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JobTestPrep Review

JobTestPrep Review

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What Is JobTestPrep?

JobTestPrep is a leading source of online advice and support for jobseekers hoping to land their perfect role. It aims to provide a solution that covers every market worldwide to help people who are required to sit psychometric tests as part of the job application process.

The company was founded by David Meshulam in 1992.

Its headquarters is in London, UK, and it has many other offices around the world.

After training in psychology and specializing in how people perform under pressure, Meshulam wanted to help people navigate the ever-changing, complex job application process.

He knew that the ability to look up the exact requirements for the job interview would give candidates the edge when it came to beating the competition.

Although industry experts advise candidates not to prepare but simply ‘be themselves’ on the day of the test, the JobTestPrep team consider this bad advice.

They recognize that candidates who don’t know what to expect from the interview process can get caught out and perform poorly simply due to a lack of preparation or knowledge of what to expect.

Successful recruitment doesn’t rely solely on depth of knowledge; it also requires the ability to show yourself as a well-rounded individual who can cope with everyday workplace situations.

This is where psychometric tests or aptitude tests come into play.

JobTestPrep stands out in the market by providing psychometric practice tests that reflect the exact tests used by all the companies and organizations that use them to hire.

It also supplies the learning tools to back them up and has over 500 test packs on offer through its various websites.

What Are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric testing is an early stage of the recruitment process that comes before interviews or assessment days.

Employers use psychometric testing to measure candidates' aptitude and ability and gauge their personality traits to see whether they are a good fit for the company.

The tests are usually held online and can be completed from any location with a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

Although candidates cannot always revise for a psychometric assessment in a traditional sense, there are ways they can prepare to give themselves the best chance of success.

Understanding psychometric tests can help you prepare and build confidence before entering the selection process.

One of the best preparation methods is to take practice tests.

JobTestPrep has helped over one million candidates prepare for their job application by providing a vast range of psychometric practice tests that are tailored to the individual companies and even specific job roles available.

To use JobTestPrep, you simply search for the relevant organization and job role you are interested in and read up on the information specific to that request.

You can go on to download the test pack and take practice tests to prepare.

What Does JobTestPrep Offer?

JobTestPrep offers a wide range of products and services, including both free and paid-for options, all designed to assist candidates through the job application process.

However, the advantage of using JobTestPrep is that its psychometric practice tests are tailored to the relevant job application according to your needs.

Although some materials are accessible for free, full practice packs require payment.

When you have decided on the practice pack that is right for you, you can purchase a license to access the materials for either one week, one month or three months.

Current prices range from £39 to £69 for licenses.

One-week and one-month access is classed as a basic licensethat allows you to see the materials that go along with your chosen test.

The three-month option is a premium license, allowing you to access any test pack from the entire JobTestPrep library for the duration of three-months.

However, detailed overviews of the psychometric tests, including their structure, typical question types and example questions are accessible for free.

Candidates can also access free video tutorials and other resources to aid their learning and sit a few basic tests free of charge to assess their progress.

The full range of products and services is broad and diverse. The following is a selection that reflects the variety of possible options.

Common Aptitude Tests

JobTestPrep Review
JobTestPrep Review

Tests by Assessment Providers

Such as:

Tests by Profession

Tests by Employer

How Accurate Are the JobTestPrep Practice Tests?

JobTestPrep aims to replicate the actual psychometric tests as closely as possible, and it has a dedicated research team to make sure it does a good job.

Typically, a JobTestPrep practice test is a very accurate representation of how the real test will be.

Although the exact questions will not be identical, the style and format will be essentially the same.

What Are the Advantages of Using JobTestPrep?

  • All the tests are developed by psychologists – The questions themselves are written by psychologists, as are the answers and the detailed explanations that go alongside them. You can see the logic behind every answer.

  • Targeted practice – Generic psychometric tests are available elsewhere online, but you will gain the most benefit from tests tailored to the same job for which you are applying. JobTestPrep is the only test preparation site to tailor test packages to specific jobs and industries.

  • Tests are available in multiple languages – JobTestPrep is the only test preparation site that provides its tests in multiple different languages to serve jobseekers around the world.

  • Tests and resources are kept up to date – The team at JobTestPrep do an excellent job of staying up to date with the psychometric tests that employers are using as part of their selection process. They pass this on to their audience to give them the best chance of success.

  • Access to free resources – JobTestPrep offers free options so everyone can benefit from their industry insights. You can access a selection of learning resources, video tutorials and practice tests for free on their website.

  • Tests that simulate real conditions – The JobTestPrep practice tests are designed to simulate real conditions. This is particularly useful for the timed element of the tests, to get candidates used to pacing themselves to answer as many questions as possible within the allocated time. You can also choose to take untimed practice tests if preferred.

  • Support in other areas of the job application process – The JobTestPrep website also offers support and guidance for different areas of the application process besides psychometric testing. The competition for roles in today’s job market means that hiring companies and organizations are really using the recruitment process to get to know each candidate. They ask for participation in interviews, presentations and role play exercises, often taking place at dedicated assessment centers. You can download free guides on the JobTestPrep website to help you prepare for these stages of the process.

  • Job interview guidance – You can also access job interview guidance from JobTestPrep. It outlines the different types of interview you might face, including competency-based interviews, managerial interviews and strength-based interviews. You can also read advice on which methods to draw upon to demonstrate your abilities and qualities when answering interview questions. Video examples and interview tips are also available through the website.

