The Centrica Graduate Scheme

The Centrica Graduate Scheme

Centrica is a multinational energy services and solutions business based in the UK, but with more than 23,000 employees worldwide.

Committed to a cleaner energy future, Centrica aims to be a net zero business by 2045 and to help its customers reach this target by 2050.

As a graduate applying to work for Centrica, the main business roles you can expect to be recruited to are:

  • Business Management
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Commercial Marketing
  • Digital Technology Services (DTS) – Software Engineering
  • Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) Analyst
  • UK Finance

Centrica seeks candidates who, in addition to holding an undergraduate degree, can also demonstrate both leadership and teamworking skills.

The ideal Centrica employee must share the company’s values of fairness, integrity, safety and engagement with the community. Additionally, you will be enthusiastic about Centrica’s aim to provide cleaner and sustainable energy to their customers.

The Centrica graduate scheme aims to develop each candidate by improving their current skills and adding new areas of expertise. It is just the first demonstration of how this employer is willing and happy to invest in its workforce.

How Does the Centrica Graduate Scheme Work?

The graduate scheme features a number of placements in different business areas, all of which are designed to educate you about Centrica, demonstrate how your role and the function you work in fits into the organisation overall and develop your skill set as an employee.

Some of the graduate streams include an initial three-month placement specifically relevant to the role.

This is followed by three further placements. The first will provide you with a foundation of how Centrica operates, and you will work with more experienced colleagues.

The second and third placements are designed to be challenging, as they further develop your skills. You will gain behavioural and technical training and be supported by a performance management process.

During the placements, you will be guided by your line manager, a graduate talent manager relevant to your business area and a 'buddy' who previously progressed through the graduate scheme themselves.

The specifics of the placements vary depending on which of the graduate streams you follow:

  • Business Management – Initial three-month placement, followed by three placements of eight months each
  • Commercial Analyst – Initial three-month placement, followed by three placements of eight months each
  • Commercial Marketing – Initial three-month placement, followed by three placements of eight months each
  • Digital Technology Services (DTS) – Software Engineering – Three placements of eight months each
  • Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) Analyst – Three placements of eight months each
  • UK Finance – Three placements of one year each

During the graduate scheme, you will also have access to the Centrica Health and Wellness resources for personalised advice and support to safeguard your physical and mental health.

The Six Centrica Graduate Streams

Business Management

Begin a career in business management by joining this stream of the Centrica graduate scheme. Develop your leadership skills as you learn about the organisation, starting with a three-month placement at a customer contact centre.

The starting salary is £27,000, plus a £3,000 starting bonus, and Business Management roles are available across the UK.

Commercial Analyst

As a commercial analyst at Centrica, you will develop excellent analysis skills, interpreting wide and varying sets of data and becoming familiar with the latest, industry-leading analytics and client insight tools.

You will enter a relevant three-month placement before beginning the graduate scheme placements.

The starting salary is £27,000, plus a £3,000 starting bonus, and Commercial Analyst roles are available across the UK.

Commercial Marketing

Develop your commercial marketing skills by building a familiarity with the Centrica brands and products, and learn how to market and promote them.

Current commercial marketing teams at Centrica include Customer Marketing, Brand and Sales and Digital Advertising.

There will be an initial specialised three-month placement.

The starting salary is £27,000, plus a £3,000 starting bonus, and Commercial Marketing roles are available across the UK.

Digital Technology Services – Software Engineering

Beyond developing software, the Digital Technology Services (DTS) is responsible for Centrica’s physical infrastructure and the entire digital workings of the organisation.

During the graduate scheme, you will be exposed to a broad range of relevant business areas to gain a better understanding of how DTS fits into the company’s operation. You will gain broad exposure to this work as you rotate through different areas of the organisation and try out a variety of roles.

The starting salary is £31,000, plus a £3,000 starting bonus, and DTS roles are available in Staines and London, UK.

Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) Analyst

Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) is involved with the international wholesale commodity market.

This includes procurement and risk management for British Gas, a proprietary trading business for power, gas and oil markets, and a liquified natural gas (LNG) global trading operation.

Working across a wide range of teams, you will support commercial decisions through your analysis skill set.

Starting with an initial three-month placement, EM&T Analyst roles are available in London, UK.

The starting salary is £38,000, plus a £3,000 starting bonus.

UK Finance

Working in finance at Centrica, you will provide performance analysis, business insight and support decisions made across the entire organisation.

The graduate scheme placements are aimed to equip you with the correct skills, knowledge and experience to develop you into a well-rounded finance professional.

The starting salary is £31,000, plus a £3,000 starting bonus.

UK Finance roles are available in London, Staines and Windsor, UK, although a level of geographical flexibility is necessary.

What Are the Prerequisites for the Centrica Graduate Scheme?

To apply for the Centrica graduate scheme, you must have obtained a 2:1 degree or a 2:2 degree if combined with a master’s degree.

