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SHL Practice Test

This is your chance to test your readiness for the upcoming SHL Test, as well as to get a real feel of the question types you'll face.

You have only 3 minutes to answer 6 questions correctly.

10% of the test takers manage to answer all the questions correctly within this tight time limit.

How many questions can you solve in 3 minutes?

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SHL Practice Test: question 1 of 5

This is a numerical series. Find the next item.

Approximately how many more miles did Surveyor 2 travel during the first three months than Surveyor 1 did?

SHL Practice Test: question 2 of 5

Please choose the correct answer

Many businesses have clients, suppliers and employees all over the world. Keeping up with the demands of an international corporation would be impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, without a modern communications infrastructure. Today, with e-mail, cell phones, teleconferencing and video chats, it is possible to have a company meeting with clients and employees around the globe, as if they were all sitting in the same conference room. For the travelling businessperson, smartphones and laptops allow them to keep up with their work from wherever they are and always be available to their clients. E-mail in particular has made communication more efficient as the parties do not have to have a conversation simultaneously, and logistics can be taken care of rapidly without getting side-tracked by conversational pleasantries.

SHL Practice Test: question 3 of 5

This is a numerical series. Find the next item.

If the total costs of Bared-type products were reduced by 0.7% and the sale prices of Calir-type products were increased by 0.3%, what would be the approximate profits from selling 350 units of each Calir-type product and 270 of each Bared-type product?

SHL Practice Test: question 4 of 5

Please choose the correct answer

Employees who close over 6 deals or who are titled 'employee of the month' receive a 10% bonus.

• Employee A closed five deals. • Employee B received a 10% bonus after closing seven deals. • Employee C was 'employee of the month' last October.

Which statement must be true?

SHL Practice Test: question 5 of 5

This is a numerical series. Find the next item.

How many newspapers were lost during delivery in New York per day?