Best Websites for Booking Business-Class Flights

Best Websites for Booking Business-Class Flights

Best Business-Class Airlines

The majority of airlines offer business class, but some are better than others regarding seating availability, ticket price, perks and other features.

1. FlyDubai

FlyDubai is the Middle East’s fastest-growing airline, and since it was launched in 2009, it has helped more than 70 million passengers reach over 90 destinations around the world.

With a network covering the Middle East, South East and Central Asia, Africa, Europe and the Indian subcontinent, passengers who want to fly from Dubai have several options, especially if they are looking for some well-priced luxury.

Seats are offered as either economy or business class. If you are looking for a business class flight, you can expect VIP treatment on the ground in the form of priority services, faster flight check-in and access to business lounges.

In the air, the well-spaced seats are made from soft Italian leather, and with built-in lumbar support, a generous recline and extendable leg rests, your flight will be taken in comfort. Meals on board are internationally inspired, and you can choose from a wide range of menu options that cater to allergies and religious requirements.

The search facility for booking flights with FlyDubai is very simple – just select your destination, whether you are travelling one-way or need a return flight, how many passengers and what class. The date selection allows for some flexibility – you can see if flying on a slightly different day makes the journey cheaper on the results page.

You can also book over the phone, or by going to a partner travel agent if you prefer to book in person.

Visit FlyDubai

2. Avianca

Avianca is a Latin American airline with a history that spans more than 100 years under different names.

From humble beginnings in 1919 to running 25 aircraft in Latin America to being entrusted with the Columbian delegation at the 1950 Olympics in Australia, the Avianca business has grown and developed to offer global travel opportunities and puts on 4,000 flights per week.

Searching for flights is simple, with a straightforward planning portal that includes departure and arrival options, the dates you want to travel and how many passengers.

Through the filters, you can decide if you want to make it a one-way or round trip, and you can even make group reservations, which is a great option if you are headed on a work function.

Once you have booked your flights, you can upgrade with the click of a button to business class.

Frequent fliers can take advantage of reward miles with the LifeMiles scheme, and Avianca also offers a credit card to earn even more miles.

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3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways takes luxury air travel seriously. It is famous for its first-class seating options, but the business-class arrangements should not be overlooked. Seating is organized so that individual travelers can sit next to the window and two aisles give both central seats aisle access.

If you are traveling with a partner, the central section can be arranged into a double bed space, while groups can open up sets of four seats to create a four-person suite. This allows for socializing with your traveling party, business meetings or group dining.

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4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has long been recognized as one of the most luxurious airlines for business-class seating. It offers the widest seats compared to competitors, so you can have added comfort and personal space while in the air.

The seats can also lay fully flat and screens add a little more privacy for those who wish to be left alone. The menu for in-flight dining is specially created by chefs for a fine dining experience in the air.

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5. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Business-class seating options are currently only available for long-haul routes with All Nippon Airways, but the airline offers one of the most versatile arrangements available.

Each seat is in a cabin-style pod of its own which offers multiple functions, whether you want to eat with a travel companion or conduct business meetings. The seat also lays completely flat for comfortable sleep during a long flight and privacy doors mean that you don’t have to speak to or see other passengers if you don’t want to.

Visit All Nippon Airways (ANA)

6. Virgin Atlantic

Whether you are traveling alone or with a partner, the seating arrangement within Virgin Atlantic business class has an option to suit you.

Individual flyers can be seated in one of the separate window seats, while couples can sit next to one another in the center of the plane. All seats also offer the option of privacy screens. The seats smoothly transform into beds for a more comfortable flight and the in-flight entertainment system can be controlled using your mobile or tablet device.

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7. British Airways

British Airways offers business-class seating on almost all of its flights and was the frontrunner when luxury options were first available.

In recent years, it has had a shake-up of its seating arrangements and decor, and now offers business-class passengers individual ‘suite style’ seating arrangements with doors for greater privacy. The seats can lay completely flat, ensuring that you can sleep comfortably during your flight. They also offer an increased amount of storage space and individual monitors for in-flight viewing.

Visit British Airways

8. Eva Air

With individual areas within the business-class section and screens to ensure privacy, Eva Airways offers passengers a luxurious space that is free from disturbances.

Each seat converts into a fully flat bed space at the push of a button and there is also storage space for jackets and shoes as well as table space for eating or working. Complimentary amenity kits and noise-canceling headphones also come as standard.

Visit Eva Air

9. Cathay Pacific

With award-winning catering and multiple seat options, Cathay Pacific is one of the most popular choices for business-class seating in Asia.

