Human Resources

Human resources is a term used to describe employees of a company whose primary functions are to organise personnel (including hiring and firing), maintain employee relations (within the company infrastructure) and to manage the use of company resources (including their purchase).

What do Human Resources do?

The objective of Human Resources is to maximize the return on investment from the company's human capital and minimise financial risk. It is the responsibility of human resource managers to conduct these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner.

Human Resources teams are concerned with:

  • Recruitment Strategy Planning
  • Hiring Processes(recruitment)
  • Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Evaluation and Management
  • Promotions
  • Redundancy
  • Industrial and Employee Relations
  • Record keeping of all personal data.
  • Compensation, pensions, bonuses (in conjunction with Payroll)
  • Confidential advice to staff in relation to problems at work.
  • Career development