The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Some exchanges act as middlemen connecting the buyers and sellers, whereas others allow for direct peer-to-peer buying and selling.
Power Words to Use On Your Resume
It has never been more important to match the wording of your resume to the requirements of the hiring employer.
10 Best Online Accounting Courses
Online courses can be full bachelor’s or master's degrees, foundation programs or focused on specializations. They generally consist of pre-recorded material that the student can work through at their own pace.
Top 16 Stock Brokers in the UK
As bank interest rates have been at an historic low for over a decade, savers are increasingly turning their attention to the
The CCAT Test
It is primarily used in the recruitment of candidates for mid- to high-level job roles, and is widely regarded as being effective at predicting potential. As such, it is often used to make hiring decisions in combination with
The Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test: A Complete Guide
As part of this specialisation, it designs and develops diagnostic and performance aptitude tests for operational, technical and maintenance-related job roles and is considered a leader in its field.
How to Become an Entrepreneur with No Experience
Some people start a company because they have an idea for a product or service that they think is a stroke of genius, whilst others just want the freedom of creating something to call their own.
Best Trading Platforms in Nigeria
Trading platforms allow users to manage their opening and closing positions on multiple markets, usually through an intermediary like an online broker.


Explore the main competencies employers look for when assessing candidates at interview.

Key Competencies

Find out about the most important key competencies that firms look for in candidates and how to demonstrate them effectively at interview.

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Core Competencies

Discover the most common core competencies that employers want to see and how to demonstrate each of them.

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Interpersonal Skills

What are the 10 interpersonal skills employers value most? Read definitions, get examples and learn how to demonstrate them effectively.

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Soft Skills

Learn about the 10 key interpersonal skills you will need to demonstrate and why they are important.

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Good communication skills are vital to all employers. Find out about the top 10 communication skills that employers want to see.

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Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are particularly vital when applying for graduate jobs. Find out how to demonstrate the 10 most important.

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Technical Skills

Find out the key skills you will need to demonstrate for technical graduate jobs and how to push them at interview.

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Find out what problem-solving skills are and why it is important to graduate employers. With example questions.

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