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14 July 2008 - 1:12pm

Hi Everyone,

i've just been invited for the online test. Please can anyone share with me the Do's and Do Not's when taking the test. Additional tips will be highly appreciated. Thanks


14 July 2008 - 1:39pm

Out of KPMG, PwC and Deloitte, this was by far the simplest online test for me. There are some practice tests you can do. Deloitte use Kenexa and you can find some sample tests here:

However, in my experience these seemed slightly easier than the real thing!

The verbal test is quite simple. Just take your time reading each passage. There should be 3/4 questions for each passage so don't worry about spending a bit of time understanding the passage. It is feasible to answer all the questions in this but I wouldn't worry too much if you don't. It's more important to take your time so you don't make a stupid mistake due to haste.

Conversely, it is highly unlikely you will complete the numerical test. Don't make this your aim. Instead, take your time and concentrate on answering the questions you know. You can move easily back and forth between q's o if you feel a bit stressed by 1 q move on to the next one and go back to that q should you have time. In this way you're not stressing yourself about 1 q when you may be able to easily qanswer some further on.

Primarily, relax. Make sure you're in a quiet environment where you will be undisturbed, have pencil, paper and a calculator. Take the time to understand the graph or table in front of you and concentrate on the q's you think you can answer instead of spending too long on something you don't have a clue about. This is as much a test of time management and coping under stressful circumstances as it is about your numerical ability.

I have no idea what the bar is but I managed to pass, so you should certainly be able to!! Good luck and I hope this helps!

14 July 2008 - 2:40pm

Thanx Very much,

I have taken a couple of practice tests but i am so concerned about the bar. How much i will need to make a pass ? Does Deloitte uses the percentile system or the individual score ?


14 July 2008 - 2:48pm

I think they use percentiles but I received absolutely no feedback re the tests so I don't know how many I got right to give you an idea, sorry.

Just don't stress too much about it. Do your best, stay calm and I'm sure you'll be fine.

14 July 2008 - 5:52pm Premium member

The pass standard for the tests isn't too high & they are based on GCSE maths only. It's really a test to see if you can handle dealing with numbers at all - needless to say if you have too much trouble with these tests, you aren't really suited to an accounting career.

Despite this you should take them very seriously- complete the practice tests online where you can and make sure you are well versed with ratios, percentages, fractions, reading charts and tables, foreign currency calculations and time calculations before you take the test- each or a combination will almost undoubtedly form the basis of every question you are asked.

15 July 2008 - 2:33pm

Hi Chrism,

I took the numerical test this morning and i'm waiting for the results. How long does it take to get the results ?


15 July 2008 - 2:37pm Premium member

If I recall rightly, about a day, two at the most.

15 July 2008 - 2:38pm Premium member
15 July 2008 - 2:46pm


I didn't answer all the questions and i little bit worried about the percentile system. I think i will be fine.

Thanx Chrism

16 July 2008 - 6:01pm

Hi, I completed the Deloitte online test earlier today, but I was only allowed to do the Numerical one, apparently I can progress on to the Verbal one if I am successful with the first? Is this new as there isn't anything listed about this on the forum that i've seen, I was under the impression you do them both and they take them together?


16 July 2008 - 6:19pm

That's the way I completed them, although they were pretty quick telling me I'd passed the 1st one and letting me take the second.

17 August 2009 - 4:44pm

Hello there,

Am I to assume that I failed the online test given that I wasn't able to proceed to the verbal test after I sat for the numerical test?



20 August 2009 - 1:45am

How long does it take to hear back after completing the verbal test to see if i get through to interview?? Iv been waiting nearly a week..hope I pass! I applied to London audit. thanks

17 September 2009 - 10:01pm

Just for anyone out there who is going to the deloitte online test.

I took the numerical test, and then it took them 2 days to get back to me to tell me I had passed and had to do the verbal test.

20 September 2009 - 12:54pm

Hey I've just tried the sample test for Deloitte numerical test. I was shocked. It does not seem as easy as it sounds. And it's SHL not PSL.

22 September 2009 - 2:46pm

Any thoughts on the numerical test? I found it challenging? does anyone know how well you have to to do? whats the verbal one like, anyone know?

S.Le have you done it yet? how did it go?

22 September 2009 - 3:13pm

I have done the Deloitte test; it is pretty hard. Very much similar to Credit Suisse and BARCAP numerical tests; it is provided by SHL. Atleast 50% of the questions are percentage related. I am invited to an AC on 8th October; so I will update you all on how it goes! All the best to all of you.

22 September 2009 - 3:13pm

After completing my verbal test.

I got a email message from Deloitte thanking me for completing the tests, and they will be in contact with me.

