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Profit Revolution Review (2024)

Profit Revolution Review (2024)

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Ten years after the launch of cryptocurrency trading, the market finally hit $1 trillion.

While this figure is tiny compared to the other major financial markets, it is an indication that crypto is becoming an important part of investor portfolios.

Due to its high volatility, crypto is one of the most lucrative forms of trading today.

The development of auto trading and trading apps has also made crypto trading accessible to anyone with the money to invest.

Robot trading app, Profit Revolution, claims it can make you up to $1,000 profit daily from a $250 investment, making it a popular option for both new and experienced traders worldwide.

Users have reported earning over $2,000 profit within the first 24 hours. However, some have speculated that Profit Revolution is a scam and should not be trusted.

This article will take a closer look at this robot app, its benefits and risks and how to best utilize it.


  • Easy to use
  • Low minimum deposit
  • No subscription fees


  • Only offers top cryptocurrencies

What Is Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution is a cryptocurrency app that uses next-generation AI and algorithms to help users generate as much profit as possible.

The sophisticated technology combines all the crypto data and global news trends to predict how the crypto market will move. The bots then make the trades on the user's behalf.

The speed at which the app can process information and execute a trade makes your trading much more efficient and maximizes opportunities and profits.

The algorithms are coded from strategies used by reputable cryptocurrency traders, including the app's founder Pat Kenny, who is believed to be a crypto-millionaire.

The company's goal is to offer innovative solutions within the cryptocurrency market. As a result, Profit Revolution is one of the few platforms that trade in multiple coins.

While Profit Revolution is not a financial company, the partner brokers are all regulated.

How Does Profit Revolution Work?

After opening your account and depositing a minimum of $250, you set your trading parameters with assistance from your broker.

From there, the robot takes over and uses the algorithm to find the trades that best fit your goals.

The app needs very little human intervention meaning that you can potentially make money while cleaning the house or working at your regular job.

More technically, the AI and its subsets – deep learning (DL), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) – process data with a 90% accuracy level.

After each cycle, the ML helps the robot improve its performance. DL and NLP allow Profit Revolution to analyze both fundamental and technical data the same way a human would, just much faster.

One of the flaws of fundamental data is that some brokers and markets are highly responsive to news updates, even if they are fake or speculative. At Profit Revolution, the bot can differentiate between real and fake news, removing the uncertainty that can come from fundamental analysis.

The bot can also analyze patterns from thousands of charts and trading signals within a fraction of a second.

So while your attention is not needed, it is recommended you spend 15–30 minutes per day on your account to see what investments have been made and how the market has changed.

This way, if you see something you do not like, you can make the necessary changes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Profit Revolution?

The innovative technology developed by Profit Revolution assists traders in buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a fraction of the time it would take an experienced trader or broker.

But aside from the ahead-of-its-time technology, Profit Revolution has many other benefits:

Easy to Use and Beginner-Friendly

Profit Revolution is designed for its users. You do not need any previous trading experience or to be tech-savvy.

So long as you feel comfortable using a computer and can follow instructions, you can make the most of Profit Revolution.

Low Investment

The minimum deposit is $250, and there are no subscription fees.

Profit Revolution also does not charge any transaction fees. Instead, it uses the spread difference to make its money.

Potential for High Profit

The Profit Revolution bot trades on the leverage of 1:1000. This means users can bet on trades worth $250,000 from the minimum deposit of $250.

It is believed that you can turn a daily profit of up to $1,000.

High Level of Security

Profit Revolution takes security seriously.

The website has top-level encryption and follows stringent EU data protection regulations.

When registering, you have to upload a government-issued ID and a utility bill to confirm your identity. Once your registration is complete, you will need to verify your identity every time you want to use the platform.

As Profit Revolution works with reputable brokers across the globe, all trades are monitored and regulated according to the country you register in, meaning your investments are protected.

Reduces Emotion and Impulsive Behavior

Using algorithms and robots takes away the emotional behavior of humans.

It is not uncommon for brokers to react to news updates and make rash decisions, especially when you are a new trader.

All trades are made based on hard data and facts. They cannot be manipulated or coerced.

Regular Payouts

As stated on its website, Profit Revolution offers regular payouts.

The payouts will depend on your investments. But users have confirmed that Profit Revolution is very forthcoming with its payments.

Profit Revolution Review: Is It A Scam?
Profit Revolution Review: Is It A Scam?

Fast Withdrawals

Withdrawals can be made free of charge at any time and are permitted on any day. So long as you have the right funds, they can be processed within 24 hours.

This separates Profit Revolution from other trading platforms, which only allow withdrawals on certain days of the month.

Excellent Customer Service

Support is available through email, telephone, live chat, Twitter and Facebook. Live chat has the quickest response time and is available 24/7.

Their customer service agents are knowledgeable, friendly and do their best to solve your query.

What Are the Risks of Using Profit Revolution?

Is It a Scam?

Because of the profits it promises, many have speculated that Profit Revolution is a scam.

However, it is regulated, so the danger is not from the company collapsing but the market failing.

This is the same risk for all trading platforms, markets, and brokers.

All Trading Comes With Risk

Every investment and trade comes with a risk. There is never a guarantee that you will make or keep your profit.

When setting up your account, apply all the risk management strategies you can and never trade with more than you can afford to lose.

Only Offers Top Cryptocurrencies

The product offering is incredibly slim.

While that means that the tools are focused on getting the best out of your crypto trades, it also means you may need to invest in other platforms if you want a diverse portfolio.

How to Trade With Profit Revolution

Step 1. Set Up Your Account

To start trading with Profit Revolution, you need to register and set up your account. The process is very simple – fill out your standard personal details and wait for an account manager to contact you.

Step 2. Deposit

Once additional details have been taken and your identity confirmed, you will need to make a deposit. There is no maximum amount, but there is a minimum of $250.

Step 3. Demo Account

Take advantage of the demo account. It gives you the chance to test your parameters, familiarize yourself with the platform and trade without using real money.

Step 4. Live Trade

Once you are comfortable with crypto trading, make the switch to live trading. Your account manager will help you set up your trading parameters.

How Can You Earn Money With Profit Revolution?

One of the most common cryptocurrencies is bitcoin.

It is a decentralized coin that you have total control over. There are no international regulations regarding bitcoin, meaning you choose how the money is used in international transactions.

Bitcoin trading involves speculating on its future value. It is so profitable because it is almost impossible for anyone to guess the figure correctly.

However, proper use of tools and analysis and a solid strategy will help you better guess the direction of the value.

Profit Revolution removes a lot of the speculation from crypto trading.

You have control over how much you invest and which markets you commit to. But if you struggle with any decisions or are short on time, you can delegate these decisions to your bot. As a more experienced trader, you can use bots alongside your manual trading.

If used properly, Profit Revolution could improve your profits and trading portfolio. However, while the platform does do all the hard work, there are specific steps you can take to improve your chance of success:

  • Start small – Do not go all-in with your money. Start with the $250 and build up as you become comfortable with the trading strategies.

  • Keep some profit – It is tempting to keep reinvesting your profits, but you never know when the market will change. Every time you turn a profit, keep a percentage of it for yourself and think of it as a salary.

  • Follow the advice of experts – Read trading blogs and seek to learn all you can from reputable experts. If you trade on other platforms that offer social copy trading, see if you can apply some of those techniques on Profit Revolution.

  • Keep a tax record – While Bitcoin is currently unregulated, some tax authorities now require crypto traders to file their profits. It is also possible that the rules and regulations may change. Keep a detailed record to avoid getting into trouble.

  • Do not invest more than you can afford to lose – Profits are exciting, and risking more money for more profit is tempting. Just remember that the markets can change at any second, so be smart with how much you invest.

Final Thoughts

Through research and reviews, it is clear that Profit Revolution is not a scam.

The platform takes extensive steps to ensure its security and works with only the most reliable brokers.

It offers low fees and an accessible minimum deposit.

Profit Revolution only trades in cryptocurrencies, meaning that it is an expert and focused on that market alone.

However, if you intend on making a career in trading, it is recommended that you invest in multiple assets and markets to diversify your portfolio and minimize risk.

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