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A Guide to the Tesco Interview Process: Tips & Examples

A Guide to the Tesco Interview Process: Tips & Examples

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Tesco is a multinational retail company based in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, operating a wide range of stores offering groceries, household items, clothing, electronics and other consumer goods.

Tesco was founded in 1919 and has since grown to have a significant presence in various countries, including the UK, Ireland, Hungary, Poland and Thailand, among others.

The company is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, affordable pricing, sustainability initiatives and community engagement.

Tesco operates under different store formats, including:

  • Tesco Extra
  • Tesco Superstore
  • Tesco Metro
  • Tesco Express

As a prominent name in the sector, Tesco is an appealing option for anyone interested in a career in retail.

Roles available are varied and include:

  • Store Assistant
  • Checkout Operator
  • Customer Assistant
  • Team Leader
  • Department Manager
  • Stock Control Assistant
  • Warehouse Operative
  • Delivery Driver
  • Online Fulfillment Assistant
  • Pharmacy Advisor
  • Fresh Food Counter Assistant
  • Bakery Assistant
  • Butcher
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • HR Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • IT Support Analyst
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Quality Assurance Technician

However, competition for employment with this industry leader is fierce.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate the Tesco interview process, with an overview of the steps involved, tips on how to impress and example Tesco interview questions.

What Is the Tesco Interview Process?

The Tesco interview process begins with an online application form specific to the role you’re interested in.

The online application includes basic questions and a short situational test to assess your reactions in work-related scenarios.

You will also need to submit your right-to-work documents for verification.

Following the application review, successful candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview at the location they applied for, with a preliminary telephone interview for management roles.

The face-to-face interview is typically competency-based and lasts for around 45 minutes with either a single interviewer or a panel of interviewers.

The Tesco interview questions you’re asked will be designed to assess your suitability for the role and may cover a range of topics, including your experience, skills and work style.

Alongside your face-to-face interview, you’ll also have the opportunity to actively participate in the type of work you have applied for. For example, a driving assessment or shop floor exercise.

This hands-on experience allows you to assess whether Tesco is the right fit for you while also enabling the company to evaluate your practical skills.

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What Does the Tesco Interview Process Assess?

The Tesco interview process is designed to comprehensively assess your suitability for the role you’re applying for.

During the interview, the hiring team aims to gain valuable insights into various aspects of your capabilities and potential as a Tesco employee.

Specific areas of assessment will vary depending on the job role.

For example, you’ll be measured against different criteria in a Tesco delivery driver interview than you would in a Tesco personal shopper interview or a Tesco customer assistant interview.

However, there are some commonalities for all job roles.

One key area the interviewers seek to evaluate is your competency in essential skills such as:

Tesco places great importance on providing excellent customer experiences, so they want to gauge your ability to handle customer interactions effectively and deliver exceptional service. Prepare examples that demonstrate your previous experiences in these areas, showcasing your communication skills, empathy and ability to handle challenging situations.

Tesco is also interested in understanding your career aspirations and what you expect from working at the company. Be prepared to articulate why you want to work at Tesco specifically and how it aligns with your long-term goals.

Highlight the aspects of Tesco’s culture, values, or opportunities for growth that resonate with you and make you eager to contribute to the organisation’s success.

By thoroughly preparing your responses to these types of questions, you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for working at Tesco, align your career goals with the company’s objectives, and showcase your relevant skills and experiences.

Considering these aspects will greatly increase your chances of standing out as a strong candidate during the Tesco interview process.

Example Tesco Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell Us About Yourself

This is a general Tesco interview question that aims to understand your background and interests.

A good answer will include a brief summary of your education, work experience and personal interests that are relevant to the job.

Avoid providing too much information and stick to the most important aspects, highlighting your most relevant experience, skills and achievements and how they can add value to the company.

Find sample answers and more guidance on answering the question ‘Tell me about yourself in our dedicated article.’

Example Answer:

My name is Sarah, and I have been working in the retail industry for the past five years, where I have gained valuable experience in roles such as cashier, customer service representative, and team leader. I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and believe in building strong relationships with customers. I have developed excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and thrive in fast-paced environments.

