PwC Job Offer

Successful candidates will receive telephone notification of their job offer, followed a few days later by an offer pack, which contains a contract and pre-employment vetting forms, which include an independence form (where you state you have no personal interest such as shares in any client of PwC) and a personal data form in which you give your permission for PwC to perform background checks on you. There is also information on the benefits package you will receive as part of your salary.

The pre-employment process generally takes a minimum of four weeks. If there are any problems with your completed forms, you will be contacted by the employment vetting team requesting some further information.


Shortly after you receive your initial written contract you will be contacted by a "buddy" who will give you their contact details and let you know they are available to answer any of your questions, whenever you have them.

Embark Website

PwC also provide successful candidates with access to the Embark website, which is a private access website for successful candidates. This gives you a wealth of pre-joining information, and is where you will find information on your first week and the following three months at PwC.

The Embark website also gives you access to the graduate loan request form, the form to request an Amex card and your suitability to work in the UK form. There is also some information about work permits.

Grosvenor Health

A few weeks after receiving your initial written contract, you will receive a letter from Grosvenor Health (PwC’s Occupational Health provider) asking you to fill out an online health questionnaire. This is simple but detailed.


You must register with the ICAEW or ICAS, or the relevant body for the course you will be taking before you start work at PwC. Instructions for this are on Embark. There is also information on the pre-course reading.

PREV1EW Events

Having accepted the employment offer and prior to joining PwC you will be invited to a PREV1EW event, this is an opportunity to meet other graduates who are joining your office and/or region. You will also be provided with some information relating to the professional qualification which will also be available on embark for those who cannot make the event. This event is a great opportunity to ask any outstanding questions which you may have.

Depending on which office you join you may be invited to a sports day for your department, usually held at the beginning of August. There will be the opportunity to meet graduates in the year above you and your future colleagues.

First Week

Your first week is likely to include a two day induction with graduates from several other offices.

The next two days will be spent in your particular office where you will be introduced to your business unit, your personal coach and undertake some IT training.

Friday of your first week will be your first day at college studying for the ACA or ACCA.

Week Seven (approximately)

At the end of week seven you take your first three exams and take a further three at the end of week 15.

After this time you will begin practical work, whilst continuing to study towards the ACA or ACCA.

You are heavily advised not to take any holiday during the first 15 weeks of your employment.