The seat lays flat and has optional extensions for extra length or width. Although this airline doesn’t offer individual cabins, passengers can leave their armrests up to gain more privacy.

Visit Cathay Pacific

Best Websites for Booking Business-Class Flights (2021)
Best Websites for Booking Business-Class Flights (2021)

Comparison Sites for Booking Business Class

One of the best ways to book a cheap business-class seat is to do it through a comparison website. This makes the process much easier as you can consider a variety of options and pick the one that best suits your needs. Looking at each airline takes time and doesn’t always mean that you will be offered the best prices. By using a comparison site, you can look at a variety of options at once.

All comparison sites work in a similar way. You simply input information regarding where you would like to fly to and when. The website will then show you the available options from the airlines available to them.

It is worth noting, however, that comparison websites don’t necessarily have access to the entire market. Some airlines may only be featured on specific websites, so look at a few different comparison sites to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Best Comparison Sites for Booking Business Class

Some of the best flight comparison websites for booking business-class flights are:

1. OneTravel

OneTravel is a comparison site where you can book flights around the world, as well as hotels and full holiday packages.

Launched from a barn in Pennsylvania, OneTravel offers 24/7 customer service and the opportunity to take advantage of cheap flights in coach, premium economy, business or first class.

The search function allows you to choose whether you want to get a round trip or a one-way flight. You can search by preferred airline and for direct flights.

Once you have completed a search, you get immediate results, and the site will also suggest cheaper ways to get there – like choosing alternative dates.

2. CheapOair

Founded in 2005, CheapOair is part of the wider company Fareportal, and uses intuitive and innovative technologies to make finding travel options easier.


  • With both a website and a mobile app available, CheapOair allows passengers to book flights, hotels, car hire, and even packages and activities using a simple search function.

  • The results returned are listed in price order, and you will also see recommendations for potentially cheaper dates and airports or flights that are shorter or faster as well.

  • The prices shown are all in, including fees and taxes per person.

  • If you are not ready to fly just yet, you can sign up for price alerts to be notified of any last-minute deals or exclusive discounts to certain locations.

  • CheapOair also offers a reward scheme for booking through its site, and a credit card backed by VISA that earns reward points on travel, dining and other purchases.


  • Tickets are non-refundable.

3. Skyscanner


  • You can set up price alerts to be notified of changes to flights you are interested in
  • It is easy to change the language and currency options


  • It offers functions that are widely available on other sites

4. CheapAir

With headquarters in California and a staff of 125 travel enthusiasts that are 100% US-based, CheapAir is a progressive and technology-driven flight comparison site for expert travel advice, deals and inspiration.

Originally established in 1989, CheapAir has sold more than five million airfares and uses a proprietary shopping engine to search for the best deals available online, including last minute and first-class options.

The search engine itself has similar options to other sites – you can select the basic information like departure and arrival point (by airport or city) and whether you are looking for a one-way or round-trip ticket. There is also an option to find multi-city travel tickets too.

Once you have selected your preferred dates, you can choose the number of travellers and the class – including economy, premium economy, business and first-class.

The results are loaded with the cheapest options first, but you can refine the choices by other class options, airlines and whether there are any stops. The results also show you what amenities are available on the flight.


  • Many payment options – not only does it offer a monthly payment system, but it also began accepting bitcoin as payment for flights back in 2013, and it now accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash, as well as fiat currency.

5. FlightHub

FlightHub has lofty ideals as a place to find flights – describing the business as being 'founded on the principle that broadening travel possibilities and connecting people across borders increases human consciousness, reduces fear, and inspires positive change.'

Established in 2012, FlightHub is a place to find the cheapest deals in Canada on flights and hotels, using a simple search engine with the benefit of a map to help you decide on your preferred destination.

To begin the search, just choose your destination and departure airport or city, and the number of passengers that are travelling.

You can use the pop-up calendar to choose your dates, and decide in which class you want to travel, including economy, premium economy, business and first-class.

If you aren’t ready to travel just yet, you can sign up for fare alerts to your chosen destination, to get the first look at new deals and last-minute bargains.

The results are shown starting with the cheapest, but you can also filter by the shortest or most direct. All prices shown include taxes, and you can see at a glance what the onboard amenities are with each flight. If you have a preferred airline, you can show flight options specifically from them.

