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Octopi are eight-legged cephalopod mollusks that roam oceans around the world. Their legs usually have suction cups and their bodies are almost entirely soft, bearing no internal skeleton or protective outer shell. The only rigid part of their body is their beak, which enables them to squeeze through narrow openings to avoid predators. Octopi possess three hearts—two to pump blood into their gills and one to pump blood into the rest of their bodies. Octopi have quite a brief life expectancy, with some species only surviving for six months. Strangely enough, a common cause of death among the octopi community is reproduction—males die immediately after mating and females after their eggs hatch. A female octopus' optic glands release secretions that induce a genetically-programmed death. If these are removed, however, female octopi can enjoy a rather long and happy life. Experiments have shown that octopi are quite intelligent—they are capable of navigating mazes and solving problems. Unfortunately, they are probably unable to realize their full intellectual potential because of their short life spans.

Which one of the following conclusions receives the most support from the above passage?