to go for a fulfilling job, do your research to discover your strengths and what it will take for you to be satisfied in a role.

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