Free Practice Aptitude Tests

Take our 20 free practice aptitude tests and prepare yourself for the most common types of psychometric tests used by employers in many different job application processes.

All tests have 10 questions and a strict time limit. Once you have completed a test you will be able to check your answers and read a full explanation.

What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test is an assessment used by an employer to determine the suitability of a candidate for employment. These types of tests are becoming increasingly common as part of the recruitment process, especially for large corporate employers.

Aptitude tests are popular with employers because they can be used to assess large numbers of job applicants relatively quickly.

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What are the different types of aptitude test?

There are many different types of aptitude tests. Employers sometimes use a combination of test types to assess candidates, but commonly pick test types that assess the most relevant skills for the job they are hiring for. Aptitude tests can be broadly classified as 'Verbal’ or ‘Non-Verbal’.

Verbal tests will contain questions with passages of text and questions relating to verbal comprehension and ability.

Non-Verbal tests often contain questions with numbers, shapes or patterns and require a test taker to assess this data and make accurate observations under time pressure.

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How do I prepare for an aptitude test?

Aptitude tests are designed to be challenging. If you want to pass your aptitude tests, you will need to perform better than most other candidates. To do so, you will need to familiarise yourself with the type of aptitude tests you will be taking. A great way of doing this is to take practice tests online and review your answers when you complete a test.

The 20 free practice aptitude tests provided on this page are a great place to start. If you require more practice, we recommend JobTestPrep as a comprehensive resource of practice test material.

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