I am particularly interested in joining Tesco due to its reputation for customer satisfaction, commitment to sustainability, and affordable pricing. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to Tesco's success and provide an exceptional shopping experience for its customers. Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering at local charities, staying active, and expanding my knowledge through reading. I believe my experience, dedication to customer service, and alignment with Tesco's values make me a strong candidate for this position.

2. Why Do You Want to Work at Tesco?

This question aims to understand your motivation for applying for a job at Tesco.

A good answer will highlight your interest in the company, the job role and any relevant opportunities for career development.

Do your research into the company to understand its values, mission and goals, then demonstrate how your own values align and how they can contribute to the company’s success.

Find sample answers and more guidance on how to answer the question ‘Why do you want to work here in our dedicated article.’

Example Answer:

I am enthusiastic about working at Tesco for two main reasons. Firstly, Tesco's renowned dedication to customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with my passion for delivering exceptional service. I am excited to contribute my skills and uphold Tesco's strong reputation for providing an outstanding shopping experience. Secondly, Tesco's commitment to sustainability, affordability, and community engagement deeply resonates with my values. I admire Tesco's efforts to reduce waste, promote environmentally-friendly practices, and support local communities. Being part of a company that prioritizes these values is a great opportunity for me to make a positive impact.

I am eager to join Tesco's team and contribute to its mission of providing high-quality products, excellent customer service, and sustainable practices. Working at Tesco will allow me to combine my dedication to customer satisfaction with my passion for sustainability and community involvement. I believe that my skills, values, and enthusiasm make me an ideal fit for Tesco, and I am excited about the prospect of working together to exceed customer expectations and contribute to a better future.

3. What Is Your Greatest Strength/Weakness?

This question aims to understand your self-awareness and ability to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses.

A good answer will provide a specific example of a strength or weakness and how you’ve addressed it.

For strength, highlight your most relevant skill or experience that will add value to the company.

For weakness, highlight an area where you’ve struggled in the past and how you’ve worked to improve it.

Example Answer:

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to communicate effectively. I possess strong interpersonal skills that allow me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and build rapport quickly. I believe that clear and open communication is crucial in any work environment, especially in a customer-centric industry like retail. I actively listen to others, pay attention to their needs, and strive to provide comprehensive and helpful responses. This strength enables me to collaborate effectively with colleagues, understand and address customer inquiries, and resolve any issues that may arise efficiently.

When it comes to weaknesses, I believe in continuously striving for improvement. One area I have been working on is time management. While I am dedicated to delivering quality work, I sometimes find myself getting deeply involved in tasks and may lose track of time. However, I have implemented strategies, such as setting clear priorities, creating schedules, and utilizing productivity tools, to enhance my time management skills. I am committed to further refining this aspect and ensuring that I consistently meet deadlines and manage my time effectively.

4. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

This question aims to understand your career aspirations and whether they align with the job role and wider organisational goals.

This is an example of Tesco team leader interview questions that look beyond your initial responsibilities, so a good answer will demonstrate your ambition and how you plan to progress within the company.

Show a clear understanding of a logical career path and how you can add value in the long term as a Tesco employee. Avoid giving unrealistic expectations and focus on achievable goals.

Find sample answers and more guidance on how to answer the question ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ in our dedicated article.

Example Answer:

In the next five years, I envision myself growing within the Tesco organization and taking on increasing levels of responsibility. My goal is to excel in my role and contribute significantly to the success of the company. I am eager to learn and develop new skills that will allow me to take on leadership positions, such as a department manager or team supervisor. I am committed to embracing opportunities for growth, attending relevant training programs, and staying updated on industry trends. Ultimately, I aspire to make a positive impact on Tesco's operations and contribute to its continued growth and success.

Furthermore, I am also passionate about exploring possibilities beyond my immediate role. As someone who values continuous learning, I am open to diversifying my experience and taking on cross-functional projects or roles that allow me to gain a broader understanding of Tesco's operations. Whether it's working in areas like merchandising, marketing, or supply chain, I am eager to broaden my skill set and contribute my expertise to different aspects of the business. Overall, my aim is to progress within Tesco, make meaningful contributions, and continue growing both personally and professionally.

