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Matrix Organizational Structure
Everything you need to know about a matrix organizational structure, including when to consider it and the pros and cons of this approach.
How To Pass the Swift Executive Test
Discover all you need to know about the Swift Executive Aptitude test and our top tips for doing your best.
How to Build Your Workplace Confidence
Discover why workplace confidence is important, how to increase your confidence and what to do if your confidence gets knocked.


How to Write a Nonprofit Cover Letter (Template and Example)
Nonprofits need authentic, passionate individuals to work for them. Discover how to put this across in a cover letter and increase your chances of success in this rewarding sector.
What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneurship?
What do successful entrepreneurs have in common? Discover the different types of entrepreneurship and what makes them successful.
Divisional Organizational Structure: Everything You Need to Know
Find out how large companies use divisional organization structure to run an efficient enterprise, and the pros and cons of organizing a corporation in this way.
List of Affiliate Networks in 2021
Find out what an affiliate network is and how it can help you make money. Check out our list of the top 8 affliate networks.
What Is Learning Curve Theory?
Find out how a learning curve model works and look at some examples. Discover how it can be used effectively to determine the best working procedures for your business.
What Are Cooperative Education Programs and How Do They Work?
Discover what a co-op education program is, the benefits of enrolling on one and how to apply.
Speculative Applications
Find out what a speculative email application is, what a speculative cover letter is and how to write them effectively.
Top Tips on How to Ask to Work From Home
Thinking of working from home? Read our guide on the benefits of home-working, and how to prepare a compelling, persuasive request to your boss.
How to Calculate Time and a Half
Do you know if you're exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay? Discover how to find out, and how to calculate time and a half whether you're salaried or paid by the hour.

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5 Key Risk Mitigation Strategies and Their Importance in the Workplace
What is risk mitigation and how can it help your business to thrive? Find out why risk mitigation is important and how to implement it for your organization, large or small.
Best Careers in Human Resource Management
Discover what human resource management is, the skills that you need to succeed in the field and the best HRM careers to aim for.
What Is the Mensa Norway IQ Test and How Do You Take It?
Find out all about the Mensa Norway IQ test, including the kinds of questions involved, how to practice and what the results mean.
Stanford-Binet IQ Test – What It Is and How to Take it
Find out all you need to know about the Stanford-Binet IQ test, including what it involves, how it is scored and how you can practice for it.
What Is a User Interface?
Discover the four types of user interface (UI), why it is important and the key points to consider when choosing a UI.
Best Stockbroker Platforms for Shorting
Want to know the stockbroker platforms for shorting? We've done the research so you don't have to. Check out the top 8 platforms here.
Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation
Find out the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how each one affects an individual in work and daily scenarios. With key examples.
How to Buy Ethereum
Want to learn how to buy Ethereum? Here is our guide on the essentials for getting into Ethereum.


Explore the main competencies employers look for when assessing candidates at interview.

Key Competencies

Find out about the most important key competencies that firms look for in candidates and how to demonstrate them effectively at interview.

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Core Competencies

Discover the most common core competencies that employers want to see and how to demonstrate each of them.

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Interpersonal Skills

What are the 10 interpersonal skills employers value most? Read definitions, get examples and learn how to demonstrate them effectively.

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Soft Skills

Learn about the 10 key interpersonal skills you will need to demonstrate and why they are important.

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Good communication skills are vital to all employers. Find out about the top 10 communication skills that employers want to see.

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Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are particularly vital when applying for graduate jobs. Find out how to demonstrate the 10 most important.

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Technical Skills

Find out the key skills you will need to demonstrate for technical graduate jobs and how to push them at interview.

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Find out what problem-solving skills are and why it is important to graduate employers. With example questions.

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Interview Questions

When preparing for an interview, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions that are most likely to be posed, and think about how you might approach your answers. These articles offer detailed explanations and examples relating to the most used interview questions to help you prepare.

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