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The Best Free Online IQ Tests in 2024

The Best Free Online IQ Tests in 2024

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If you are curious about how high your IQ is, there are many websites that offer you the chance to test it for free.

Most online IQ tests will take no more than 30 minutes and generate your IQ score as a number.

This number is based on how many questions you answered correctly; some websites will also take into account your age and gender.

The Best Free Online IQ Tests
The Best Free Online IQ Tests

Top 7 Free IQ Tests for You to Try Online in January 2024

1. Real IQ test

The Real IQ test, receiving an A+ grade, is based on a testing method that prioritizes accuracy. This approach, similar to the one suggested by a notable psychologist Jordan Peterson, consists of 100 varied abstract questions.

Its main feature is the arrangement of scores in a rank order, resulting in a significant correlation of 0.9. This test stands out among online IQ tests due to its clear foundational research.

It is widely agreed upon that the test's results are within 1.8% accuracy of traditional supervised IQ tests, marking an exceptional level of precision compared to earlier versions of online IQ assessments.

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The registration process for this free IQ test simply requires a date of birth. There are 20 questions, with the majority being multiple-choice.

Your IQ result is shown at the end. You can also view the correct answers to questions and read about the IQ of prominent historical figures if you wish.

You also have the option to sign up for additional questions to be sent daily via email.

This website is great for anyone who would like to learn more about the history of IQ as well as take a free IQ test.



Tiptopglobe is full of quizzes, memory games, lists, games, free coloring pages and pictures – and this website also offers a free IQ test.

When you select the free IQ test, you are taken to a page where you can see a curated ‘Hall Of Fame’ (a table of many historical figures and their reported IQ scores).

The free test has 40 questions and gives you 30 minutes to answer.

The website states that you must not use a pen and paper during the test.

The small, red countdown timer counts down the full 30 minutes, instead of allocating a short amount of time for each question.

One downside is that the layout of the test is quite unsettling as there are so many ads framing the questions which can be quite distracting.


4. See My Personality

This fairly comprehensive test takes around half an hour to complete.

It gives you your IQ score plus a visual 'about your left brain vs right brain' analysis and a short statement about each component of the test (memory, comprehension, logic and numerical sequences).

The questions are challenging (especially the memory testing section), which gives the impression of an in-depth IQ test rather than something just for fun.

There is a very short time for each question, which is shown by a large, off-putting countdown timer in corner of the screen. If you are unable to answer in the given time, you are simply sent straight to the next question.

Experts suggest that the time it takes to complete an IQ test is not related to the score, provided that the test is done in one, continuous sitting. But having to answer against the clock additionally assesses your ability to perform under pressure – this can mean intelligent participants panic and fail to answer questions that they otherwise would be able to.

This test is great for people who read quickly and perform well under pressure. But it is not so good for anyone who needs time to absorb information.

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5. Brainmetrix

This free test offers 20 multiple-choice questions. It takes most people 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but there is no time limit on this test.

You will also get one example question to try before you start.

You do not have to enter any personal details or your email address to obtain your results. This makes Brainmatrix one of the most accessible and user-friendly tests around.

This test is ideal for people who do not perform well under pressure but still want to test their IQ.

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6. Fun Education

The Fun Education free IQ test is aimed at ages 17 and up, alongside a paid option for a kid’s IQ test.

The free IQ test claims to offer PhD-certified results. It is primarily a verbal IQ test with some elements of spatial reasoning, making it quite different from many of the other free IQ tests available online.

The test is completely free to take but an account registration with a few personal details (name, date of birth, zip code, country, email address and password) is required.

Once you sign in to your account, you will be able to see your results as well as any tests you have completed or are currently in progress.

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7. IQ Test Experts

This 15-minute test is made up of 30 questions. The test will automatically submit once you reach 15 minutes regardless of whether you have completed it or not.

The questions are continuous and all on the same page instead of having to click ‘next’ after each answer.

This quiz is heavy on numerical reasoning, shapes and sequence completion.

Results are sent by email and users are also required to enter a name and surname (which will appear on your test result report).

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This website offers users the chance to answer ‘practice’ IQ test questions to get an estimate of their IQ score.

It has two different test options:

  • The Culture Fair test, which is made up of eight non-verbal questions, ideal for non-native English speakers
  • The Classical Intelligence test, which has 10 questions and contains numerical, verbal, logical and spatial reasoning questions

If you wish to purchase the full, professional test, which has more questions and claims to be scientifically validated using the g-factor theory, it will cost $8.99.


What Exactly Is an IQ?

IQ is short for Intelligence Quotient. It is one of the many estimates of intelligence.

Your IQ score is derived from how many questions you correctly answer on an IQ test, then normalized in regards to the overall population to give your actual score.

An IQ test measures a person's ability to problem-solve, spot patterns in a sequence and use verbal reasoning, as well as testing memory and language skills.

The normalization process on the results means an ‘average’ IQ is 100, making it a useful benchmark.

Two-thirds of the population has an IQ between 85 and 115. A score of 150 or above is said to indicate a 'genius' level, with very few people (less than 0.2%) scoring above 145.

Who Can Take a Free IQ Test?

Anyone can take a free online IQ test. All you need is a suitable device and internet access.

You may wish to use free online IQ tests as practice if you know you will be required to take a formal test for work, academic or psychological evaluation purposes.

Siblings, co-workers or groups of college friends, in fact any group of competitive people, can make use of the widely available free tests to see who has the highest IQ.

You may also decide to take an IQ test online by yourself for personal satisfaction.

A high IQ is generally associated with high academic achievement. However, the IQ is only one way to assess intellect.

Having a high IQ does not automatically mean that a person will do well in school or get an executive-level job, and having a low IQ does not automatically mean they will not.

Are IQ Tests Always Reliable?

Scientists and experts have different opinions on how to develop intelligence standards, meaning that not all IQ tests will test for exactly the same thing.

This can call into question the validity of the results.

As the content can vary, people can get different scores depending on which test they take. Reliable, standardized tests should mean that a person gets roughly the same results each time.

As the reliability of formal IQ tests is sometimes disputed by experts, they consider the results collected from websites offering free online tests highly questionable.

In scientific terms, tests designed and offered on free online IQ testing websites fall under the remit of entertainment and not education.

Organizations such as Mensa – The High IQ Society – do not endorse any online IQ tests as the results cannot be verified.

They require an official, supervised IQ test, administered by a registered psychologist.

Should I Take an Online IQ Test?

Free online IQ tests can be used for fun and to get a general idea of what your IQ score is.

A formal test will be considered more reliable, and you can have more confidence in the validity of the results.

You may wish to take several tests on different websites, either to see if you get the same result or to work out your average score.

An IQ test is something that you need to do with a clear head and after a restful night's sleep.

If you are not concentrating properly or are overly tired, you will likely get a low score that does not necessarily represent your real IQ.

To get the most out of taking a free IQ test online, it is best to choose a quiet environment to take your test in, where you can concentrate without distraction.

One of the benefits of taking a free test is that you can take as many as you would like to. As with most things, IQ tests become easier the more familiar you are with them.

Some IQ tests are set out slightly differently from others or are easier to navigate. With a free test, there is nothing to lose.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take an IQ test for fun, out of curiosity or because you just want an idea of what these kinds of tests involve, a free online IQ test is a suitable option.

After you have taken a free test, if you decide you would like a more accurate and reliable result, you may want to consider paying for a certified test or perhaps an official, supervised test if you score highly and want to join a group like MENSA.

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