5. Why Should Tesco Hire You?

This question aims to understand your unique skills and abilities that make you suitable for the job role.

A good answer will highlight relevant experience, skills and achievements that align with the job requirements, demonstrate how you can contribute to the company’s success and how you can add value to the team.

Avoid being too generic and instead provide specific examples of how you’ve excelled in similar roles.

Find sample answers and more guidance on how to answer the question ‘Why should we hire you?’ in our dedicated article.

Example Answer:

Tesco should hire me because I bring a unique combination of skills, experience, and strong alignment with Tesco's values. With a proven track record in delivering exceptional customer service and resolving issues effectively, I am confident in my ability to contribute to Tesco's mission.

I am adaptable, thrive in fast-paced environments, and communicate clearly and empathetically. Additionally, my passion for sustainability and community engagement perfectly aligns with Tesco's values. I am eager to contribute my efforts towards Tesco's sustainability initiatives and actively engage with the local community. Tesco can rely on me to uphold its reputation, embody its values, and make a meaningful impact.

6. Tell Us About a Situation Where You Solved a Problem

This question aims to understand your problem-solving abilities.

A good answer will provide a specific example of a problem you’ve faced in the past, the steps you took to solve it and the outcome.

Try to highlight your problem-solving abilities and how you can apply them to the job role, as well as how you can work effectively under pressure and take initiative.

You may also hear this question phrased as ‘Describe a challenge you overcame’.

Example Answer:

In my previous role as a customer service representative at a retail store, there was an instance where a customer came in with a faulty product that they had purchased. The customer was understandably frustrated and dissatisfied. I empathized with their situation and quickly took the initiative to listen attentively to their concerns.

I calmly reassured the customer that we would resolve the issue promptly. I promptly checked our inventory and found a replacement product that was in working condition. To further compensate for their inconvenience, I offered a discount on their next purchase.

By providing a solution that addressed their immediate concern and offering an additional gesture of goodwill, I was able to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. The customer left the store satisfied, appreciative of the personalized attention, and continued to be a loyal customer thereafter.

7. What Do You Think Are the Most Important Qualities To Succeed in the Role?

This is one of those Tesco interview questions where your answer will differ slightly depending on the role you’re applying for.

However, whatever the role, its purpose is the same – it’s designed to test your understanding of the job requirements and the qualities needed to fulfil them.

A good answer will highlight the relevant skills, experience and personal qualities required and provide specific examples of how you’ve demonstrated those qualities in the past.

Example Answer:

In my opinion, the most important qualities to succeed in this role at Tesco are excellent communication skills, a strong customer focus, and adaptability. Effective communication is essential to understand and address customer needs, collaborate with team members, and provide clear instructions.

A strong customer focus allows for the delivery of exceptional service, anticipating customer expectations, and finding solutions to their inquiries or issues. Lastly, adaptability is crucial in a dynamic retail environment where priorities can shift quickly.

Being able to embrace change, think on your feet, and handle unexpected situations with composure is key to ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction. These qualities combined will enable success in providing exceptional service, fostering customer loyalty, and contributing to the overall success of Tesco.

8. What Is Your Biggest Professional Achievement?

This question aims to understand your accomplishments and the impact you’ve made in your previous roles.

A good answer will provide a specific example of professional achievement, the challenges faced and the outcome.

When highlighting your most significant accomplishment, keep in mind how relevant it is to the role you’re interviewing for, and show how you can apply the skills and experience gained to your future job role.

Find sample answers and more guidance on how to answer the question ‘What is your greatest achievement?’ in our dedicated article.

Example Answer:

One of my biggest professional achievements was leading a team through a successful store-wide inventory overhaul at my previous retail position. The task involved accurately counting and reconciling thousands of products, updating inventory systems, and ensuring smooth operations during the process.

I took charge of planning and organizing the project, assigning responsibilities to team members, and establishing a streamlined workflow. I also implemented effective communication channels to keep the team informed and motivated.

