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Allianz: Interview Questions & Application Process Tips

Updated March 4, 2022

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Allianz is a financial services company, whose core businesses are insurance and asset management. Before applying to Allianz, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the recruitment process and likely interview questions, as detailed in this article.

Throughout the screening process, the recruiters at Allianz will cross-reference your skills, experience and competencies with the specific requirements of the role or graduate programme that you have applied to. They believe that the application process should be an opportunity for the applicant and company to get to know each other.

The Application Process

The recruitment process for Allianz usually follows this structure:

CV and Covering Letter

Depending on which role or programme you have applied to, you will either be asked to submit a CV and covering letter or to complete an online application form.

In your covering letter, there are a number of issues that you could write about, including:

  • Your reasons for applying to Allianz.
  • Why you are interested in the role you are applying for.
  • The skills you have that would make you a valuable candidate for the post.

Your CV is an essential application document and it is important that you take the time to prepare it properly. A structured, chronological CV is always recommended and you should include any key experiences and notable achievements.

Both your CV and covering letter should be carefully tailored and adapted to suit the role or programme you are applying to. You should effectively address your functional skills, competencies and any areas of expertise which convey you as an ideal candidate for the role. Read more about how to write a CV and how to write a cover letter.

Application Form

Alternatively, you may be asked to complete the Allianz application form online. This is similar to many other application forms, except that it includes a section of competency based questions to which you are asked to prepare written responses. You should tailor your answers to specific skills and qualities that you possess.

Past applicants have commented that Allianz expects you to illustrate your knowledge of the firm and the department that you are applying to, so undertaking research and checking the website is strongly recommended before you apply. Ensure that all your answers are accurate: this not only applies to the competency questions but also to the sections on your education and experience.

However you apply, thoroughly check your work before you send it in and don’t just rely on a standard spell checker. Read through your answers to ensure they make sense and, above all, that they answer the questions you have been asked.

Psychometric Tests

If you pass the initial application stage, you will be invited to complete a set of psychometric tests. Typically these will include both numerical and verbal reasoning tests. While showing evidence of your qualifications certainly illustrates your dedication and diligence, often people perform differently when presented with real work environments. Aptitude tests can therefore be an indicator of how well an individual responds to tasks and challenges, and can be an indicator of how well they will work in the role they are applying for.

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are set for candidates so that the recruiters can review your mathematical skills. Even if you are applying for a role in marketing, there will still be a requirement for you to use these skills in tasks such as interpreting statistics and metrics, as well as data analysis. The numerical reasoning tests at Allianz will present applicants with a set of questions along with multiple-choice answers. Applicants will be asked to read a graph or interpret data, before selecting the most appropriate answer.

While this may seem straightforward enough, the tests are carried out under timed conditions with less than a minute assigned to each question. You are therefore required to progress through the answers quickly and accurately. If you have not completed a numerical reasoning test before, it is advised that you carry out some practice tests (such as those provided by JobTestPrep) before you sit the real one.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests are similar in nature to the numerical tests but rather than working with statistical information you will be asked to review written information. Each question will consist of a paragraph of text and you will be asked whether a statement is true, false or whether you cannot say. Use the information that you have been given in the passage to make your decision. Again, you will need to progress through the answers quickly and accurately.

Telephone Interview

If you pass the psychometric tests, you will be invited to a telephone interview, which should last for about an hour. This is a two-way process that allows you to find out more about Allianz, and allows Allianz to determine whether you are the right fit for the company. The telephone interview will primarily focus on competencies, skills and qualities that you can bring to the role.

Allianz telephone interviews will also ask specific questions about the role you are applying for, so you need to have a good understanding of the area you hope to join and be able to explain reasons for your decision to apply for a role with the company.

You will be asked about the company, its sponsors, locations, products and business operations in general. Depending on which area you were applying for, the questions you are asked my include:

  • Who do you consider to be the company's main competitors?
  • Give an account of times you've worked in a team.
  • Give an account of a time you showed the ability to negotiate.
  • How would you give exceptional client service?

At the end of the interview you will be asked if you have any questions, so it advisable to have something prepared.

Assessment Centre

A day’s attendance at the Allianz assessment centre is the final stage in the recruitment process. The day will begin with a meet and greet which includes a tour of the company, so you can see how the different departments operate.

Depending on the business area, you will be asked to complete a number of tasks, which may include:

Case Study Presentation

In a case study presentation you will be provided with a scenario and asked to prepare a presentation on the information that you have been given. You will have a short time to develop a response and then a further allotted time to present your findings. This will then be followed by a Q&A session from the panel on the information that you have presented.

Group Exercise

Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be asked to participate in a group exercise. You will be put into groups and then given a scenario, case study or problem, and you will have a certain amount of time to devise a solution. The recruiters will be monitoring how you interact throughout the activity, the part that you play and your overall contribution.

Role Play

If you are in a customer facing role it is important that you know how to respond correctly to queries. In the role play activity, you may be asked to assume the role of an employee and asked to deal with a customer problem.


After the schedule of activities is complete, the last element of the application process is to complete the face to face interview.

Common questions at this stage include:

  • Talk me through your CV
  • Outline an occasion when you used negotiation skills
  • When have you provided exceptional customer service?
  • What do you know about Allianz?

These are just a few of the many questions that you may be asked. It is always recommended that you adequately prepare for a broad range of interview questions, so you don’t have to think for too long about your responses.

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