Trading Strategy

Getting into trading is an enticing prospect for many, with the potential for big returns. But the world of trading can be incredibly complex and risky and shouldn't be entered into without suitable preparation and a firm foundation of knowledge to base smart trading decisions on.

Learning about different trading strategies, important industry terms and prominent trading trends and megatrends will help you to create a methodical and logical approach to trading. No trade is ever free from risk but approaching trading in a practical, considered way with a well-thought-out strategy will help you avoid making emotional or uninformed decisions, which can help reduce the risk of costly mistakes. 

Perhaps you want to be very hands-on in your trading approach. Alternatively, you may prefer a more hands-off, passive investing strategy. 

The amount of available funds you have to invest or trade with, whether you're looking at long-term or short-term investments, your risk tolerance and many other factors will influence which trading strategies are best for you.

Below you will discover a range of useful resources to help you increase your financial knowledge and develop a trading strategy that suits your financial goals.