Despite facing tight deadlines and unexpected challenges, we successfully completed the inventory overhaul ahead of schedule, resulting in improved accuracy, reduced stock discrepancies, and enhanced overall efficiency. This achievement not only showcased my strong leadership, organizational, and problem-solving skills, but also demonstrated my ability to collaborate effectively with a team to achieve ambitious goals.

9. What Do You Think Are Tesco’s Biggest Challenges at the Moment?

Tesco interview questions won’t just focus on your past achievements. They’ll also look at your knowledge of the company and the sector it operates in.

This particular question aims to gauge your understanding of the company’s challenges and your ability to think critically.

A good answer will prove you’ve done your research into Tesco, understand its current position and future goals, and are aware of any obstacles that stand in the way.

As part of your response, you should also show how you can contribute to overcoming these challenges.

Example Answer:

In my opinion, one of Tesco's biggest challenges at the moment is navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of retail technology and e-commerce.

With the rise of online shopping and changing consumer preferences, Tesco needs to continuously innovate and adapt its digital strategies to stay competitive. This includes optimizing the online shopping experience, implementing efficient delivery and logistics systems, and leveraging data analytics to personalize customer experiences.

Additionally, sustainability is another significant challenge for Tesco. As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly practices, Tesco must continue to enhance its sustainability efforts, such as reducing packaging waste, promoting responsible sourcing, and implementing energy-efficient practices throughout its operations.

By addressing these challenges head-on, Tesco can continue to be a leader in the retail industry and meet the evolving needs of its customers while staying committed to its values."

10. Describe Your Biggest Team Working Success

The last of our example Tesco interview questions is all about your ability to work effectively in a team.

As with all competency-based questions, a good answer will provide a specific example, this time of a successful team project – the role you played in it and the final outcome.

Specific skills you should look to highlight in your response include effective communication, the ability to collaborate and strong leadership skills.

Example Answer:

One of my most significant team working successes was when I led a cross-functional team to successfully launch a new product line in my previous role. The project involved collaborating with individuals from various departments, including product development, marketing, and operations. I took the initiative to establish clear communication channels, facilitate regular meetings, and assign tasks based on team members' strengths.

By fostering an environment of open collaboration and mutual respect, we were able to leverage each team member's expertise and ensure a seamless product launch. Our collective efforts resulted in a successful introduction of the new product line, surpassing sales targets and receiving positive feedback from both customers and stakeholders. This achievement highlighted my ability to effectively lead and motivate a diverse team towards a common goal, showcasing the power of collaborative teamwork in achieving outstanding outcomes.

Tesco Interview Process: Guide/Tips/Examples
Tesco Interview Process: Guide/Tips/Examples

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How to Pass the Tesco Interview: Tips

Step 1. Learn About Tesco

To prepare for a Tesco job interview, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the company. Start by visiting Tesco’s official website to learn about:

  • Its values
  • Mission and history
  • Take note of its key products, services and any recent news or initiatives

Understanding Tesco’s core principles will enable you to align your responses with its organisational culture and demonstrate your genuine interest in the company.

Additionally, researching Tesco’s competitors and the overall retail industry can provide valuable insights and help you stand out by showcasing your industry knowledge during the interview.

Step 2. Understand the Role

Before the interview, carefully review the job description and make sure you have a clear understanding of the role you’re applying for at Tesco.

Identify the specific skills, qualifications and experience it seeks in a candidate and reflect on how your skills and experiences align with these requirements.

Prepare examples from your past that demonstrate your abilities in the areas outlined in the job description. This will enable you to articulate your suitability for the position and confidently answer Tesco job interview questions.

Step 3. Reflect on Past Achievements

Take some time to reflect on your past achievements and successes. In particular, think about projects or tasks where you made a significant impact, overcame challenges or demonstrated leadership skills.

Consider how these accomplishments relate to the role you’re interviewing for at Tesco and how they align with the company’s values and objectives.

Be ready to discuss these achievements during the interview, highlighting the skills you applied and the positive outcomes you achieved.

By showcasing your track record of success, you’ll demonstrate your potential value to Tesco and increase your chances of being viewed as a strong candidate.

Step 4. Practice Answering Questions

Practising your responses is essential for a successful Tesco interview, so take the time to anticipate potential questions.

