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Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 English Language Test Questions

Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 English Language Test Questions

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Passing the ATI TEAS 7 English Language test is crucial for prospective nursing students.

This 37-question test evaluates language proficiency, grammar, and writing skills, assessing the ability to communicate effectively in a healthcare context.

A thorough review of language conventions, along with focused practice, ensures candidates are well-equipped to pass the TEAS English questions and achieve the necessary results.

This article offers practice test questions, as well as tips on how to prepare effectively.

For more information on the ATI TEAS English Language Test see our dedicated article.

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ATI TEAS English Study Guide – Example Questions

Below is a selection of example TEAS English practice test questions.

These questions have not been featured on past exams, nor are they the ones you will receive in your official test. They are designed to provide insight into the question format and types.

Example Question

1. Which sentence is written correctly?

a) As the lecture was so boring, many students fell asleep
b) As the lecture was so boring many students fell asleep
c) As the lecture was so boring; many students fell asleep
d) As the lecture, was so boring, many students fell asleep

Example Question

2. Read the following passage and answer the question that follows.

The wine industry in the UK has experienced a remarkable transformation over the past few decades, evolving from a region primarily known for its consumption of imported wines to one that now boasts a growing and respected domestic wine production. The English and Welsh wine industry has been gaining international recognition for its high-quality sparkling wines, particularly those produced using the traditional method. The chalky soils in regions such as Sussex and Kent, coupled with a climate conducive to grape cultivation, have proven to be ideal for sparkling wine production, comparable to renowned Champagne vineyards. Numerous vineyards and wineries have emerged across the country, contributing to the industry's expansion and the elevation of English and Welsh wines onto the global stage. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, the UK wine industry continues to thrive, attracting both local and international enthusiasts eager to explore the diverse and increasingly sophisticated offerings from this burgeoning viticultural landscape.

Which of the following does not follow the overall tone of the passage?

a) The wine industry in the UK is growing thanks to chalky soils and ideal climates
b) While the sparking wine industry is growing in the UK, it is still nothing compared to that in Champagne
c) As the UK wine industry is fairly new, it is able to grow using sustainability and innovation, making it a very exciting industry to watch
d) Sparkling wines in the UK are now being compared to those in Champagne and wine enthusiasts are eager to see how this industry grows

Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 English Language Test Questions
Practice Free ATI TEAS 7 English Language Test Questions

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Example Question

3. What does nonverbal mean in the following sentence?

She had been nonverbal since birth.

a) She doesn’t know how to sing
b) She speaks too much
c) She doesn’t speak
d) She doesn’t communicate at all

Example Question

4. The following passage is very wordy and can be edited for fluency. Which of the options is the best version?

The delivery man came to the door. He had a parcel for my brother. I heard him knock. I answered the door and took the parcel.

a) The delivery man knocked on the door as he had a parcel for my brother. I answered the door and took it
b) When I heard a knock at the door, I answered and took the parcel addressed to my brother
c) The delivery man had a parcel for my brother. When he knocked on the door, I answered and took the parcel
d) After hearing a knock at the door, I answered to find a delivery man had a parcel for my brother. I accepted the parcel

Example Question

5. Which of the following is the last stage in the writing process?

a) Brainstorming
b) Proofreading
c) Researching
d) Writing

Example Question

6. Which of the following is a compound-complex sentence?

a) I went for a run in the morning to kickstart my day. It was a beautiful day.
b) Although it was raining, they decided to go for a hike, and when they reached the trailhead, they realized they had forgotten their rain jackets.
c) She painted a beautiful landscape while listening to her favorite music.
d) The children played joyfully in the park until the sun began to set.

TEAS English Study Guide – How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS 7 English Language Usage Test

Preparing for the ATI TEAS English questions involves reviewing key concepts in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and reading comprehension.

Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively:

Step 1. Understand the Test Format

Familiarize yourself with the structure of the ATI TEAS 7 English and Language Usage Test by working through an ATI TEAS English practice test.