Does that mean I passed/failed? What do you people rekon?

22 September 2009 - 3:50pm

@Ak357 - it means you have passed the tests. Now they will screen your application and it is most likely you will be invited for your first round competency based interview. All the best.

22 September 2009 - 4:19pm

Cheers Aj.

Good luck with the AC in October. Fingers crossed I pass my numerical test.

22 September 2009 - 4:26pm

@Aj thanks for your reply, I was getting worried I had failed

@seyoc007 I dont know if you have done the maths but I will assume you havent...

The maths is very hard,

I got 95% percentile in KPMG maths the fact I found Deloite hard should tell the story. The difficulty is not calculations, but actually working out what you have to do in each question. My advice would be to skip any question which will take you a lot of time to understand. For example I come from an engineering background so I found a few accounting/finance context style questions confusing because I had never seen the terminology before etc...

Take you time go for accuracy rather then a quantity, as there are plently of traps in the wording for you to make silly mistakes if you rush or are careless.

The verbal was easier then KPMG, it is 30 questions in 20 minutues.... I would say it was quite straightforward...

if you have any more queries just ask...

22 September 2009 - 5:24pm

I passed numerical test. I found the sample questions before the test more difficult than the test itself. Dont know about you guys. The beginning were not really hard. But a few last questions were. I agree the difficult part is to figure out what you have to do rather than calculating. Remember to read the questions carefully. Now verbal is what I'm worried about. Failed KPMG verbal test, that's why. Good luck with AC Aj! Quick question: you have gone through first interview and are now invited to AC, right? Or straight to AC after tests?

22 September 2009 - 9:54pm

I hav done the 1st round; it is competency based. However, my friend is an Assistant Manager at Deloitte and "somehow" my interview was with one of his friends! Anyways to those of you who get invited to the first round; there will be questions regarding 5 of the Deloitte-Competencies plus why corporatefinance/tax/audit and why deloitte? Two examples each. My advice would be to have two positive examples of each and one negative example each. When you answering follow the 'WHO' or 'STAR' method. WHO stands for what, how and outcome; STAR stands for situation, task, action and result. Use power words such as motivation, tenacity, excellent, cohesion, diversity, collective etc. Get a friend to ask you questions regarding these competencies and mark you out of ten. If you are asked to talk about the impact of increased regulations; please talk about the opportunity to generate more revenue for extra kudos. If you need specific information; please do not hesitate to get back. Best wishes

22 September 2009 - 10:54pm

What do you mean by negative example?

22 September 2009 - 11:13pm

The thing about these tests is that they only have certain questions that are repeated over and over again. The first one is usually the worst one, but then you get used to the questions. You notice you get a lot better as you do more. When I did my first numerical test, I failed. The last few tests I took about 7/8 mins to finish and was confident on all the questions! Its just a question of doing as many tests as possible!

23 September 2009 - 1:53am

AJ, what service line did you apply for i have a first round interview and when did you submit your app?

23 September 2009 - 5:10pm

@ S. Le: I apologise; should have been clearer. I meant they may ask you questions like give me two examples of effective communication skills but they may also ask: could you give me an example when you failed to communicate properly? What were the challenges/barriers? What have you learnt from that experience and how did you improve on that subsequently? Hope that makes sense.

@ imjamin: I have applied for Financial Services Audit - London - Audit. I have already graduated. I submitted my application on 12th August and it took full two months to get to the AC and may get a possible outcome within 10-12 weeks! I will share my experience of AC here later on regardless of the outcome. What have you applied for?

23 September 2009 - 8:45pm

You were right Aj, got put through to the 1st interview stage, got a long wait 6th november for interview.

I submitted my application on the 14th of september, in theory based on your data if i get to AC, It will take me about 15 weeks to get a decision. Which shows the wait for each stage is increasing..

Best of luck AJ hope it goes well....

23 September 2009 - 9:37pm

Aj - ahh ok. I am in my final year applying for a grad role. I applied last week for a consulting role and have a first round interview in 10days, they have been really quick with me, i will share whatever experience i get. Has anyone had a numerical and verbal retest? if so what was it like?

24 September 2009 - 3:25pm

just heard i passed my numerical. i finished in time, and you have to be able to work out what you have to do pretty quick. Ive never been good at math but these tests are indeed basic stuff. The tests are SHL, and you can not go back to answer questions! i found that pretty annoying, you have to answer em all in one sequence, if you think your gonna take too much time just guess and proceed to the next one! Am slightly worried about the verbal one since English is not my native language, but I think I will be fine

28 September 2009 - 12:30pm

Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back from recruitment after completing both tests?

15 October 2009 - 6:52pm

does anyone know if the numerical tests are negatively marked???