Use the example questions in this article, but also think specifically about the role you’ve applied for.

For example, Tesco customer assistant interview questions will likely differ somewhat from Tesco warehouse interview questions.

Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answers effectively, providing specific examples and results to support your statements.

Consider practising with a friend or family member who can provide feedback or use online resources that offer mock interview simulations.

By practising your responses, you’ll feel more confident and better equipped to articulate your skills and experiences during the actual interview.

Step 5. Relax and Rest Before the Interview

Before your Tesco interview, it’s crucial to prioritise self-care and mental preparation, so give yourself plenty of time to relax and recharge before the big day.

Engage in activities that help you unwind and alleviate any pre-interview jitters, such as deep breathing exercises, going for a walk or indulging in a hobby you enjoy.

Take care of your physical well-being by getting a good night’s sleep, eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated.

By taking care of yourself and mentally preparing, you’ll be better equipped to showcase your skills and abilities during the interview.

Ask Your Own Inciteful Tesco Interview Questions

As well as preparing responses to potential Tesco interview questions, it’s highly advisable to come up with some of your own to ask at the end of the interview.

Asking thoughtful and relevant questions not only shows that you’re prepared and engaged but also provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the role and the company.

By asking well-considered Tesco interview questions, you can:

  • Show your knowledge of the role – Asking questions that relate specifically to the role you’re applying for demonstrates that you’ve done your research and have a good understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the job.
  • Highlight your understanding of the company – Asking questions about the company’s values, goals, and challenges shows that you’re interested in more than just the job itself and that you have a genuine interest in Tesco as a whole.
  • Show passion and commitment – Asking questions about growth opportunities or the company’s goals can demonstrate that you’re committed to developing your career and contributing to the company’s success.
  • Clarify your concerns – If you have any concerns about the role or the company, asking questions can help clarify these issues and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Some example questions that demonstrate your interest and knowledge of the company and the role include:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing Tesco currently, and how can this role help address them?
  • How does Tesco prioritise customer satisfaction, and what are some examples of initiatives to improve it?
  • Can you tell me more about the team I’ll be working with and how we collaborate on projects?
  • How does Tesco support employee development and career growth opportunities?

Remember to ask questions that haven’t already been answered during the interview or in the application process.

Asking too many questions can also be a red flag, so make sure to choose your questions carefully and thoughtfully.

Other Tesco Interview Tips

Your Tesco interview is your one chance to stand out from the crowd and present yourself as a strong candidate.

With that in mind, here are some final Tesco interview tips to help you make the most of your opportunity:

  • Arrive on time – If you’re attending an in-person interview, plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. If you’re having a phone interview, make sure you’re in a quiet location with a good phone connection
  • Dress appropriatelyDress in a professional and tidy manner. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed
  • Speak clearly – Make sure to speak slowly and clearly, and ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you’re unsure of what they’re asking
  • Be positive – Finally, it’s essential to stay positive throughout the interview. Smile, maintain eye contact, and be enthusiastic about the role and the company

Frequently Asked Questions

During a Tesco job interview, you can expect questions related to your availability, experience, customer service skills and knowledge of the company.

The interviewers may ask about how you would handle different situations in a retail environment, your ability to work in a team, your flexibility with working hours and your knowledge of Tesco’s products and services.

Additionally, you might be asked competency-based questions that assess your problem-solving, communication and organisational skills.

It’s important to remember that questions will vary depending on the job role in question. For example, you can expect to answer slightly different Tesco cafe interview questions than at a Tesco night shift interview.

When answering Tesco interview questions, it’s essential to be concise, clear and focused. Start by actively listening to the question, and take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding.

It’s crucial to align your responses with Tesco’s values, emphasising teamwork, customer service and innovation.

Be prepared to provide concrete examples from your past experiences that demonstrate your abilities and suitability for the role, and remember to maintain a positive and confident demeanour throughout.

The Tesco interview process is typically conducted face-to-face; however, depending on the circumstances, Tesco may also conduct telephone interviews.

Face-to-face interviews allow for direct interaction between the interviewer and the candidate, enabling a more comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and suitability for the role.

