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2 June 2008 - 11:11pm

I couldn't find a PwC assessment centre forum when I was preparing for mine so now it's over I thought I'd start one!

Before I go on I'd just like to say I'm writing from experience and actually got offered the job so something must have gone right.

- started at 9am (pretty early) with an ice breaker between a group of about 7 of us

Numeracy/Logical Test:
- we all went into a room together to do these tests
- they are the same kind of tests as you did at the start of the application process but on paper instead of on computer
- the numeracy tests takes 20 mins and you have to answer 20 questions
- they are slightly harder than the online ones (I found out afterwards I got 13 correct which put me in the 88th percentile), so aim for about 10 correct and you'll be fine
- the logic test is more of those sequences where you have to find the 6th from a range choices
- again you have 20 mins to answer 40 questions (I managed 35 and got 32 correct, put me in the 90th percentile)

[I'm putting in the percentile scores so you know what to aim for, not to flatter myself, apparently you need to get in the 60th+ percentile to be of minimum standard to be offered a job]

Group exercise:
- we were split into 2 groups for this, my group was 3 strong including me
- we were given a case study to read and discuss
- the twist is that each group member has slightly different infomation and you have to work together as a group to get all the info from everyone else then come to a decision about how to proceed
- once you start making your choices you suddenly get some new info, e.g. your budget has just halved, your deadline has just been brought forward, you have a new competitor in the market etc etc
- this means you have to quickly re-evaluate your plans and come to a decision
- unfortunately our group didn't really meet and of the objectives we were told to at the start, so i thought I'd messed up my chances
- I later found out I got a really good appraisal for my group work this was because I did the following:
* led the topics of conversation
* managed time
* budgeted
* encouraged other team members
* listened and let other speak
- this is real test of group work and project management skills so just remember that!

- this was an informal chat with recent grads
- make the most of it to get to understand what the partners are like and what the role involves
- it's not assessed, so relax

Partner interview:
- mine was actually done by a director as my partner was ill
- he was really friendly and asked a few competency based and commercial questions but nothing to taxing
- just relax, be confident and show your true self
- they really do know what to look for can tell an act

The next day i had another assessment centre with Deloitte and by the end of that day I had been offered jobs at both PwC and Deloitte, i'm now in the process of deciding which to choose. Along the way I went to interviews with all the big & mid sized companies and got rejected by BDO and Baker Tilly, which really hurt. So my advice is to know what you want and continue to go for it and treat rejection as a real learning experience to improve for the next interview you are bound to have!!!

Good luck!

I found out the next day I got the job if I wanted it,


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