How to Make a Conference Call Using an Android Device

How to Make a Conference Call Using an Android Device

There are many reasons why technology today increases competencies in (and outside) of the office today.

Just look at conference calling, for example. The idea of conference calling has been around for decades, but with the development of smartphones and other technology, we are now able to make multiple calls simultaneously. This is helpful for businesses that work with overseas clients or have staff who work remotely.

Within this article, you will learn how to make a conference call using an Android device.

What Is a Conference Call?

In short, a conference call is a way to have a phone call with multiple people on the same call. The number of participants can differ from smartphone to smartphone, but the overall concept is the same.

One of the main benefits of a conference call is that you can conduct business remotely and keep everyone in the loop at the same time. This works well today, especially as more and more employees are working from home. It is a good way to keep everyone connected.

And, since most meetings can take place outside of the office, a conference call on a smartphone is an innovative way to communicate goals and information to the entire workforce. This is especially beneficial if you have members of the team who are working in different locations or are on the move.

However, if you think your team could benefit from video calling – to show something to other participants – then you could use a hosting site. There are different hosting sites around that will not only enable video on the conference call, but will allow up to 50 users to join the call.

The hosting site will normally have an app people can tap into from their smartphone, so it will work slightly differently to using the conference call functionality the phone offers.

If you do not want to join a hosting site – say, if the call is for a few people and there is not that much to share, then we would recommend distributing the relevant information with the participants before the call.

But, while video calling is popular, the thought of one can make participants feel less comfortable.

This could be because they might have distractions around them. For example, if someone is working from home, they might have children around, or some people might feel uncomfortable about their surroundings or their image. Therefore, conference calling might be a better idea to allow employees to be more productive during the meeting.

But how do you start and join a conference call using an Android phone?

If you have had an iPhone before and used the conference calling function on that, then an Android phone is not that much different.

How to Do It

Although making a conferencing call on an Android device can be quite simple, it might not be that straightforward for people who are not comfortable using technology.

If you have a colleague who you think might find it difficult to use the functionality, then it is good to talk them through it before the scheduled call.

Here are a few steps on how to set up a conference call, merge calls and create group calls so you can talk to your colleagues with ease.

How to Start a Conference Call

To start, simply tap on the phone icon on your Android’s keypad and list of contacts. It is a good idea to have every contact who is joining the call’s number on your phone under their name.

This will make searching for them to add to the call a lot easier. Tap on the phone number you want to call, or peruse your contact list until you find the name of the person you wish to call.

Once found, hit the green phone image to call the participant.

How to Add More Callers to the Conference Call Once It Has Already Started

If you want to add more participants to the call, once the contact you have called answers, you will need to tap the ‘ +’ ‘Add Call’ button.

For more callers, repeat the step where you call someone from your contact list.

What Happens When the Second Person Answers?

When the second participant answers the call, you will see both of the phone calls marked at the top of your phone’s screen. You will also see a button on your keypad called ‘Merge’ – tap this button to merge both the calls together.

Your conference call has started, and you and the other two participants can now hear and talk to each other simultaneously.

How to Make a Conference Call Using an Android Device
How to Make a Conference Call Using an Android Device

If You Want to Add More Participants

With an Android device, you can add up to five callers, so you will just need to repeat the steps mentioned above until you reach the limit.

How to Remove Callers From the Conference Call

If you have some users you want to remove from the call – this could be if their part of the call has finished, or they just no longer wish to participate in the call – then simply tap on the name of the person you wish to remove from the call and press the hang up button (which you will see as an icon on your home screen).

That is it – they will then be disconnected from the call.

How to Have a Private Chat With a Caller in a Conference Call

If you want to have a private conversation with someone in the call – this could be if you have something private to discuss in an interview – search for the person’s name who you want to have a one-on-one with and press the ‘conference’ button (which will be on your screen). Then, tap the private button next to the name and number of the person you want to have a chat with.

How to End the Conference Call

If the call has come to an end, then all you have to do to end a conference call on your Android phone is to tap the red and white phone button on your phone’s screen and this will end the call with every participant. Simple.

How to Present Well on a Conference Call

So, now that you know how to do the technical part, here are some tips on how you can present the conference call accordingly.

Choose a Quiet Space

Conference calls and video calls remotely can be tricky, especially when it comes to signal and other distractions.

Ensure that all of this is planned prior to the call, and decide where the best place to do the call would be. Pick somewhere quiet and that has minimal distractions.

If you are in the office, you should book a meeting room, even though the meeting is over the phone.

Avoid Speakerphone

Although it is easier to make a call using a speakerphone, sometimes this can warrant some sound issues.

You will need to make sure you are close to the phone so other people can hear you. Also, sometimes speakerphones can pick up other sounds in the surrounding area, which can be quite distracting, too.

Think About Signal

Ensuring you have good cell signal is a must, especially when you are hosting the conference call from your phone and are on the move.

Think about where you are going to be when the call is taking place, so you can find a location whereby you have the best signal.

This is important so you do not come into any technological problems during the call. You do not want any participants missing vital information.

If you are out and about, maybe see if you can make the call from an internet café and use the WiFi – or simply stay at home.

Think of a Conference Call as a Face-To-Face Meeting

Just because the meeting is on the phone does not mean you shouldn’t prepare for it like you would a normal in-person meeting.

Ensure you have all the participants’ numbers saved to your phone before the call and saved under their name.

If there is any paperwork to go through, have this to hand prior to the meeting so you are prepared. If you must present something, make sure you have an idea of what you are going to say before the meeting.

Do Not Multitask During the Call

You wouldn’t wash the dishes if you were in a face-to-face meeting, would you? As mentioned in the point above, just because the meeting is on the phone does not mean you shouldn’t treat it like any other meeting.

Turn the TV off so there is no background noise, and you are not trying to do two things at once – your attention should be fully on the conference call.

Final Thoughts

With more and more people working remotely nowadays, conference calls are here to stay – and, if anything, they will continue to keep developing.

If you are nervous about hosting the call, then perhaps make a test call with some friends to ensure you feel comfortable about setting up the conference call using your Android phone – this will increase your confidence. And do not forget, practice makes perfect.

As this is the way forward, treat conference calling like any other meeting or interview. Do your homework, research, practice and make sure it has your undivided attention.

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