Practice SHL Tests

To pass "SHL tests" candidates should study the subject areas required in detail. Most SHL tests feature either numerical, verbal or logical reasoning questions and follow a straightforward questions and answer format.

There is no better way to prepare for SHL tests than to take practice tests such as those below. This will not only help you become familiar with the test style, but also help you to prepare for tricky questions. Practising tests will also help you to judge how to handle time. In SHL tests candidates must be able to solve questions quickly. Every test has a strict time limit.

WikiJob has a range of numerical and verbal reasoning tests you can practise, based on the same tests that real employers use. You can also practise SHL reasoning simulator tests with JobTestPrep.

Preparing for SHL tests

Practice is the best preparation when it comes to SHL tests. Candidates preparing to sit an assessment test should prepare by working through as many practice tests as they can find online. Candidates can also prepare for the SHL numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests as detailed below.

SHL Test: Numerical Reasoning

To effectively prepare for the SHL numerical reasoning test, candidates should study GCSE-level maths text books and revision guides, concentrating on their speed and efficiency.

Candidates should specifically prepare to answer questions involving: * Percentages * Ratios * Inflation Rates * Balance Sheets * Graphs/Data Interpretation

For more detailed information, see the full WikiJob article on numerical reasoning tests.

SHL Test: Verbal Reasoning

For the verbal reasoning tests, candidates should attempt to read as many newspapers and magazines as possible, concentrating specifically on Commercial awareness issues. Candidates should attempt to analyse articles and practice deciphering difficult information quickly.

For more detailed information, see the full WikiJob article on verbal reasoning tests.

WikiJob Aptitude Tests

Restarting the SHL test

SHL tests have been designed to automatically restart if a candidate's computer loses power, suffers mechanical failure, or is accidentally turned off during a live test.

Consequently, do not worry if your computer loses power during your test. You will be given another chance to take the test from the beginning when you have logged back in to the test system.

Practice for SHL tests

We have the following practice tests for you to try. They are very similar to the real tests you will have to sit, and of similar difficulty. These tests are not timed, however you must be able to answer each question in one minute or less when you sit the real thing. You can take the tests as many times as you please, and you will be marked at the end. Unlike the real tests, you are not permitted to revisit questions you have already answered.

Here is a free sample of a numerical and a verbal reasoning test for you to get started with (you must be logged in to take this test):

Numerical Practice Test 1 - Free!

Verbal Reasoning Practice Test 1 - Free!

If that was useful, you may also like to try our Aptitude Tests, which include 10 numerical reasoning tests and 8 verbal reasoning tests. These have been designed to simulate the questions typically used in online assessments. Although they do not contain any questions from the real tests, they are based upon them, and designed to provide practice to help you through. Each test is automatically marked at the end and you are given your percentile, which shows how you did in relation to everybody else who took the test.

If you spot any problems with our new numerical tests, please email [email protected] to let us know.

Advanced SHL-Style Practice Tests

Assessment Day provides a further 22 numerical reasoning tests and 17 verbal reasoning tests to practise, comprising over 900 questions, in a structured professional format just like the real thing. Click below to find out more.