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Best 10 Online Jobs for Teens
If you are the parent of a young person or are a teenager/young adult yourself, read on to discover how those endless hours spent scrolling, taking pictures and updating statuses can be turned into potential earnings.
How to Apply for a Credit Card in the UK
The amount of information available through internet searches or comparison websites means that consumers are more empowered than ever before.
How to Choose a Career Counselor or Coach
Whatever stage you are at in your career, whether coming out of education and looking to start out, feeling dissatisfied in your current position and considering a change of direction, or just needing to refocus your work goals, it can feel overwhelming.
What Is a Base Salary?
This base salary or base pay signifies the remuneration an employee can expect for working their agreed hours without any other monetary additions.
How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter
This will probably be the first time you have communicated with your new boss since your interview. It is therefore important to send an appropriate letter, written to an acceptable standard, which makes a great impression.
How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job
Although widely regarded as more of a networking and sharing platform, its search functions and regular job matching alerts mean
Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work
There are various types of drug and alcohol tests and testing is more rigorous and frequent in some sectors than others.
Furlough Unemployment Benefits
It is a tactic used during times of economic downturn and, more recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic.