The Best Business Certifications to Enhance Your Career

The Best Business Certifications to Enhance Your Career

Many people are looking at ways to move forward and up in their career path. One of the common ways to do this is by completing a business certification.

Business certifications are industry-recognized qualifications awarded by many different professional bodies and organizations.

They give an individual the chance to demonstrate their abilities in a certain area or obtain specific training required for a role or promotion and when added to a resume, can help boost a person’s chance of getting that desired job.

There is a wide range of topics available to study for in these business certifications, the most common subjects are leadership and management, sales and purchasing, supply chain marketing and accounting.

Why Should a Person Gain a Business Certification?

A business certification will stand out on anybody’s resume and highlights commitment and expertise in certain areas.

They are ideal for someone who cannot afford or commit to a full-time degree at University or College, as they last anywhere from a few weeks to two years maximum (but not full-time).

The certifications will enable the individual to gain the additional credentials needed for a role or career quickly. Many of them are low in cost or free.

The business certificate examinations generally consist of engaging course training and instruction, followed by an examination.

What Impact Can a Business Certification Have?

As well as being shorter than a full-time higher education degree the certifications are often flexible in terms of making them convenient to attendees, without compromising training time.

Other reasons why the certifications are a desirable option include:

  • They are awarded by professional organizations within the industry; therefore, all the information within the course is relevant and of a high standard

  • They increase a person’s knowledge base and expertise in one area that will help them in their career moving forward

  • They will increase an individual’s job prospects and potential salary, too

  • The business certificate programs are affordable, and the application process is straightforward and easily accessible

What are The Top Seven Business Certifications?

Here are seven of the top business certifications that fit certain criteria.

They are all recognized by the industry, will lead to opportunities, are certified by a quality body and are flexible and affordable.

These certificates cover a range of topics; however, there are, of course, more available in an array of subjects.

1. Google Analytics Certification

Marketing and online business is an extremely lucrative and competitive industry; therefore, it is important to be able to stand out from the crowd.

The Google Analytics Certification is arguably a staple for a role in marketing, and this course, certified commonly by Coursea, Udemy and Southern New Hampshire University, covers an extensive amount of the different sections in Google Analytics.

There are modules on the different types of reports featured on Google Analytics, another on paid ads, one on how to manipulate results and many more.

It does require some basic technical knowledge of analytics and data, however.

The course is taken online and costs approximately $2,000.

The return on investment is good, with many stating it is very beneficial, and over 90% of those who have taken it saying they would recommend the course, and more than a third said they have made more money or got a job due to the certification.

2. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Computer networking is another lucrative and competitive career choice and one that is ever-expanding. That is why it can be wise to complete a business certificate program to help show employers your knowledge and expertise.

The CCNP certified by Udemy and Liberty University most commonly has seen more than 80% of those asked who took the course help to get a job and 75% to make more money.

The course is $300 to take the exam and teaches Cisco’s routers and switches. It is highly regarded within the industry.

3. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The associate-level CAPM is for those individuals with less experience in management with the view of wanting to progress.

This course can be taken if the applicant has a High School Diploma, Associate Degree or similar.

The person will need to do 1,500 hours of project experience or 23 hours of management education. This will be followed by a 150-question exam by Project Management Institute and pay a maximum of $300 fees.

More than 50% of those asked said completing this certification has got them a job or made more money and can really help someone to gain the valuable experience needed.

What Are the Top Business Certifications to Enhance Your Career?
What Are the Top Business Certifications to Enhance Your Career?

4. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

The CBAP is ideal for people who want to improve their business analysis skills for a role or promotion.

Their ultimate outcome is to be able to analyze the business needs or issues within a business and find a solution.

This course is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis and includes strategy analysis, life cycle management, analysis solutions and more.

The program requires 7,500 hours of relevant work experience, 35 hours of professional development, concluded with a three-and-a-half-hour exam of 125 multiple-choice questions.

In research, almost 80% said they made more money after doing the course, and just under 70% said they got a job because of it.

5. APCIS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP)

The CSCP certification is a highly regarded program offered by the Fox Valley Technical College.

It will enable individuals to learn how to manage end-to-end supply chains and investment, supply chain planning and execution and the best practices.

The studying part can be done online at a convenient pace. It is also taught by instructors all over the world.

The exam fee is $965 (for non-members of the Association for Supply Chain Management).

More than half of those asked said the course enables them to get a job or make more money, and the most common job role taken from this is a supply chain manager.

6. SAP Certified Application Associate (CRM)

SAP (systems, applications and products) is software used globally by businesses to manage business operations and customer communications across the whole company.

It is a very useful software to have expertise and knowledge in, and this course is one of the best in the area.

The SAP CRM will highlight skills in the understanding of the software and improve knowledge in solutions and data.

It is recommended that candidates have some experience before taking the course as it can be a complex exam.

The exam has 80 questions and the fee is $571 through the SAP Certification Hub.

Of those asked who have completed the program who would recommend, 100% said they would, and a significant 90% said the course has made them more money or got them a job.

This is definitely worth investing in.

7. Salesforce Certified Administrator

Salesforce is a customer relationship management platform that is used by many businesses and is considered an industry leader.

For any person looking to advance in an administrative role, this certification program could be for you.

The program includes classes and engaging workshops on the fundamentals of the program and an exam that costs approximately $2,000.

The course has enabled more than 70% of those asked to get a job, and many in a Salesforce-specific role, such as a platform manager with the company.

Final Thoughts

A business certification is a great option for individuals wanting to further their career opportunities, make more money or become more knowledgeable in a certain area.

They are popular as they are mainly a more affordable option for degrees or other certifications, and they generally do not take as long.

It can be done online or at a flexible rate; therefore, a person can continue working if needed.

As the programs are offered by industry-acknowledged bodies, most businesses will see someone with certification on their resume as a desirable candidate.

They are specific, so ensure the right one is chosen for you.

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