  • Customer support – When you purchase a test pack, you also gain access to 24/7 JobTestPrep customer support. Access is via email, live chat or telephone.

  • Money-back guarantee – For an added assurance, JobTestPrep promises to give you your money back if the questions in your actual test are different from your practice questions. If the test has an entirely different theme, for example, numerical reasoning instead of verbal reasoning, it offers a full refund. If there was a degree of similarity, but also some differences, JobTestPrep will evaluate your case and offer a 30% to 80% refund at its discretion.

  • Mobile-friendly materials – Of all the content across the various JobTestPrep websites, over 90% is mobile-friendly and is accessible from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. This feature means you can practice on the go to suit your lifestyle.

  • A solid reputation – JobTestPrep has been in business for 28 years, and in that time, it has been used by over one million jobseekers. The world’s top universities recommend JobTestPrep to their graduates to assist in landing their first job role. It also attracts glowing reviews on multiple online review sites.

How to Select the Right Pack

The vast amount of test packs on JobPrepTest means that it will almost certainly have one that represents your industry and the organization to which you are applying.

There is a very efficient filter feature on the website to help you find the right pack for your needs.

You can filter packs according to profession for a generalized example of relevant tests for your industry.

If you are preparing for a specific job interview, you can filter by company or organization to find the exact test formats they use.

If you already know the relevant type of assessment or the assessment center, you can jump straight to the appropriate tests.

The filter also allows you to drill down into the different types of tests, so if you know you have a weakness in one area or want to practice a specific skill, you can focus on your chosen area.

If you are still unsure which test pack is right for you, you can contact the dedicated support team, who can answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are asked to participate in a psychometric test, you must take the time to prepare as adequately as possible. JobTestPrep and AssessmentDay both offer a variety of practice aptitude tests.

If you are comparing the two sites, you should look beyond just the initial pricing structure. You need to think carefully about what type of test you have been asked to complete and how you prefer to study. Exam preparation is a very personalized topic; what works well for some people may not work well for you. Therefore, you need to find a study resource that works to your strengths.

Both JobTestPrep and AssessmentDay are comprehensive sites that offer a wealth of extensive resources. But JobTestPrep is the only site that offers bespoke test packages for specific jobs or sectors. Therefore, if you are applying for a niche job role, you may prefer to use a site that offers practice tests specifically designed for your job.

More than one million candidates have used the resources provided by JobTestPrep, and over 100,000 employers and test providers use it. With such a large pool of participants, it is easy for JobTestPrep to adapt and improve its services continually.

JobTestPrep has based its reputation upon creating practice tests that psychologists have developed. The site goes beyond just questions and answers. It provides detailed explanations behind each answer so that users can understand why it is the right answer.

The site is also highly accessible and available on various devices, including phones, tablets, or desktops. In addition, tests are available in multiple languages, and specific tests are designed for niche sectors, making it a highly influential practice test site.

JobTestPrep prides itself on the quality of its practice exams.

Not only are individual questions designed by psychologists, but the team is continually updating their resources to ensure that they are relevant to today’s employers.

Over one million candidates have used JobTestPrep worldwide to help them prepare for a psychometric test.

The feedback is incredibly popular, and with 24/7 customer support and a money-back guarantee, users can feel confident that they are getting value for money.

JobTestPrep has expanded beyond just practice tests. There are also useful guides and resources to support the entire recruitment process, from job interview resources to detailed guides to help you prepare for assessment days.

These guides are available via the JobTestPrep.

JobTestPrep is an excellent site for practice aptitude tests. Not only does it cover a wide variety of popular tests, including SHL tests, Korn Ferry aptitude tests, Saville tests and Watson Glaser tests, but it also has bespoke practice tests for specific industries.

Suppose you are applying for a job as a firefighter, teacher, prison officer, army officer, plumber, clerk or as part of the armed forces. In that case, you may wish to look at the tailored profession packs available for JobTestPrep.

JobTestPrep is a cost-effective way of preparing for a psychometric test. Users can choose between one-week, one-month and three-month subscriptions, with prices ranging from £39 up to £69.

Therefore, the longer-term subscription offers exceptional value for money.

Many employers believe that you do not need to prepare for a psychometric test. However, the founders of JobTestPrep believe that practice is crucial to ensure that you do not feel flustered or overwhelmed during the exam.

In addition, by eliminating the element of surprise and giving yourself an awareness of the type of question that you could be asked, you could find that you give yourself a much better score.

JobTestPrep boasts an 83% success rate amongst users who have taken part in screening tests. With more than one million users, it is clear that JobTestPrep is an effective resource to help you succeed in your next job interview.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see why JobTestPrep is a market leader in helping jobseekers prepare for psychometric tests and the job application process.

The founder, David Meshulam, studied psychology and recognized a need for a service to help candidates prepare for the psychometric tests involved in applying for job roles.

JobTestPrep is a long-established company that has seen growing success and is now operating in several countries around the world. It publishes materials in multiple languages and covers such a broad range of industries that it has pretty much all the bases covered.

The handy filter feature on the website means that visitors can quickly and easily find practice tests directly related to the industry and organization most relevant for them.

As well as assistance with psychometric test practice, JobTestPrep also gives guidance on the interview stages.

The vast majority of its online content is accessible on smartphones and devices, making it convenient and straightforward to access. JobTestPrep’s customer support and refund policies are an added bonus for customers.

Occasionally, JobTestPrep offers some of its practice packs at a reduced sale price; stay up to date with discounts by following JobTestPrep on social media.

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