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Cognify Practice Test (2024 Guide)

Cognify Practice Test (2024 Guide)

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Cognify is a gamified psychometric test designed by Revelian, an Australian-based organisation providing psychometric solutions to business users around the world.

Through six mini-games, the Cognify test assesses problem-solving skills, numerical reasoning, verbal knowledge and, ultimately, how well the candidate will perform in a specific job.

Cognify is based on the findings of the Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory of Intelligence, which describes how cognitive ability varies from individual to individual and the reasons for this variation.

The appeal of game-based tests over more traditional psychometric assessments is based on the following factors:

  • Game playing often engages candidates more quickly and extensively than the format of more standard types of psychometric tests.

  • Facing a series of games instead of test questions often reduces nerves and allows the candidate to perform more effectively and authentically.

  • Although psychometric assessments are designed to arrive at a well-rounded view of who a person is, what their drives and skills are, and their suitability for a job, it is possible to answer dishonestly. Gamified psychometric tests make it much more difficult to create a false impression of a candidate.

  • Gamified psychometric tests are generally the best way to engage a millennial workforce, currently around 35% of the global workforce and expected to grow to 75% by 2025.

Cognify has been the subject of a successful validation study by psychologist Dr Richard Landers and was awarded the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) in 2016 and a Workplace Excellence Award in 2018 in the Emerging Directions category.

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What Is Involved in the Cognify Test?

The games are relatively simple and the entire Cognify test has a 30-minute time limit.

There are six mini-games:

  • Resemble, Gridlock and Short Cuts test problem-solving skills
  • Numerical reasoning is assessed in the Numbubbles and Tally Up games
  • Proof It tests verbal knowledge

The 30-minute time limit adds the extra challenge of working accurately and efficiently at speed.


In Resemble, you will be provided with a pattern on the left-hand side of the screen and asked to recreate it, possibly with an altering condition, such as mirroring or rotation, on the right-hand side of the screen.

Cognify Tests
Cognify Tests

Gridlock Game

The Gridlock game will show you a grid that you must fill using the provided shapes. Think of it as a static version of Tetris.

Cognify Tests
Cognify Tests

Short Cuts Game

Generally the most difficult of the six games, you are asked to identify the correctly coloured or otherwise identified ball and move it to the location marked by stars.

Watch how the other balls react though, as they may impede the path of the identified ball.


This is the first of the numerical reasoning games. In Numbubbles, a series of bubbles will appear on the screen. Each bubble contains an equation, for instance, 4 + 3.

At the bottom of the screen is a target number. You must calculate whether the equation in each bubble arrives at the target number. If it does, click on the bubble.

Cognify Tests: Playing Your Way Into the Position
Cognify Tests: Playing Your Way Into the Position

Tally Up Game

In Tally Up, numbered tokens will appear in two groupings, possibly on two screens. Indicate whether the value of the two groups is the same or which has the highest value by using the symbols at the bottom of the screen (< = >).

Cognify Tests
Cognify Tests

Proof It

In Proof It, you will be asked to point out spelling and punctuation mistakes in a short body of text.

You may not always take part in this game as part of the Cognify test. Employers have the option to omit the Proof It game if they feel it bears no relevance to the job.

How Is the Cognify Test Scored?

Cognify is not scored like an academic test with an obvious pass rate. Instead, it assesses different aspects of your cognitive skills.

A successful result will depend on the job that you are being matched to and the employer’s requirements.

For instance, a good result when you apply for an auditing position will be different to the desirable result for a graphic designer position.

The purpose of the Cognify test is to find a good fit.

Your result is not viewed in isolation. Each candidate’s result is presented as a percentile against a comparison group. For instance, a 70th percentile score may indicate an average candidate or one of the highest scoring candidates compared to the rest of the test group.

The employer will also receive:

  • Whether your percentile score is in the acceptable range for the job
  • Which skills you have successfully demonstrated, such as ability to accurately solve math problems at speed
  • Your score for each set of questions – for instance, your overall score for the problem-solving questions

This information is considered in combination with other aspects of the selection process such as CV and interview.

How Can I Practice for a Cognify Test in 2024?

As with any test, the best way to prepare is to put aside plenty of practice time. In this context, that means practicing and polishing your cognitive abilities with a Cognify practice test.

Practice all the games and cognitive skills, but especially the ones you find the most challenging.

