Transport for London (TfL) Interview Questions

Transport for London (TfL) Interview Questions

Updated March 1, 2022

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Below provides a general overview of the application and assessment process for the various TfL graduate schemes.

The TfL graduate scheme assessment process consists of:

  • Online application
  • SHL test
  • Telephone interview
  • First assessment centre
  • Second assessment centre

Online Application

The online application is based on the usual competencies, i.e. “Why would you be suited to a position with TfL”?

When completing your application consider what experiences would be most relevant to the questions asked and provide specific details of what you did, why you took that particular approach and what the outcome was.

SHL Test

If successful through the application form, you will be invited to complete SHL tests. These will vary depending on the scheme you have applied for. The tests have been designed to assess a specific ability that is relevant to the scheme you have applied for.

Further information about the SHL test can be found on the SHL website where you are able to complete a practice test. This will enable you to familarise yourself with the types of test you will be asked to complete.

Telephone Interview

This is a standard telephone interview. It may be conducted by a third-party organisation, or in-house, by TfL assessors.

You can prepare by thinking about the types of experiences you have had both in a work or non-work capacity.

The interview lasts 10-15 minutes and is an opportunity for TfL to have a more detailed understanding of your experiences to date, identifying the skills and capability you would bring to the graduate scheme.

First Assessment Centre

If you are successful at the Telephone Interview stage, you’ll be invited to the first assessment centre.

The assessment centre is split into two sessions.

During the morning assessment centre, the main tasks are:

Fast Track Test

This is an SHL test. You will be given a series of cards (roughly 20 per question). The cards each contain certain details and you have to ascertain the connection between the cards.

A crude example of what you are expected to do would be of a deck of cards, with the Ace of spades taken out and replaced with a blank card. By looking at the rest of the deck, you would ascertain that each suite has a certain number of cards, with there being 4 suites. From here, you could ascertain that since the heart, diamond and club suites all have an ace card; the spade suite is missing this card. Hence, you could assume that the missing card is an ace of spades. The test is similar to this, but more complex – i.e. using driver profiles in a taxi firm (each card has a name, position of driver, experience, car, engine size, etc.)

Group Exercise

Your group exercise will consist of six members. You will be provided with some background information about the project you have been brought together for along with some additional information. As a group, you will need to come to a decision of the actions you will take. The exercise has been designed to assess how you would work within a team, as while on the graduate scheme you will have the opportunity to work with a number of different teams and projects.

The assessment centre should be a fun and productive day, enjoy it and do your best. You are not competing with anyone, but make sure you stand out. Give a firm handshake, speak with confidence. Show passion for the role.

Second Assessment Centre

If you are successful through the morning assessment, you will be asked to stay for the second part of the assessment.

This second assessment centre is an opportunity for the managers of the particular scheme you have applied for to meet you and assess your technical capability.

This assessment centre consists of:

Competency-Based Interview

There is a competency-based interview with a panel that will be assessing the skills and experience you have gained.


One of the key tasks on this assessment centre is the 10-minute presentation that you are asked to prepare for, before the day of the assessment itself. This presentation will be assessed by a member of the HR team, and a senior line manager.

TfL will send you details of your presentation seven days in advance, so there is plenty of time to prepare.

This is followed by a brief technical Q&A session about your ideas from the presentation, and some general questions (mostly from the line manager). Some key points:

  • Ten minutes goes very quickly when giving a presentation so ensure you have prepared and done a dry run of the presentation before you come to the assessment day.

  • You will be asked to provide paper copies of your presentation handouts. Ensure you don’t leave printing this off till the last minute.

  • The assessor will reserve any questions around your presentation until after you have completed your presentation.

Technical Q&A Session

The technical Q&A is said to be the hardest part of the assessment day. However, if you have researched your area and the material you are sent thoroughly, this should be easily manageable and a chance to put across your opinions and ideas.


After your final assessment centre, TfL should contact you within 5 working days with a response.

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