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Practice Free ATI TEAS Math Questions

Practice Free ATI TEAS Math Questions

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Embarking on the journey to further your education in nursing or allied health programs requires not just passion and dedication but also a solid foundation in various core subjects.

Among these is mathematics, a critical component of the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) that assesses a candidate's readiness for entering health science fields.

Understanding the importance of this, our article offers an invaluable resource for aspirants: a collection of free practice ATI TEAS Math questions designed to bolster your preparation.

With these sample test questions, we aim to enhance your mathematical skills, increase your confidence, and significantly improve your score on the actual exam.

Whether you're grappling with algebra, data interpretation, or basic arithmetic, our carefully selected questions cover the gamut of topics you need to master.

Dive into our guide to navigate the complexities of the ATI TEAS Math section, and take a decisive step towards achieving your academic and career goals.

Learn more about the ATI TEAS Math Test by reading our Ultimate Guide.

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Example ATI TEAS Math Questions

TEAS Math Practice Test Example One

Example Question

Tessa is buying new shorts for her soccer team. The socks cost $6.50 each, with the shirts costing $12 each. Leona has $64 to spend for the soccer kit.

Choose which of the below equations will help Leona decide how many socks and shirts she can buy.

a) 6.50s + 12p < 64
b) 6.50s + 12p ≥ 64
c) 6.50s + 12p ≤ 64
d) 6.50s + 12p > 64

ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example Two

Example Question

8 gallons are equal to _______ ounces.

a) 896
b) 960
c) 1,024
d) 1,088

TEAS Math Practice Test Example Question Three

Example Question

If a sweatshirt costs $25 and is on sale for 20% off, what is the final price of the sweatshirt?

a) $15
b) $20
c) $17.50
d) $12.50

TEAS Math Practice Test Example Question Four

Example Question

What is the value of xx in the equation below?

Where 3x+7=163x + 7 = 16

a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 5

Practice Free ATI TEAS Math Questions
Practice Free ATI TEAS Math Questions

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ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example Five

Example Question

A rectangle has a length of 7 cm and a width of 6 cm. What is the area of the rectangle?

a) 42 cm2
b) 13 cm2
c) 55 cm2
d) 24 cm2

ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example Six

Example Question

If a truck travels at a speed of 70 miles per hour, how far will it travel in three hours?

a) 210 miles
b) 200 miles
c) 180 miles
d) 160 miles

ATI TEAS Math Exam Practice Test Example Seven

Example Question

If the radius of a circle is 6 cm, what is the circumference of the circle?

(Use ππ as 3.14)

C=2πrC = 2πr

a) 37.68
b) 34.68
c) 25.68
d) 37.66

ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example Eight

Example Question

A bookshelf has 6 shelves, and each shelf can hold 16 books. How many books can the entire bookshelf hold?

a) 24
b) 96
c) 100
d) 340

ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example Nine

Example Question

A triangle has a base of 11 cm and a height of 9 cm. What is the area of the triangle?

a) 49.5 cm2
b) 50 cm2
c) 49 cm2
d) 48 cm2

ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example 10

Example Question

A store sells pears for $0.75 each. If Lisa buys 18 pears, how much does she spend?

a) $14
b) $13.50
c) $12
d) $15

ATI TEAS Math Practice Test Example 11

Example Question

The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 78. What are the three numbers?

a) 24, 26, 28
b) 26, 28, 30
c) 18, 20, 22
d) 20, 22, 24

ATI TEAS Math Questions – Test Tips

Effective practice involves answering questions and understanding the underlying concepts and reasoning.

Here are some tips to help you build confidence and improve your ATI TEAS math test performance.

Step 1. Simulate Real Test Conditions

Take the TEAS math practice test under conditions similar to the actual test. Set a timer to match the time limits for each section.

Take the test in a room that is quiet and free from distractions. Only use a calculator if you are permitted to in the actual test.

This helps you get used to the time constraints of the actual test and how you cope under pressure.

Step 2. Try to Understand Why the Answer Is Right or Wrong

After completing ATI TEAS math test examples, review the questions answered correctly and incorrectly. Understanding the reasoning behind the correct answers helps reinforce your understanding of concepts.

For incorrect answers, understanding why you got the answer wrong and learning from it will help you avoid similar errors in the future.

Step 3. Identify the Concepts That Are Easy or Hard for You

Take note of the types of questions or concepts that you find challenging. Identify your strengths and weaknesses within different math topics.

This helps you focus your study on the difficult concepts, enabling you to dedicate time to practicing and understanding these areas.

Final Thoughts

Doing free TEAS Math practice tests provides many benefits. They simulate actual test conditions, helping you familiarize yourself with the format and time constraints.

Analyzing correct and incorrect answers helps you to identify areas for improvement.

Regular practice with varied questions builds confidence across all tested concepts. Ultimately, free TEAS Math practice tests enable you to approach the ATI TEAS with greater confidence, increasing the likelihood of success on the actual test.

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