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Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme 2024 – Requirements, Timeline, Salary & Application Process

Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme 2024 – Requirements, Timeline, Salary & Application Process

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Deutsche Bank have their headquarters in Germany and operate across all continents. They specialize in investment banking wealth and asset management, for corporate, retail and private clients.

With approximately 85,000 full time employees, Deutsche bank are constantly on the hunt for new and fresh junior talent.

Many young people begin their Deutsche Bank career each year by joining the Deutsche Bank Internship or Graduate Schemes.

If you are considering a career in finance, this guide will help you learn more about what Deutsche Bank offers to graduates, who is eligible for their scheme and how you can apply.

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Who Is Eligible for Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme?

Eligibility criteria for the Graduate Scheme at Deutsche Bank is as follows:

  • Applicants must be in their final year of study or have graduated in the previous 12 months
  • Must have less than 12 months of full time work experience
  • Have a degree or are in final year of a degree in any discipline
  • Fluency in English is required (plus another language in some cases). The ability to speak fluent German is not required if working outside of Germany.

Some criteria may vary between countries, for example, in some countries international applications are not accepted.

Always refer to the information in your own geographical location, check the Deutsche Bank website or seek professional career’s advice if needed.

Deutsche Bank Graduate Schemes

The Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme is a programme of training and experience that lasts for a full year.

The scheme is designed for recent graduates who want to learn skills, gain valuable experience and progress professionally.

Although an interest in finance and banking is helpful, applicants are accepted across all disciplines and there are a wide range of programmes available to suit many different skillsets and interests.

Those joining the Graduate Scheme at Deutsche Bank are said to be supported through the programme by mentors and peers and will also benefit from the bank’s Graduate Wellbeing Programme.

Graduate Schemes are offered that cover the following divisions:

Asset Management

The primary goal of asset management is to generate wealth for clients.

Asset management teams are tasked with making smart investments on behalf of their clients to generate income for them.

Useful skills to help you to succeed in this field include being motivated, future-focussed and a strategic thinker.

Corporate Banking

This involves working alongside other financial institutions or other corporate entities and offering them services such as liquidity management, forex, payments and credit solutions.

Corporate banking is a complex business, where innovation and communication are key; corporate clients often have extremely high expectations.

Resilience and an international outlook are essential for success.

Corporate Finance

This division thrives on collaboration and teamwork.

Here, you are tasked with implementing strategies and offering advice to business clients that helps them to connect with wealthy investors.

Skills required to succeed in corporate finance include ambition, numeracy and attention to detail, as well as being a people person.

Fixed Income & Currencies

There are four key areas within FIC:

  • Sales
  • Trading
  • Structuring
  • Financing

Ideal candidates are unflappable, quick leaners with a keen an interest in financial markets.


The infrastructure team works internally, across the bank, overseeing tasks that relate to HR, compliance and day-to-day operations.

Some people prefer to gain experience elsewhere within banking/finance before moving to this area, whilst others train specifically for the role or arrive there from a similar post outside of the financial sector.

Here, a team ethic is vital as well as a respect for regulation, compliance and fairness.

Private Banking & Wealth Management

In this subsection of the bank, you are required to collaborate closely with clients who have substantial wealth, offering them expert advice on how to manage, maintain and increase their assets.

For this role you need to be an effective communicator with the skills to thrive in different social situations.


The research team are responsible for assessing and scrutinizing trends, data and news across global financial markets.

You will needs strong numerical and analytical skills, natural curiosity and the ability to interpret and understand complex data.

Retail Banking

This branch of the business works with businesses ranging from individuals and micro-business to big high street chains.

It is a fast paced and often client facing role that requires good communicators who enjoy building genuine relationships with customers.


Innovations in technology happen constantly.

Both keeping up with, and harnessing the power of, these innovations is crucial to the future of banking.

Ideal candidates within the technology departments at Deutsche Bank will be adaptable problem solvers with a calm and methodical approach.

Before starting an application, make sure you understand what each division specialises in and whether it matches with your skills, experience and career goals.

To get the most out of your graduate experience at Deutsche bank it is important that your select a path that complements either your area of study or your interests.

Always refer to the criteria for each individual programme before making an application and ensure that you satisfy the eligibility criteria to avoid disappointment.

Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme - Requirements, Timeline, Salary & Application Process
Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme - Requirements, Timeline, Salary & Application Process

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Deutsche Bank Graduate Program UK: The Application Process

Deutsche Bank recruits at on campus events worldwide.

You can find roles that are open on social media and on the bank’s job openings page and their recruitment process is, in general, as follows:

1. Apply Online

You can search graduate openings and apply to Deutsche Bank online.

You will need to complete a short application form and include relevant information relating to your personal details, educational background and work experience.

You will also need to attach a CV.

2. Assessments

Next you will be asked to complete a series of online assessments. These vary depending on the role you are applying to.

3. Video Interview

The application process to apply for a career or scheme at Deutsche bank involves a pre-recorded video interview where you will have to answer questions and upload your responses.

This is for all roles except Technology Centres.

4. Assessment Centre

The final stage of the application process involves a day at an assessment centre where you can meet Deutsche bank employees and learn more about the company.

