ATI TEAS 7 Science TestPrepare Now!
Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 Science Test Questions

Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 Science Test Questions

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The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a widely used entrance exam for nursing and allied health programs in the US.

Designed to assess your readiness for study at degree level, it covers the key subjects of reading, math, science, and English and language use.

This article looks specifically at the science section of the exam and includes free TEAS science practice test questions to help you prepare.

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ATI TEAS Science Practice Questions

ATI TEAS Science Practice Questions: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Example Question

1. During a prolonged period of strenuous exercise, muscles might experience oxygen debt. Which physiological process occurs during this period, and how is it related to muscle fatigue?

a) Glycolysis in the absence of oxygen, leading to lactic acid accumulation
b) Increased oxygen consumption, promoting aerobic respiration
c) Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing muscle tension
d) Elevated levels of acetylcholine, prolonging muscle contraction

Example Question

2. Which hormone, released by the adrenal cortex, plays a vital role in regulating electrolyte balance, particularly by promoting sodium retention and potassium excretion?

a) Cortisol
b) Aldosterone
c) Epinephrine
d) Insulin

Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 Science Test Questions
Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 Science Test Questions

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ATI TEAS Science Practice Questions: Biology

Example Question

1. Which organelle is responsible for the synthesis of proteins that are either secreted from the cell or incorporated into the cell membrane?

a) Endoplasmic reticulum
b) Ribosome
c) Golgi apparatus
d) Lysosome

Example Question

2. In which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?

a) G1 phase
b) S phase
c) G2 phase
d) M phase

ATI TEAS Science Practice Test Questions: Chemistry

Example Question

1. Which of the following is an example of a chemical reaction that involves a transfer of electrons?

a) Dissolving salt in water
b) Burning wood
c) Mixing oil and water
d) Melting ice

Example Question

2. An atom of which element is most likely to form a positive ion (cation)?

a) Chlorine (Cl)
b) Oxygen (O)
c) Sodium (Na)
d) Fluorine (F)

ATI TEAS Science Practice Test Questions: Scientific Reasoning

Example Question

1. A scientist is conducting an experiment to test the effect of different temperatures on the rate of enzyme activity. What would be a suitable control group in this experiment?

a) Enzymes at the highest temperature
b) Enzymes at room temperature
c) Enzymes without any temperature manipulation
d) Enzymes at the lowest temperature

Example Question

2. If a scientific study reports a correlation between two variables, what can be concluded about causation?

a) There is a causal relationship between the variables
b) Correlation implies causation
c) The study is flawed, because correlation cannot imply causation
d) More research is needed to determine causation

Tips for TEAS Science Test Practice

Step 1. Master the Basics

Brush up on foundational concepts in human anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry.

Strengthen your understanding of key systems and principles that form the core of the TEAS science section.

Step 2. Practice Data Interpretation

Enhance your skills in interpreting graphs and scientific data. Many TEAS science questions require effective analysis of information, so regular practice with data-driven questions is essential.

Step 3. Use Quality Materials

Seek out TEAS 7 science practice test questions from reliable sources.

These resources will be specifically designed to align with the exam's content and format, ensuring accurate preparation.

Step 4. Take Full Length Practice Tests

Assess your overall readiness by periodically taking a full-length ATI science practice test.

This will also increase your familiarity with the pacing of the exam and help identify specific areas for improvement.

You can find a practice test at JobTestPrep.

Step 5. Identify Your Weaknesses

Pay attention to challenging topics or question types where you consistently struggle. Seek additional resources to reinforce your understanding and address weaknesses effectively.

Step 6. Understand How the Test Is Scored

Familiarize yourself with the TEAS scoring system.

Doing so will help you understand your current performance compared to what is expected and assess your progress over time.

Final Thoughts

The science section of the ATI TEAS 7 is considered by many as the hardest part of the exam, so solid preparation is essential if you hope to achieve a high score.

By using ATI TEAS science practice questions and sample papers you can reinforce key concepts, master test taking strategies, and boost your confidence before your official test day.

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