How to Improve Your Cognitive Skills Step by Step

Improving your cognitive abilities will also prepare you for the Cognify test – for instance:

Step 1. Improve Your Numerical Reasoning

Improve your numerical reasoning through math resources and apps, but also by applying math skills in real-life. Carry out sums in your head or on paper instead of using a calculator.

Step 2. Improve Your Verbal Reasoning

Your verbal knowledge can be improved by reading widely, especially material you would not usually encounter.

Step 3. Improve Your Reaction Times

Improve your reaction times and ability to work effectively at speed and under pressure by playing both online and physical games.

Step 4. Keep Your Brain Healthy

Strive for physical health, and ultimately a healthy brain, by exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water.

Problem solving is a three part process:

  1. Analysis
  2. Adaptation
  3. Reflection

You look at the data provided, apply a pattern, theory or set of rules and conclude what the best course of action/solution would be.

Improve your problem-solving skills by using puzzle books or websites and apps that provide problem-solving exercises. Consider problem situations that you experience in your own life or in the news, and how you would solve them.

In addition, look for a Cognify practice test online that you can answer so you can better familiarize yourself with how the actual test would go.

To find out more, read our article about Cognitive Ability Tests.

Top Tips for a Good Cognify Performance (2024)

Once you have prepared for the Cognify test and improved your cognitive skills, what more can you do to perform well on the day?

Step 1. Internet Connection and Technical Requirements

You will take Cognify on a computer or a mobile device such as a tablet or phone by clicking on the link that is emailed to you.

Ensure that whatever device you use has a reliable internet connection and meets the correct technical requirements:

  • Revelian recommends that you do not use a shared or work computer, device, internet connection or Wi-Fi to avoid firewall and security issues.
  • Revelian recommends Google Chrome as the most suitable browser to use.
  • If you use a laptop or desktop, you must use an external mouse.
  • If you use a mobile device, Revelian recommends that you use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode so you are not interrupted by notifications.
  • Your browser view should be set to 100%.

Step 2. Cut Distractions

The Cognify test takes 30 minutes to complete, but it may be wise to put aside a longer time slot to prepare before and recover after the test.

Give your complete attention to the test by taking it somewhere that is free from distractions. That means turning off anything on your device or computer that could attract your attention, staying away from anyone who might talk to you and sitting somewhere quiet.

If you think someone may walk in, phone you or send a text, tell them beforehand that you must not be disturbed during this time.

Step 3. Prepare Yourself

Make sure you are well-rested from a good night’s sleep, have eaten enough to avoid hunger – but not to the extent that you become sleepy – and that you are calm and focused.

Step 4. Read the Instructions Carefully

This is not the time to make silly mistakes because you misunderstood the game. Read the instructions carefully so you know exactly what to do.

Step 5. Remember the ‘Why’

As Cognify is game-based, you may find that you do not take the test seriously and simply treat it as you would a game you play for enjoyment.

Remember that the results of your Cognify performance will decide on whether you are considered for the job you have applied for. Take it seriously.

Step 6. Relax and Enjoy the Games

Using a Cognify practice test and taking the time to improve your cognitive abilities will prepare you for the actual exam, although you may still feel under pressure to perform well.

The best way that you can guarantee a good performance on the day is to play the games to the best of your ability. A relaxed brain will make it easier to perform well, as will your enjoyment of the games.

Step 7. Retaking the Cognify Test

Revelian prefers to add the element of surprise to Cognify by generally ensuring that candidates do not repeat the same test. To do this, they may restrict the retaking of Cognify within a 12-month period.

If you face a second Cognify test within 12 months, you may find that your previous results are forwarded to the employer instead.

What to Do on The Cognify Test If You Have a Disability

Revelian recommends that you do not take Cognify if you have a disability, because it may affect your test results.

If you do have a disability, contact the employer or Revelian to discuss this with them.

Depending on the details of your disability, you may be allowed to take a Cognify test or an alternative may be suggested instead.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the game element of Cognify can be instrumental in reducing nerves in candidates and improving the accuracy of cognitive testing.

Employers favour Cognify’s stress-reducing format and candidates generally prefer the gaming interface to a standard psychometric exam.

To improve the chances of getting a high percentile score, candidates are encouraged to practice and continuously improve their cognitive abilities with different practice materials.

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