Appreciation Emails to Thank Your Team and Boost Motivation
Appreciation Emails to Thank Your Team and Boost Motivation

Appreciation Emails to Thank Your Team and Boost Motivation

Why Send Appreciation Emails?

Appreciation and recognition can go a long way to improving someone’s day.

Considering everything the workforce has experienced during the last two years with:

  • Adapting to remote working
  • Taking on extra responsibility because of more staff absences
  • Juggling looking after children, homeschooling and working
  • No guarantee of job roles

A small thank you does make a difference. But it has to be delivered in the right way and at the right time.

As well as adapting to the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, the mentality and expectations of the workforce are also changing.

A new study found that 76% of employees would leave a job if they felt unappreciated.

This is an increase of 25% from 2012, where only 51% of participants cited lack of recognition as a reason to resign.

With so many of their peers starting their own business or running successful side jobs, your employees know they have other options.

There also isn't a big a desire as there once was to climb the corporate ladder, buy a large house and settle down. Millennials have seen the effect of burnout and stress and have decided that their health is a priority.

Of course, the employer is not always to blame for the workload.

Remote lifestyles and having multiple communication options on our phones can lead to emails being checked and sent at 10 pm or last-minute changes being made to a presentation just before midnight.

However, adding to that never-empty inbox with an email thanking them for their work will:

  • Boost employee engagement – They feel they are being seen, rather than just another blank face in the office
  • Have a positive impact on productivity, motivation and work quality – Employees know their work has been noticed and valued by someone important
  • Encourage employee retention – Lack of recognition is now the biggest reason for resignations.

When Would You Send an Appreciation Email?

If your leadership style doesn't usually support appreciation emails, or you want to send more than a generic "thank you for your work this week", consider acknowledging the following situations:

  • Hitting targets or goals
  • Putting in extra work
  • Being patient with customers/clients/suppliers
  • Continuous performance and service
  • Working well as a team
  • Their general positive attitude and generosity
  • A specific skill they demonstrated
  • Work anniversary

Tips for Writing an Appreciation Email

As employees receive endless emails, when writing your appreciation email:

Step 1. Keep it short and simple

Your employees probably have a lot of work to do, and they are checking your email to see if it’s important.

Step 2. Keep it specific to the situation

Simply say what the ‘thank you’ is for and sign off. Do not then include tasks for the rest of the day or week or mention a team meeting. It devalues the sincerity of your ‘thank you’.

Step 3. Be sincere

Do not send an email simply saying "thank you for today". Say what you are thankful for and why.

Step 4. Make it timely

As soon as you have noticed that your employee did a good job, let them know. Don't put it on a to-do list or wait until the end of the day. Sending an appreciation email right away will make them feel good about their work. Your immediate response tells them you are sincere.

Step 5. Make it regular

Make it a habit to send appreciation emails. It will build trust in the workplace and improve the overall productivity and working environment.

The format you should follow is:

  • First paragraph – The reason you are writing, with the specific action for which you are thanking your employee
  • Second paragraph – A genuine reason as to why you are thankful
  • Third paragraph – Reiteration of your gratitude and their continued good work

Appreciation Email Examples

Thank You for Going Above and Beyond

Subject: Thank you for your efforts

Hi [employee’s name],

Thank you so much for going above and beyond with our customer Mr Shaw today. The time and effort you put in were amazing.

Mr Shaw even wrote an employee review of you, and I couldn't agree with him more.

You not only handle difficult customers with grace and poise, but you also motivate others to do the same.

This company is lucky to have an employee like you. We are thinking of implementing an incentive system for these situations, so in the future, you will also get the financial recognition you deserve.

Once again, thank you for all your efforts today and every day.

Yours sincerely,

[Manager’s name]

Thank You for Persevering in a Difficult Situation

Subject: Thank you for your perseverance

Hi [employee’s name],

I just wanted to say thank you for how you handled the budget today. There were so many errors and missing information to contend with.

I appreciate how patient you were when looking for all the missing data and how quickly you rectified the budget sheet when it wasn't your responsibility alone.

If you hadn't made the time to do this, the company would have submitted an inaccurate budget sheet that could have cost it a lot of money.

I'd like to invite you to lunch tomorrow as a thank you.


[Mananger’s name]

Thank You for Meeting a Tight Deadline

Subject: Thank you for your dedication

Hi [employee’s name],

I cannot thank you enough for getting that report to me today.

I realize it was a tight deadline and that you had other work to do.

