Tips & Advice For Postgraduate Study: All You Need To Know

Postgraduate study can be undertaken for many reasons. You may be looking to enhance your career development by learning new skills, to switch profession through a conversion course or to gain a competitive edge with a highly regarded qualification. It may be that postgraduate study is a requirement in your chosen field.

Whatever your motivation, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared for the commitment that continued education requires and are equipped with the relevant tools for postgraduate success.

A competitive application process and entry requirements, costs and financial support, course formats and study methods are all areas you’ll need to consider. There are a variety of postgraduate options available, so it’s vital to understand which route is best suited to your career aspirations.

Our articles offer practical advice on all of the above, from preparing postgraduate CVs and cover letters, to studying for specific entrance exams. You’ll find detailed guidance for PhD and MBA students, as well as resources focused on additional options for further study.