SHL-Style Deductive Reasoning Test

This is a practice SHL-style deductive reasoning test that simulates the real test. 

The test has 8 questions and you should aim to complete the test within 9 minutes.

All questions are multiple-choice. 

Make sure you read a question in full before answering.

Answers and explanations to the questions are provided at the end of the test.

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SHL Deductive Reasoning Test: question 1 of 8

Please choose the correct answer

Four married couples – the Gordons, the Hindlers, the Ilgors and the Jareds – are the only guests in a hotel.

Each couple consists of one man and one woman. Some of the hotel guests are signing up for a trip to the Grand Canyon offered by a travel agency.

The following rules are known about the participants of the trip:

  • When a woman signs up, her spouse signs up too.
  • At least two men and one woman are signed up.
  • Mr. Gordon is signed up only if Mrs. Jared is signed up.
  • If Mr. and Mrs. Gordon are signed up, then Mrs. Hindler is not signed up.

Exactly three men and two women are signed up for the trip.

Which statement must be true?