Deloitte Consulting Interview Questions

The recruitment process for consulting differs from other graduate schemes offered by Deloitte. It is estimated that 150 people are recruited onto the Deloitte consulting graduate scheme per annum.

Positions Available

The following is an estimate.

  • Number of graduate places nationwide: c.150
  • Number of applicants: 2,000

Academic Requirements

The minimum academic requirement is 320 UCAS points at A-level and 2.1 degree.

Application Process

As for other roles at Deloitte, the application process begins with:

For detailed information on this process, please see Deloitte Application Process.

First Round Interview

The first round interview for Consulting is a bit like an assessment centre, as it involves an interview, a group exercise, and a case study.

Group Exercise

Following a brief HR introduction. the day will begin with a group discussion exercise. You will be given 5 minutes to read over the material you are given, and then you will have 20 minutes to discuss it as a group. This is a strictly timed exercise, so make sure your group manages its time effectively, and you must reach a decision by the end of the discussion period. Each group member will likely have to represent a different solution or option - for example, a previous exercise involved choosing the best town in which to hold a large upcoming event, and each candidate was to argue for the selection of a different city or town.

Though it is important to argue your case well and try to have your town selected by the group, it is of even greater importance that you listen to what others have to say and arrive at the best conclusion possible. Only one outcome can be selected by the group so if you recognize that another option might be better than the one you are arguing for, it is important to cede, demonstrating that you are both reasonable and open-minded, and have the group's best interests in mind.

Case Study

You will then be given 15 minutes to read over a case study about an industry-related issue, such as a council wanting to merge services. You are not required to prepare a written response to this case study, however it is a very good idea to make notes, as you will be questioned on it in the following interview.

Competency-based Interview

This interview is conducted by someone within the Consulting Practice, and will last 60-90 minutes. Part of the interview will consist of a discussion around the case study, and you will be allowed to refer to your notes. The remainder will include a competency based interview and an opportunity to ask questions. Competencies you will be quizzed on include communication, teamwork , career commitment, organisation skills and leadership. A large portion of the interview will also be dedicated to your motivation for applying to Deloitte Consulting, and there may also be some commercial awareness questions.

For examples of the types of competency questions asked at Deloitte interviews, see also Deloitte Interview Questions.

If you are successful in your first round interview, you will be notified within 3 working days of the outcome, and invited to the Final Assessment.

Final Assessment

The final interview consists of:

Case Study

When you are notified of your invitation to the final assessment, you will also be given a short case study or topic on which you will have to present at the assessment. The case study will describe a business scenario which includes a business problem, and you will have to propose your own ideas for a solution, explain your reasoning and defend your solution against inevitable scrutiny. You should also consider any drawbacks of any solutions you propose, to offer a balanced argument.

You may also be given simply a topic on which to present, such as the impact of the 2012 Olympics on London businesses, or the impact of increased regulation on Deloitte clients, investors and the public. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your commercial awareness. You may prepare a brief handout for your assessor if you wish.

Partner Interview

The case study interview is similar to Deloitte's first interview for consulting applicants, with the exception of an increased complexity of case study and a 5 minute presentation exercise, which forms the beginning of the interview.

The interview will be with a manager/senior manager/partner from Deloitte's consulting division. The interview will last approximately one hour, and will consist of:

When presenting your response to the case study, relax and speak confidently. The interview will likely have a very informal atmosphere, depending on the interviewer, so it is a good idea to adjust your presenting style accordingly. Avoid referring to notes and prompts too much, as they are assessing your ability to communicate with ease and fluidity, so sticking to a script will not help you. If you use visual aids or handouts, keep them brief and clear.

Five minutes goes by quickly, so manage your time effectively. During questioning, the interviewer will attempt to scrutinise and challenge your proposed solution to the case study scenario. Ensure that you back up your points sufficiently.

The remainder of the interview will be largely competency based, and will feature the standard 'why Deloitte' type questions. Depending on the specific division to which you have applied, you may also asked some complex commercial awareness questions to test your understanding of wider business issues.

For information about the competency questions, see the information above for other Deloitte graduate schemes.

It is important to develop a rapport with your interviewer early on; at this stage they have already determined that you are a competent and intelligent individual, now they are looking to make sure that you have the communication and interpersonal skills necessary to become a successful consultant. Though the interview may seem fairly informal, as mentioned above, you are of course being evaluated throughout, principally on the following criteria:

  • communication and social interaction challenge
  • adaptability
  • self control
  • commercial awareness
  • career motivation
  • sector awareness

You will be notified within 72 hours of their decision.

At some locations there is the option to complete both the first and second round assessments on the same day, provided that you make it past the first round. If this option is available, you will be informed of this by a recruitment contact following successful completion of the E-tray exercise.

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