Thank you for your composure, dedication and incredible skill set. Your knowledge of this company and the situation really showed today, as did your ability to work under immense pressure.

You would make a great leader, and I think we should sit down soon to discuss your career goals.

Best wishes,

[Manager’s name]

9 Appreciation Emails To Thank Your Team and Boost Motivation
9 Appreciation Emails To Thank Your Team and Boost Motivation

Thank You for Your Creativity

Subject: Thank you for an excellent presentation

Hi [employee’s name],

The presentation you gave today was incredible.

Acquiring the clients who watched it will be lucrative for this company, and your presentation sealed the deal.

Thank you for having the creativity and talent to produce a presentation like that, and for having the confidence to deliver it the way you did.

The whole team is proud of you.

I'm thinking team drinks Thursday night to celebrate?


[Manager’s name]

Thank You for Recommending a Candidate

Subject: Thank you for a fantastic recommendation

Hi [employee’s name],

Just a quick email to say thank you for recommending [candidate’s name].

They have been exceptional and have picked up the work with such ease.

You truly have a skill for spotting talent.

Have you considered taking the next leadership course?

Yours sincerely,

[Manager’s name]

Thank You for Working Well During a Period of Change/Disruption

Subject: What a year!

Hello [employee’s name],

As your manager, I want to sincerely express my gratitude for everything you've done this year.

This pandemic has been so difficult to navigate, and you have shown such motivation, dedication and resilience.

Without your support and willingness to take on some of the responsibilities of those with children, I don't think we would have been able to operate.

Your work ethic is truly commendable.

As a thank you, I have negotiated three extra days of paid time off for you.

Enjoy your well-earned break, and I'll see you when you get back.


[Manager’s name]

Thank You for Being You

Subject: Thank you for being such a positive presence

Hi [employee’s name],

I want to thank you for the positive attitude that you bring to the office. Our work isn't always easy, but regardless of the situation, you are always in a good mood.

I appreciate the healthy snacks you bring in for your team and how you are always there for everyone.

I know being the happy, reliable team member isn't always easy, and I am truly grateful for your efforts, as is the entire team.

Warmest wishes,

[Manager’s name]

Congratulations on Hitting Your Targets

Subject: You've smashed your targets

Hi [employee’s name],

Congratulations on an incredible month. You exceeded all the targets we set last month.

I am so proud and thankful for all your efforts these last 30 days.

You are an inspiration to your colleagues, and I can't wait to see what you achieve next month.


[Manager’s name]

Thank You for Being Such a Wonderful Team

Subject: You're the best team

Hello team,

Just a quick email to say I think you’re the best team in the company.

The project we've worked on for the last 10 months has been a huge success, and it would not have been possible without every one of you.

I'd like to thank you all for your creativity, innovation, patience and collaboration. You’re one of the best teams I've ever led.

I can't wait to see what else we can do together.

I'd like to take you and your partners to dinner next weekend to show my appreciation.


[Manager’s name]

Frequently Asked Questions

You should send a thank-you email every time an employee does something worthy of praise. The more gratitude you show your employees, the greater their productivity, motivation and quality of work.

You can send an appreciation email to thank your employees for their continued service, going above and beyond, achieving their goals, being a team player, showing creativity or initiative, demonstrating excellent skills or for being a valued employee.

Appreciation emails should be short and to the point.

Your employee already has enough work to do, and they don't want to wade through a longwinded thank-you email.

In the first paragraph, state exactly what they did and that you are thankful. The second paragraph should detail why you are so grateful. The final paragraph should reiterate your gratitude.

Any email with too much or too little detail will come across as insincere.

Sending appreciation emails is an excellent way to motivate your team.

You can thank them for:

  • The specific tasks they completed
  • The skills they demonstrated
  • How well they worked together
  • How successful the project was
  • Their overall work ethic

Yes, appreciation messages provide a good return on investment.

Research shows that 80% of employees prefer immediate informal recognition and that recognition sparks innovation by 88%.

Not only do appreciation and recognition boost motivation and productivity, but they are also vital for employee retention.

76% of employees would resign if they felt they were not appreciated enough.

Final Thoughts

The phrase 'a little thank you goes a long way' applies to almost all situations.

In the workplace, a token of appreciation, such as a thank-you email, makes a huge difference financially and culturally.

To boost employee morale, productivity and retention, make it part of your leadership style to send regular, genuine appreciation emails.

When your team feels valued and understood, they are motivated to do better.

As the cycle of 'do the work, get the recognition' becomes a natural occurrence, the overall mindset of the entire team or office will become more positive and innovative.

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