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The Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Test

The Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Test

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AON Assessment Prep

Aon is an company that produces assessments used by many employers to find the best employees for them and their job roles.

The Aon G.A.T.E (Global Assessment and Talent Engine) evaluates candidates through aptitude, behavioral and ability tests to assess if they would excel in a role.

What Is the Purpose of the G.A.T.E Assessment Test?

The test results are compared to other candidates, from which a shortlist is made of those with the results that fit the company and the specific job role best.

Those who score highly will be ranked more positively in the hiring process, while those who fall below the pass rate will lose their place in the hiring process.

Who Uses These G.A.T.E Assessments?

More than 10 million people take these tests annually; for companies such as Burger King, Coca Cola, EasyJet, BP, Adidas Group, Tesco, Marriott, Deloitte, Vodafone, Colgate, and more.

Companies that use the Aon G.A.T.E are often very competitive, therefore it is important to be as prepared as possible if asked to take this test.

Candidates do not need to be overwhelmed or worried about the tests if they are well revised.

This article will look at the tests' contents and will offer advice on how to prepare and pass.

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What Does the Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Consist Of?

The gate assessments can be accessed on the Aon online portal from any internet browser and device, so it is inclusive to all.

The test is also offered in a variety of languages.

The tests come in three main topics to test to measure competency and personal attributes:

1. Aptitude Test

These tests are adaptive, so the next question is based on your previous answer. This means candidates are being assessed on the level that is best suited for them.

The aptitude tests can be separated again into three areas:

Verbal Reasoning

This assesses the ability to draw conclusions from written information, such as a news article, email or a list.

This test is normally short, commonly 15 minutes long, including instructions.

A candidate can prepare for the verbal reasoning test by reading and editing written material as much as possible.

When sending an email, read it back and edit any errors, or read the newspaper and digest the articles.

Example Question:

Sales of beef burgers at Burger King had dropped in the month of August by 10%. The previous month, the company had sold 10,000 of them. Veggie burgers sales had risen by 5%, meaning in August they sold 1,000 of them. Coca Cola was still the biggest selling drink, followed by coffee, and then soda water.


  1. How many beef burgers were sold in August?
  2. How many veggie burgers were sold in July?


  1. 9,000 as there was a 10% drop from the month before where they sold 10,000.
  2. 950 as it is 5% less than the month before.

Logical Reasoning

Candidates need to deduct and conclude logical answers from information. This test evaluates their ability to manipulate information and find a solution from it.

The test is commonly 15 minutes long with instructions.

Mock tests will help you learn to think in the best way for this test.

Example Question:

Where would the triangle/s in the final square go?

The Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Test
The Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Test

The correct answer is: Top and bottom left.

Numerical Reasoning

This looks at a candidate’s ability to find solutions and conclusions from numbers and graphs.

This test is also 15 minutes long, with instructions.

Practising your math skills and doing online mock tests is the best way to practice for this assessment.

Example Question:

1. What is the missing number in the list below?

3, 5, 9, 15, 23

a) 30
b) 33
c) 28
d) 40

The correct answer is: 33, as the difference between each number is doubled each time.

2. In the beauty salon, there are two special offers. The first is 20% off the deluxe shampoo, which is £32; the second is 5% off a nail varnish, which is £8. Which offer sees the customer get the most discount?

The correct answer is: The first offer as they will receive a £6.40 discount, whereas the second they will only have a £4 discount.

2. Behavioral Tests

The ability tests can be segregated into two areas:

Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgement tests look for how you would react in different, usually work-based, scenarios.

These tests are not timed, and there is no right or wrong answer. However, the employer is looking for the candidates that most fits its company ethos and organization. Therefore, the scoring will vary from company to company.

Tips to prepare:

  • Research the company
  • Look at their stated objectives and ethos
  • Consider how their unique selling propositions (USPs) interact with these
  • If possible, read employee forums for insider information
  • Mock tests will get you used to the format

Example Question:

A customer calls you on your personal line as they have been trying to get through to the representative they originally dealt with, but cannot. They are unhappy with a purchase from the company and are considering taking legal action as they feel they were mis-sold the purchase.