Depending on the role you apply for, a degree in a related subject may be required. For a role in finance, in addition to your degree, you must have achieved BBB at A-level, or the equivalent.

Application Process

The application process for the Centrica graduate scheme begins with your online application.

Once you have decided that you are interested in the graduate scheme, the next stage is to search for relevant vacancies on the Centrica website.

To apply for a vacancy, sign in through your LinkedIn account and autofill the application with the job history available on your LinkedIn account.

Alternatively, you can make a manual application through the Centrica website by uploading your CV.

If there are no suitable vacancies listed on the Centrica website, you may join the candidate database by filling in your personal details and again uploading your CV.

Should your application to join the graduate scheme be successful at this point, you will be invited to a telephone interview and an assessment day which will include a group task, a presentation task and a face-to-face interview.

Centrica Graduate Scheme: What You Need to Know
Centrica Graduate Scheme: What You Need to Know

Application Tips

If you are interested in starting a career with Centrica through the graduate scheme, your first step will be to submit your online application. Follow our tips to ensure that your application is the best it can be.

Find Your Why

Why do you want to work for Centrica? The answer may not be as simple as you think.

It may be the company’s mission; its drive for cleaner energy and to be a net zero business.

It may be the company culture; its aim to embrace diversity in the workplace and its numerous networks such as the Carers Network, Centrica Women’s Network and the Ethnicity Network.

Alternatively, you may see Centrica as the best way for you to progress your career because of the job opportunities the organisation offers in the business area you have trained for.

Find your ‘why’ and write it down, ready to share your enthusiasm for a career within Centrica in your application and interview.

Do Your Research

Before you apply, carry out as much research as you can into:

  • The job you wish to apply for – What skills, knowledge and experience are required?; how the role fits into the organisation; the career path that job may lead to within Centrica
  • Centrica itself – What the company does; company culture; company mission and initiatives
  • The industry – What are the major and upcoming developments in the energy sector?; how might these affect Centrica?; where does the organisation fit in the world energy arena?

All of this information will inform your application, CV, interviews and assessment day experience.

Optimise Your CV

Your CV will be your first chance to get a foot in the Centrica door, so make sure that it works hard for you.

Tailor your CV to fit the role, the business area you will work within and Centrica itself.

For instance, alter the profile section to reflect how you are right for the role, reword job entries to demonstrate the skills and experience needed to work at Centrica and focus your list of achievements to reflect your suitability as a graduate candidate.

If you intend to autofill the job application from your LinkedIn profile, make sure that you have first tailored all the details there to fit the role.

You may even want to brush up your entire LinkedIn profile before your application to make sure that it demonstrates the professional image you wish to portray.

Worried about creating a CV fresh out of university? Read How to Make a Great Resume With No Experience.

Use the STAR Technique

The STAR technique is an effective method to formulate the answers to questions you may face in your job application or interview.

STAR stands for:

  • S (situation) – Identify a situation that is relevant to the question
  • T (task) – Explain the task you carried out in the situation
  • A (action) – Explain the action you took and the value you provided
  • R (result) – Describe the result and the part you played in reaching it

Practise using the STAR technique to answer typical interview questions.

For more information on this technique, read How To Use the STAR Technique in Interviews.

Prepare for the Assessment Day

The assessment day will include:

  • A group exercise
  • A presentation
  • An interview

Consider your teamworking and leadership skills. Both of these will be assessed during the group exercise. For instance, what is your leadership style? How good are your communication skills in a group situation?

Consider your written and oral presentation skills, including your body language and communication with other team members. How can you improve these?

For more help, read our 10 Tips to Prepare for an Assessment Centre.

Think About You

You have looked into why you want to work at Centrica and researched the job, the organisation and the industry. Now, think about what makes you a great candidate.

As a graduate, you may not have much or even any work experience, and any that you do have may not be relevant to the role at Centrica.

However, you still have plenty to offer as a candidate:

  • What you have learned from your degree
  • The skills you have developed
  • What you have accomplished
  • Your personality

Think about how each of the above aspects of ‘you’ relate to a career with Centrica. For instance, you may have a degree level education in finance or excellent leadership skills.

Perhaps your work with a local charity clearly demonstrates your marketing and communication skills and raised twice the targeted amount of funds.

Look after Yourself

As with any job interview, assessment, or life event, one of the best ways to prepare yourself is to look after your health.

Maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. Drink enough water to stay hydrated. Make sure you get sufficient sleep on a regular basis, especially the night before your assessment day.

Keep your brain ticking over by using online puzzles and reading widely. Exercise on a regular basis, even if that only means that you go for a daily walk.

Give yourself the best chance possible of a successful performance by staying healthy.

Final Thoughts

Centrica provides graduates like you with an excellent path for career development. Its graduate scheme is just the first step in the wide range of benefits offered by this global organisation.

The best way to submit a successful application and pass the assessment day is to prepare yourself fully beforehand. Do your research, optimise your CV, improve your skills and consider how you are the perfect fit for a career with Centrica.

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