Understand the types of questions you'll encounter, such as grammar and punctuation questions, sentence structure questions, and reading comprehension passages.

Step 2. Use Official Study Materials

ATI provides official study materials, including study guides and a TEAS 7 English practice test. These materials are specifically designed to align with the content and format of the ATI TEAS exam.

Work through these materials to get a sense of the types of questions you'll face.

Step 3. Review Grammar Rules

Brush up on your grammar rules, including:

  • Verb tenses
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Pronoun usage
  • Sentence structure

Pay attention to common grammatical errors and how to correct them.

Step 4. Practice Punctuation

Practice using punctuation marks correctly. Understand the rules for commas, semicolons, colons, and apostrophes. Work on identifying and correcting punctuation errors in sentences.

Step 5. Improve Vocabulary

Enhance your vocabulary by reading a variety of texts. Pay attention to unfamiliar words and their meanings. Practice using context clues to determine the meaning of words in a sentence.

Step 6. Work on Reading Comprehension

Develop your reading comprehension skills by reading diverse texts and practicing summarizing main ideas, identifying supporting details, and making inferences.

Practice answering TEAS English questions based on passages.

Step 7. Time Management

As the exam is 37 minutes long and you have a minute to answer each question, it is crucial to allocate your time wisely.

Practice time management while taking the TEAS English practice test.

Start without time constraints and slowly add restrictions until you can complete all 37 questions in the allotted time.

Develop strategies to answer questions efficiently without spending too much time on any one question, such as eliminating the obviously wrong options and making educated guesses.

Step 8. Complete Practice Tests

This is the best way to prepare. Take advantage of free TEAS English practice tests to simulate the exam environment.

This will help you become familiar with the pacing and format of the test, as well as identify areas where you may need additional review.

You can find practice questions and test packs on TestPrep–Online.

Step 9. Seek Additional Resources

If you find certain concepts challenging, consider using additional resources, such as grammar books, online tutorials, or educational websites, to reinforce your understanding.

There are also paid preparation packs that come with lots of ATI TEAS English practice tests, answers, explanations, and learning materials.

Step 10. Stay Consistent

Consistent and regular study is key to success.

Create a study schedule and allocate time each day to review English language concepts. Consistency will help reinforce your understanding and build confidence.

Step 11. Take Care of Yourself

Looking after your health and wellbeing is essential if you want to perform your best.

Not eating nutritious foods, being dehydrated and not getting enough sleep all cause your thinking process to slow and your concentration levels to drop.

Make it part of your routine to:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink enough water
  • Get enough good quality sleep
  • Exercise
  • Spend some time outside

Remember that preparation is crucial for success on the ATI TEAS 7 English Language Usage Test.

Take the time to review and practice, and if possible, consider seeking guidance from teachers, tutors, or study groups.

During the test, ensure you:

  • Read each question carefully
  • Pay attention to the instructions
  • Don’t rush your answers

TEAS English Study Guide – What Is Included in the Test?

The TEAS English questions consist of 37 multiple-choice questions that address three topics specifically:

  • Conventions of Standard English – 12 questions assessing standard English spelling, pronunciation, and sentence structures.
  • Knowledge of Language – 11 questions measuring how well the candidate uses grammar to enhance writing clarity, how well they organize and structure their writing, and if the language they use matches the audience.
  • Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing – 10 questions assessing the candidate’s knowledge of the writing process to effectively communicate and how well they understand words and phrases.

Final Thoughts

The ATI TEAS 7 English and Language Usage Test is a critical step in building a nursing career.

As such, effective preparation is essential for success, particularly for those students hoping to secure a place in a top nursing program.

To prepare, ensure you thoroughly review grammar rules, punctuation conventions, sentence structure, and contextual understanding.

Complete practice tests and invest in study materials, whether provided by ATI or other reputable sources, to gain invaluable insights into the specific format and types of questions you’ll have to answer.

Finally, create a study schedule that gives you the time to look after your health and wellbeing.

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