Allen & Overy Training Contract Application Process

Applying to Allen & Overy

Applicants are invited to submit their application via the Allen & Overy website.

If your application for a training contract is successful, you will be invited to an assessment day which usually consists of two interviews with a partner or senior associate. There is no written or online testing. Allen & Overy receives over 5,000 applications for Training Contracts and Vacation Placements each year, and invite only 10% to interview.

You will be asked to provide your academic history in great detail, with exact percentages given for each module, as well as details about your work history and other qualifications. In the "About You" section, you will answer questions about your interests and activities at university, your skills, and your reasons for applying to Allen & Overy.


To apply to Allen & Overy, you will need mainly As at GCSE (or equivalent), 340 UCAS points (AAB) at A-level (or equivalent) and a 2:1 (or equivalent). If there are extenuating circumstances that have prevented you from obtaining these results, you may provide an explanation with your online application.

Application Tips

Every firm is different, and looks for a different kind of candidate. The key competencies that A&O looks for are: teamwork, communication skills, planning and organisation, problem solving, commercial awareness, and commitment to career. Try to bring these qualities to the forefront in your answers.

  • Think about what you may have learned and observed from your work experience and use this in your application. For example, you may have improved a process or made a useful suggestion for a previous employer. This would make a great example to use, as it shows you are assertive, intelligent and forthcoming in the workplace.
  • Candidates need to show that they are absolutely committed to a career in law and that a career with Allen & Overy would be one of their top (if not very top) choice. Research the firm thoroughly and be prepared to explain why it is that you would choose Allen & Overy over its competitors.
  • Taking on responsibility, for example managing a budget, team or project whilst at University, is a great example to use when answering a question about your skills on an application form or in interview.

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