Fi Phillips

Fi Phillips is a freelance copywriter who specialises in web articles and blog posts. Ask her what she loves best about her job and she'll tell you that it's learning about new topics and being an all-round knowledge-sponge. When she isn't copywriting, she works as a fantasy novelist.

Articles By Fi Phillips

Enneagram Personality Test
With its origins in the distant past, the modern model of the Enneagram was developed in the twentieth century, leading to the currently used personality test.
The Best Human Resources (HR) Software
If your business is unsure whether to invest because of purchase cost or the disruption of using unfamiliar software, here are the most important benefits of using HR software:
How to Prepare for a Band 6 Nurse Interview
You might be an experienced band 5 nurse looking to take the natural next step in your career progression.
Trend Trading vs Reversal Trading
Success as a trader largely relies on the strategy that you follow. Trend trading and reversal trading are two well-recognized methods that many traders take advantage of in their approach to the wide range of trading opportunities.
Cognitive Learning In the Workplace
Instead of taking the traditional approach to learning, memorization of new information, cognitive learning is a process of
If you decide to pursue accountancy as a career, one of the first and most important choices you must make is which qualification will get you there.
Best Will Writing Services in the UK
But having a will drawn up is the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed once you are gone and that your loved ones are provided for.
FxPro Review
With the above level of regulation, FxPro is considered to be a safe, low-risk service to use. Interested in trading forex but not sure you can afford it? Read