6. Google Flights


  • Trend graphs make it easy to say which days and times are potentially the cheapest
  • Searches can be highly customized using the search filters


  • If you are not a regular traveler, or familiar with the website, it can be complicated to use



  • KAYAK Hacker Fares give you the option of bundling one-way flights with multiple airlines to get the best deal
  • The price tracker feature ensures changes are kept up to date


  • The site is focused on flexibility, so it may not be able to offer the most suitable options if you need a specific flight

8. Cheapflights


  • Easy to navigate
  • The search results are easy to understand


  • It doesn’t always offer the cheapest options
  • Some other websites may offer a wider range of airlines

What Is a Business-Class Flight?

If you fly regularly, you will know the stress of arriving at the airport and queuing for what seems like forever. When you finally board your flight, you find that you have no legroom or personal space.

Business class offers an opportunity to reduce this stress, making flying more enjoyable.

Although seats in business class are undoubtedly more expensive than economy or economy-plus options, there are ways of enjoying the advantages of a business-class ticket without having to spend a fortune every time you fly.

What Makes Business Class Different?

Like those who choose to travel first class, business-class passengers are eligible for several perks. These are designed to make the traveling experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Faster check-in – Business-class passengers can take advantage of a priority check-in service, so no need to wait in line.

  • Airport lounges – Once you have completed check-in, you can wait for your flight in the airport's business lounge. This is a comfortable area with attentive staff where you can relax, read the newspaper or catch up on emails.

  • Faster boarding – Not only do business-class passengers enjoy a faster check-in process, but they can also take advantage of priority boarding. Individuals with business-class tickets will generally be allowed onto their flight once the first-class passengers are seated, before the economy passengers.

  • More legroom – One of the most frequently stated reasons for traveling business class rather than economy or economy plus is the increased in-flight comfort. Seating is more spacious and will often have a full-flat option, giving you more legroom.

  • In-flight bar – The availability of in-flight bar service will vary from airline to airline, with some not offering this option. But, if this is something that your chosen airline offers, it can be a nice way to enjoy your flight while socializing with other business-class passengers.

  • Better food – Airline food has a terrible reputation. When people think of it, they imagine plastic microwave meals which are either stone-cold or hot enough to melt your mouth. This isn’t something you have to worry about with business-class tickets. Food is generally served on china crockery while drinks are in a glass.

  • Pick-up and drop-off service – This is not available with all airlines, but you will sometimes have the option to be driven to the airport and home again. Often the availability of this service will depend on how close you live to the airport.

Tips for Booking Cheap Business-Class Flights

Book in Advance

Booking in advance is the easiest way to get cheaper ticket prices. Most airlines and comparison websites will allow you to look at ticket prices months in advance.

If you know when you need to travel, then book as soon as you can to get the best possible price.

Book Last Minute

Just as booking in advance could provide you with a discount, it is sometimes worth waiting until the last minute.

If an airline is unable to fill all of their seats ahead of a flight, they will often reduce the price a week or two before it is scheduled.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to find a flight when you want it, but if you are looking for a spontaneous trip, last-minute tickets can help you to find an adventure at a much lower price.

Book a Return Ticket

Even if you aren’t sure exactly when your return journey will be, it is better to book a return ticket rather than two separate single tickets.

Many airlines will allow you to adjust your return journey for no extra charge up to a set time before your flight, so you don’t need to worry about booking the wrong return journey.

Fly at Off-Peak Times

If you are flying for business reasons, you might not have a huge amount of choice about when you travel, but it is worth trying to fly at off-peak times if you can. Generally, off-peak travel will be cheaper compared to peak times.

Most airlines will offer cheaper flights on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Evening flights can also be cheaper than flights during the day.

Book Your Flights in the Sales

Most airlines will have sales in January when people start to think about their summer holidays. Other sales will also happen throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what deals are on offer.

Booking your business-class flights during a sale period can mean that you can grab yourself a bargain.

Upgrade at Check-in

It is always worth checking whether there are any seats available when you arrive for check-in.

If there are business-class seats that aren’t filled, the check-in staff may allow you to upgrade your ticket.

This will often be at a reduced rate compared to the usual price of a business-class ticket.

Frequent Flyer Programs

People who fly regularly often find that frequent flyer programs save them money and give more frequent opportunities to upgrade their seating. Most frequent flyer programs will be linked to a specific airline to build brand loyalty.

These programs can allow you to build up points or air miles based on your journeys. These can then be exchanged for flights or upgraded seating options.

Final Thoughts

If you fly regularly, you will understand the issues with economy seating, especially on long flights. Choosing to fly business class may seem like an expensive option, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of deals and special offers available, enabling you to consider flying business class as your regular choice. By considering flight comparison sites, you will be able to quickly and easily find the most affordable option.

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