Situational Judgement Test

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Situational Judgement Test

This is a practice situational judgement test that simulates the real test. 

The test has 10 questions and you should aim to complete the test within 10 minutes.

All questions are multiple-choice. 

Make sure you read a question in full before answering.

Answers and explanations to the questions are provided at the end of the test.

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Situational Judgement Test: question 1 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

You manage a team of 10 people. Your employees are competent and cooperative. However, you noticed that lately they tend to take long coffee breaks and work rates seem slower. You are happy there is a good atmosphere in the office, but feel uncomfortable about the effect it is having on your employees' work.

What would be the best response?

Situational Judgement Test: question 2 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

After reviewing a report that one of your employees has prepared, you think that some changes are required. When discussing this issue with the employee she disagrees with most of your comments, saying that she believes the report is better the way it is at the moment.

What should you do first?

Situational Judgement Test: question 3 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

You and Travis from the sales department have been working on a presentation about a large and important client due by the end of the week. Your supervisor will present your work to the board of directors. Travis is responsible for gathering data related to the customer, while you are responsible for transforming his data into presentation slides. Accidentally, Travis has collected the data from a wrong document- which caused you to produce 30 inaccurate slides. Your manager is counting on the presentation to be ready on time for the weekend meeting.

What is the most effective response?

Situational Judgement Test: question 4 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

Roger is a new employee in the office. As you have experience using the office system, Ryan, your supervisor, assigned you to help Roger learn the basics of the system. Although you believe the system is very intuitive and easy to use, Roger seems to be having a lot of difficulty following your instruction.

What should you do?

Situational Judgement Test: question 5 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

A customer calls and complains that a package he ordered has not arrived by the due date. When you check the delivery information, you see that it has not been delivered yet due to a stock shortage.

What would you say to the customer?

Situational Judgement Test: question 6 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

A new model of mobile phone has just arrived in the shop. As a sales representative, which of the following is the most important thing you should do before starting to sell this product?

Situational Judgement Test: question 7 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

You manage a department that includes 10 employees who work with customers, and a supervisor. You notice that one of the employees is regularly late arriving in the morning.

What would you do?

Situational Judgement Test: question 8 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

You supervise a team of six employees in a large company. Last week, your manager announced some substantial changes in the department’s work regulations. The new regulations are part of a program meant to make work more automated in order to simplify work and make work processes more convenient. You were present in the meetings in which these changes were discussed and offered some of them yourself. You felt pleased with the result. However, today your team members approach you and complain that the new regulations are causing a lot of problems, resulting in slower work rates. They feel that this new program was not thought through and that their needs were not taken into consideration.

What would you do?

Situational Judgement Test: question 9 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

Your manager calls and tells you that an urgent meeting has just been scheduled and that he needs your team to prepare a report for him by tomorrow morning. The person who is the expert on the subject is Victoria. However, this is a report that would usually take a week to compile, and Victoria doesn’t respond well to pressure. She is already overloaded and has asked you to not assign her additional tasks for a while.

What would be the worst way to approach this situation?

Situational Judgement Test: question 10 of 10

Please choose the correct answer

A customer has called with a complex problem. You decide to gather the information you need to check the issue and assure the customer that you will call them back within an hour. However, while you are working on the matter, one of your colleagues informs you that there is a long line of customers at the till and asks you to come and help.

What is the best response in this situation?