Telephone interviews are sometimes used as an initial screening method to assess basic qualifications before proceeding to in-person interviews.

The specific type of interview you will have may depend on factors such as the position you’re applying for, your location and the company’s current policies and practices.

The average pay at Tesco can vary depending on various factors such as job position, location and experience level. Additionally, Tesco often adjusts its pay rates in accordance with local market conditions and industry standards.

At the time of writing, the pay rate for store and customer fulfilment staff is a minimum of £11.02 per hour.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on pay rates at Tesco, it’s recommended to refer to its official website or contact its human resources department.

The difficulty level in securing a job at Tesco will depend on the specific position, location and the number of applicants.

Tesco is a large and well-established retail company, and the competition for certain roles may be higher than others.

Entry-level positions, such as shop floor assistants or cashiers, may have a larger pool of applicants. However, Tesco also offers a wide range of roles across different departments and levels of experience.

To increase your chances of getting a job at Tesco, it’s important to thoroughly review the job requirements and tailor your application to highlight your relevant skills and experiences.

While it’s always best to dress professionally and presentably for an interview, Tesco generally has a relaxed dress code for its employees. As a result, wearing smart jeans to a Tesco interview may be acceptable in certain circumstances, especially for entry-level or non-managerial positions.

However, it’s still advisable to err on the side of caution and stick to a more formal outfit.

Suppose you’re uncertain about the appropriate attire. In that case, it’s a good idea to contact the Tesco location or the hiring manager to inquire about the dress code for the interview.

After a Tesco interview, the next steps typically involve a waiting period. The hiring team evaluates your interview performance and compares it to other candidates. The duration of this waiting period can vary, but it’s common to hear back within a week or two.

During this time, Tesco may conduct reference checks or further assessments depending on the role and its specific hiring process.

If you’re selected as the top candidate, Tesco will typically extend a job offer to you, either verbally or in writing.

The duration of the Tesco hiring process varies depending on the specific role and location.

For positions in Tesco stores or distribution centres, it may take up to five weeks to receive the results of your application. This timeframe is subject to change based on the volume of candidates being considered.

If you’ve applied for a role in Tesco’s offices, you can expect to hear from a recruiting team member within two weeks of the closing date posted for the job.

If you haven’t received an update within a reasonable time, it’s acceptable to inquire about your application status.

The Tesco interview process begins with an online application form tailored to the desired role.

Successful candidates are then invited to a face-to-face interview, which typically includes competency-based questions and lasts about 45 minutes.

Additionally, candidates may have the opportunity to participate in practical assessments related to the role.

The duration of a Tesco interview can vary depending on several factors, including the position you’re applying for and the interview format being used.

In general, Tesco interviews can range from 30 minutes to an hour. However, it’s important to note that some interviews may take longer, especially for more senior or specialised roles.

Additionally, if you’re participating in multiple rounds of interviews or if additional assessments or tasks are involved, the overall Tesco interview process may span multiple sessions and take more time.

Tesco typically pays its employees on a four weekly basis. However, it’s important to note that payment frequency can vary depending on specific contractual arrangements.

It’s advisable to consult with the Tesco location or the human resources department for precise information regarding the payment frequency applicable to the specific role you’re interested in or have been hired for.

Tesco will generally notify you of the outcome of your interview through the contact information you provided during the application process. The specific method of communication can vary, but it’s often done through email or a phone call.

If you’ve been successful and passed the interview, Tesco will likely extend a job offer to you. On the other hand, if you do not pass the interview, Tesco will inform you that you were not selected for the position.

It’s important to remember that a failed Tesco interview does not necessarily reflect on your qualifications or abilities. There may have been other candidates who were a better fit for the role or met the specific requirements more closely.

Final Thoughts

The Tesco interview process is highly competitive, but proper preparation can make a significant difference.

It’s essential to take the time to research and review example Tesco interview questions to gain insights into what the company looks for and what you might be asked on the day.

By actively preparing and practising your responses, you can effectively highlight your skills and show you’re well-equipped to thrive in Tesco’s fast-paced work environment.

Ultimately, being well-prepared gives you a better chance of standing out and securing your dream job at Tesco.

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