Aldi Graduate Jobs Interview Questions

Aldi Area Manager Graduate Training Programme Interview Questions

The application and interview process at Aldi is as follows:

Aldi do not pay expenses for anyone attending interviews.

Assessment Centre

The Aldi graduate scheme assessment day consists of:

Aldi usually invite about 12 candidates to attend each assessment day. The day lasts for about three hours and starts with an introductory talk from Aldi's Managing Director.


After the introductory talk, candidates will be asked to deliver an individual presentation on something of personal interest. Everyone will have three minutes to prepare their presentation. Each candidate will then be asked to give their presentation in turn, and must talk for at least two minutes on their chosen subject.

Group Exercise

The Aldi Group exercise will almost certainly be about surviving a plane crash. There will be several questions that your group must decide answers to. For example, you may be asked to rank, in order of importance, items you would take with you from a plane that has crash landed. Your job will be to discuss with your team how you should evaluate items, and to come up with a system to rank items in order of necessity. It is essential that you show your leadership ability, by leading the discussion and taking the initiative, either by taking notes, or summing up the discussion at the end of the exercise.

After the exercise there will be a further group discussion about the plane crash scenario.

Aptitude Tests

After the group exercise candidates will be asked to complete verbal and numerical aptitude tests. You will need to rush to complete these, and each test will only last for a few minutes. The standard of the maths and verbal reasoning tests will be GCSE level.

Question and Answer Session

The assessment day will end with a Q&A session during which canidates can ask questions about the interview process, the graduate scheme or the company itself. During this tiem you may also be asked if you have visited an Aldi store. Make sure you do visit a store before the assessment day.

Aldi Assistant Manager Interview Questions

The Aldi Assistant Manager position is not specifically a graduate scheme, but Aldi do accept graduate applicants for this position.

Aldi usually invite up to five candidates to the Assistant Manager interview. To start, candidates will be asked to introduce themsevles. They will then be asked to talk about what they know about the company and the Assistant Manager role.

This is followed by a long question and answer round, during which you should ask pertinent and intelligent questions. If you want to impress, visit a store and talk to a store manager before the interview and find as much as you can about the role you are applying for.

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