Further information about this will be given when you receive your invitation to attend Assessment Day.

5. Offer and Orientation

If you have applied to work in the United Kingdom and are successful at all stages of the application progress, you will be notified that you have been selected to be part of the Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme in the UK.

Along with other successful applicants, you will then be invited to begin your career journey starting with Global Orientation in London.

The Deutsche Bank Summer Internship commences in June and lasts eight to 10 weeks. The year-long Graduate Programme starts in July.

Are Deutsche Bank Graduate Programs Paid?

You may think some of the programmes seem intense, complex and like there is a lot of work and continuous learning involved. This may lead you to wonder how much Deutsche Bank pays its graduates.

Sources online suggest that new graduates to the scheme could earn an average annual salary of circa £45,000 at Deutsche Bank.

Graduates may also be entitled to other benefits and perks in line with those offered to Deutsche Bank employees which may include the following:

  • A competitive salary and non-contributory pension
  • Annual leave (30 days’ holiday plus bank holidays; option to purchase additional days)
  • Life Assurance and Private Healthcare for you and your family
  • A range of flexible benefits including Retail Discounts, a Bike4Work scheme and Gym memberships/contributions
  • Opportunities to support a wide ranging CSR programme + two days’ volunteering leave per year

Some roles at the bank may also offer the chance for hybrid working where you can perform some of your tasks remotely leading to a better work/life balance.

Preparation Tips for Deutsche Bank Graduate Schemes

Each year the volume of applications Deutsche bank receives fort their Graduate Programmes is high and their acceptance rate low; therefore, it is important to try to make yourself stand out for all the right reasons:

  • Deutsche Bank are looking for individuals who are highly motivated and ambitious. Use every opportunity you have during your interviews or assessments to demonstrate you have these abilities

  • Arrive in plenty of time for any interviews and assessments. You do not want to be stressed or rushing

  • Be prepared to talk about why you are interested in the programme; you should try to mention something highly specific such as the Graduate Wellbeing programme that supports mental and physical health and what that means to you

  • Learn all you can about Deutsche Bank in advance including relevant information about their mission, commitments, goals and history

  • Memorise the company’s values and be prepared to talk about what they mean to you. They are discipline, innovation, client centricity, innovation, integrity, sustainable performance and partnership

  • Approach interview questions, assessments or tasks with enthusiasm and remain motivated even if you face difficulties – resilience is key in many of the graduate roles on offer

  • Practice self-care by making sure you are well rested, hydrated and eating a healthy, balanced diet. You need to be in peak mental and physical condition to put yourself in the top 1% of applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

The Graduate Scheme at Deutsche Bank is paid. Some sources online suggest that new graduates to the scheme could earn an average annual salary of circa £45,000 at Deutsche Bank.

The Deutsche Bank Graduate Scheme is a year-long scheme that allows graduates to gain skills, experience and insight into their chosen division within the financial institution.

Many roles at Deutsche bank require a level of numeracy.

The ideal candidate for a graduate analyst role at Deutsche Bank will possess a keen eye for detail, a high level of commitment and be goal oriented. You will also need at least a graduate degree.

As with most roles at the company teamwork and effective communication is key.

The Deutsche Bank graduate program UK usually starts in July and lasts for one year.

According to their website ‘Deutsche Bank works in partnership with our immigration providers to sponsor candidates who are eligible for work visas in most countries.’

If you require visa sponsorship it is important that you check eligibility criteria before making your application to avoid delays or disappointment.

According to some data, Deutsche Bank has received over 80,000 applications to their graduate scheme in some years. This makes it a highly competitive environment where the bank is able to scrutinize applications and accept only the top-level applicants.

For entry level positions, their acceptance rate falls less 1% which is amongst the lowest in the financial industry!

As jobs at Deutsche Bank are highly sought after and difficult to obtain, it is imperative that you do your research about the company and role before applying and arrive promptly and prepared for any assessments or interviews.

You can search graduate openings and summer internships at Deutsche Bank online, on their website.

You will need to complete a short application form and include relevant information relating to your personal details, educational background and work experience. You will also need to attach a CV.

In your interview at Deutsche Bank be prepared to answer questions that cover why you want to work at the bank, what you know about the bank and what you an offer to the company.

You may also be required to answer some competency based questions.

To provide the best and most comprehensive answers in your Deutsche Bank interview you should keep referring back to what their ideal candidate looks like and answer in line with this.

Try to quantify what you are saying and give specific examples.

Deutsche Bank highlight the importance of communication, motivation and teamwork – keep this in mind when you answer interview questions, as well as their values of discipline, innovation, client centricity, innovation, integrity, sustainable performance and partnership.

The goal is to stand out from other Deutsche Bank applicants for the right reasons so make your answers relevant, clear and memorable.

Final Thoughts

The Deutsche Bank graduate scheme is open to new graduates and those about to graduate across all areas of study.

It is a highly sought after programme that receives thousands of applications each year.

The bank is looking for highly motivated and well educated new recruits.

To stand out from other applicants, it is essential to research the company and the role you are applying for and approach each stage of the recruitment process with purpose and enthusiasm.

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