15 October 2009 - 8:34pm

I'm 99.9% they are not - have you looked on the Deloitte website? I've got to do mine over the weekend :p

17 October 2009 - 2:49pm

I've just completed the test - I thought it was harder than the one for PwC as the tables and diagrams are more confusing and there is a lot to interpret - I answered all 18 questions (some guesses!!) and think that I've got about 12/13 correct... Hope it's enough to pass :p

17 October 2009 - 3:36pm

Oh, and the questions were mainly based on ratios, percentages, and currency conversion.

17 October 2009 - 6:19pm

Thanks for the information Imiliano. Im just going to do mine on monday. The practice ones are pretty hard so I guess im not too suprised about the real ones.

18 October 2009 - 10:32pm

I have done mine yesterday as well

Stevie, don't worry too much, it will be fine. just a little harder for general ones

not sure when will they send verbal test email?

19 October 2009 - 3:47pm

Hi Imiliano,

did you done Verbal test?

it is very strange, this year's test of Deloitte is SHL, previous is always PSL. I just wonder whether the verbal test is SHL or PSL?

whether they use SHL as numerial and PSL as verbal?

19 October 2009 - 5:18pm

hey guys just finished the numerical test, any idea on how long it takes to get a response. mine says application under consideration. did any1 else get that or am i gone for? i hate the wait, lol!

19 October 2009 - 5:59pm


I done mine on Sat , and receive verbal invitation this morning.

19 October 2009 - 6:37pm


I also sat the numerical test on Sat but have not heard anything as yet... I did the verbal test for Deloitte last year and it was fine - I suppose if English is not your first language it could be tricky... And yep, Deloitte used to use PSL for numerical - i'm not sure why they have changed though...

Good luck with the test results!

24 October 2009 - 10:15pm

hi, how long does it take after you complete the verbal did any of you guys get a reply, Thank you!

24 October 2009 - 10:36pm

Hi Ramram,

I received reply after two days, said ' thank you for complete online test, we will contact u shortly'

two days after that, i received email again ' you have passed, we will contact you shortly to arrange a interview time '

until now, i have not received this 'shortly' contact


what's your current status ?

26 October 2009 - 3:20pm

hi guyz please help me i wanna go to deloitte interview plz tell me how to prepare pl tell me how many rounds are there and for b com graduate which profile suits me on with deloitte plz do help me guyz i m waiting 4 u r prompt reply plz reply soon

26 October 2009 - 3:35pm

Exactly I am not sure what you asked ? I just answer what I understand.... 1. how many round ? online application, tel screen interview, online test, 1st round interview, assessment center 2. how to prepare ? view this website regularly

6 November 2009 - 7:13pm

Ello everyone, I need some advice, I tried to do the Deloitte Numerical test last night, I was doing the practice test and when I clicked finish, a pop up blocker blocked the actual test startting up and and it some how got submitted, so phoned them up this mornign and I i think their going to allow me to do the test again, the practice tests toook so loong to do and I did not see what the real test was like, I've only done one practice SHL test on their website (everyone was saying deloite is PSL I was shocked when I started it and it was SHL), I find it imposible to complete the practice test on SHL's site ( I think its 47 mins for 39 or 37 questions ), I only had time to answer 23 questions on the practice one on SHL's site and I only got 21 right, is that s really crap result? I am scared that I am going to fail and all the effort is going to go to waste, does anyone know how well you have to do to pass? Or where I can get practice SHL tests, apart from 'assesment day' becasue those are too easy, I tried one while I was falling asleep after staying up over 24 hours lol and igot 11 out of 12, SHL ones are sooooo difficult!!! Any help would be greatly appriciated!! I am so stressed.

6 November 2009 - 7:16pm

I preferably would like a few practice tests made by SHL themselves, I only found one numerical test on their site! Does anyone know if there is anymore on there? And if so how do I access them, I'll pay if I have to lol.

6 November 2009 - 7:23pm

On SHL, there is one proper test which you can do, but it is only available to do once. I'd also suggest Kubiks and PSL.

I thought I totally messed up the numerical test for these, but was surprised to find out I passed. Did my verbal this afternoon. They have generally been quite smooth with response times. Don't let the difficulty levels on the practice tests fool you though. The real tests are much harder.

7 November 2009 - 4:09am

The practice tests are very deceiving, the real tests are so much harder, I need practice tests which are as hard as the real tests, do you know any such tests?

7 November 2009 - 4:13am

Hope your verbal test goes well, I am terrible at them, I am going to worry about them after I do the numerical one lol.

7 November 2009 - 10:06pm

Ive found SHL to be the most challenging and PSL. They provide a much better idea of what principles may be needed and so forth. Usually I'm the other way around!

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