Which of the following actions would you choose to deal with this situation?

a) Direct them straight back to their original representative
b) Say you will call back and talk to your manager
c) Try and discuss with the customer, and then seek advice from management if needs be

The correct answer is: There is no wrong answer here, but many companies may prefer the last statement, as it shows initiative and independence from the candidate.

What Is the Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Test?
What Is the Aon G.A.T.E Assessment Test?

Advanced LEADeR Test

Aon also provides assessments for focused on managers, team leaders and middle management. This is called the LEADeR test. This assesses leadership skills and development.

The test consists of more challenging situations in which the candidate must show how they would respond.

These questions are generally job specific.

3. Personality Tests

Skills can gain a person a job, but sometimes their personality and character can lose them it.

Companies like to assess the character of a person to see how they will fit into the company's fold.

Some jobs require the confidence to work independently; others are customer-facing, so the candidate needs to be skilled at clear communication.

For a more in-depth look at the use of personality tests in the workplace, read this WikiJob article on personality testing.


This test looks at the person’s natural attributes and characteristics to see how they would behave in a certain position.

It is untimed and measures six styles and 15 personality traits.

As this is not timed, it is advised that people consider the questions thoroughly and answer honestly.

To prepare, you can research the company to see the type of personalities that fit well there. But, ultimately, answering the questions that truly fit your personality is best in the long run, otherwise you may end up in a job that makes you miserable, which highly contributes to burnout.

Example Question:

There is a big project within your team that needs to be completed by next week. Your team leader would like you to all work together, but you know you can get the job done all by yourself. What do you do?

The correct answer is: Personality tests have no right or wrong answer. Many companies want a person who will work in a team but offer to take on some of the work themselves to relieve pressure on others. In contrast, other companies need people to be able to manage and complete an entire project themselves. Finally, some companies require everyone to work well as part of a team all the time.

Read your job description closely to see what keywords, like 'independent' or 'team work', are in it.


This test also looks at behavior at work, with more of a management focus.

It is formatted differently to the ADEPT-15 test: a number of statements are given and the candidate needs to rate each on the six point scale if they agree or disagree.

Example Questions:

Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 6, where 1 is strongly agree and 6 is strongly disagree.

  • I work better in a team and prefer that to working alone. 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • I am not good at talking on the phone. 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • I have a good system for handling workload. 1-2-3-4-5-6

The correct answers are: The best thing to do here is to answer honestly. It does depend on the job role, but generally, positive statements are good to agree with, and the less positive ones you may want to disagree with. But lying on a personality test means you may find yourself in a situation where you have to behave ways in that make you uncomfortable.

Aon Test Scoring

The aptitude tests have right or wrong answers, and are therefore scored on these. In contrast, the behavioral tests are scored in accordance to what the company is looking for.

For example, if the position is for a customer service role, the company is going to be looking for someone who is good at talking on the phone.

If the candidate revealed in the personality test that this was a weakness, they would get marked down.

How to Prepare For the G.A.T.E Tests

There are a few ways potential candidates can prepare themselves for the individual tests, but here are some main points to consider and take on board for all the assessments:

  • Research the company – Different companies will be looking for slightly different characteristics and skills in an employee. Be sure to know what they are so you can practice specific areas that may help.

  • Consider if you will fit the role – While it is good to go outside your comfort zone to learn and progress, if you are too far away from your skill set or in a very uncomfortable situation, you will flounder and not do well.

  • Mock tests – There are many places online to access free practice tests for the gate assessments, such as Wikijob and JobTestPrep. Try to do as many before your assessment as possible, especially the timed tests. This will help with panic in the real tests and worrying about time, and also give a wide variety of sample questions. Any areas you are struggling with can then be revised in plenty of time.

  • Pick the best time for you – As the Aon assessments can be done from anywhere, it is important to pick the best place and time for you. Ensure it is somewhere with a strong internet connection and no distractions. Make sure you have a good night's sleep and try to do the tests at a time of day where you feel you concentrate more.

Final Thoughts

The Aon G.A.T.E assessment tests are hugely popular with many companies in the US. This means they can be competitive, so it is important to prepare to ensure a high chance of success.

Researching the company for which the individual is applying to is vital, but try to be as honest as possible in the tests, and not just answer what you think the company will want you to.

Use online resources to practice and help as much as possible before the tests, and try and relax.

AON Assessment Prep

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