The Best Applicant Tracking Software

The Best Applicant Tracking Software

When employers need to hire new employees, they want to do it quickly and efficiently.

A good screening tool can save employers time and money, as well as generate a pool of strong candidates.

Applicant tracking software (ATS) fills this need.

ATS software allows human resources to source, evaluate and manage the hiring process in a single location.

Each step of the process is tracked and contains job board postings, interview tools and more.

Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking Software

ATS has changed the way human resources hires job applicants. A system that was once a luxury is now used by large and small companies everywhere.

A 2018 Jobscan survey found that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use an applicant tracking system.

Because ATS systems have made the hiring process more efficient, they have saved recruiters money, time and energy.

Those are just a few of the benefits that ATS offers. There are several more:

Time Saving

An ATS can save a recruiter time by replacing manual work with an automated system.

Rather than having to compile resumes, look over everyone’s experience, find the best candidates and set up interviews, the work is all done by an ATS.

The ATS will store the resumes, create profiles, screen the applicants and eliminate those without the right qualifications.

Recruiters can then set up interviews or allow the ATS to do it for them.

If an employee has left suddenly, an ATS can quickly gather resumes or already have a good group stored for quick hiring.

Money Saving

ATS can save companies money in three main areas:

  • Recruiters are saved hours of work by taking what was once done manually and integrating it into the ATS; therefore, they can focus on other work.

  • With an ATS, employers will always have a pool of applicants that have already been vetted to choose from, should another position open, saving them money on recruitment costs.

  • Employers can stop spending on ads and recruitment strategies as a good ATS will show them where their top candidates are coming from and where to focus their energy.

Improve Candidate Experience

A lack of response from a possible employer is one of the main causes of bad candidate experience.

Approximately 81% of candidates say that continuous communication from possible employers would improve the overall candidate experience.

ATS can automate emails and send in bulk as well as personalised email campaigns.

This can keep employers in communication with their applicants without time and effort.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

An ATS will make an employer’s hiring process simpler and easier.

ATS removes much of the paperwork, as well as the need for different programs like email, Excel, Word, job boards, social media and more.

Instead, everything can be accessed through one tool and can be used by multiple people.

Companies hire people in different ways; therefore, the ATS can customise the job search to suit a company’s specific needs.

Having everything in one system also cuts down on the likelihood of resumes falling through the cracks or getting misplaced.

Valuable Insight

An ATS collects a large amount of data through its processes, which can then be turned into reports.

These reports can show a recruiter what is working in their hiring process and what is not.

It can display which job postings are attracting the most attention and what advertising channels are working the best.

Recruiters can, therefore, optimise what works and remove what does not.

Using software helps eliminate human error and bias. It also ensures that all legal rules and regulations are met.

ATS ensures that The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules and regulations are followed, ensuring they are equal opportunity employers.

In the EU, ATS will ensure that companies comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which protects the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.

Employee Retention

When a new hire is a good fit for the position and will work well with the rest of the team, employees are happier in their jobs and more likely to work productively.

This means they will stay in their jobs longer and there will be fewer recruitment costs and demands on the business.

What Features Should You Look for When Choosing an ATS?

Every ATS is different. However, they should all offer similar features.

Here are the top features your ATS should include and what they mean:

Job Post Creation and Distribution

For an employer, getting their job posting seen on as many job boards as possible can maximise their audience and the resumes and applications that will come in.

Look for an ATS that has partnerships with large recruitment sites, such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster and ZipRecruiter to make use of their users.

Applicant and Resume Storage

A good ATS holds resumes and applications even after a position has been filled.

The recruiter looks into this pool of resumes when they need another employee in the future to find a suitable candidate without having to advertise and search again.

It is also beneficial for if someone they hired was laid off or handed in their notice, the company does not need to look again, for there is already a group of resumes waiting.


ATS allow for better collaboration among co-workers and departments. Information can be shared, different roles can be assigned and access to information can be controlled with the system.

It allows for better inter-department sharing without the possibility of losing information and allows for better collaboration in the workplace.

Social Media Use

Social media has become a great way to attract and recruit applicants for jobs.

ATS now uses social media to their benefit as well. The systems allow job postings to be shared on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

This widens the audience of prospective applicants who can easily apply within the same social media platform.

Applicant Onboarding and Offboarding

Using an ATS for onboarding can speed up the process of officially hiring and filling the position.

The system can take care of welcoming new hires, introducing them to the company and projecting what to expect on the job.

Employees can access employee handbook information, such as benefits and forms.

Interview Scheduling

A good ATS can message candidates with interview questions as well as using a recruitment chatbot for screening questions.

Resume Parsing

Once the resumes start to come in, they need to be evaluated. An ATS can gather all resumes into one database where AI software can screen and shortlist resumes.

Eight of the Best Applicant Tracking Software
Eight of the Best Applicant Tracking Software

8 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

1. Greenhouse

Best: All in one
Cost: Average

Greenhouse recruiting software is used by companies to find qualified candidates, conduct interviews and work through the hiring process.

The software is primarily used for planning, sourcing, interviewing and hiring.

Greenhouse assigns different roles to different people, such as recruiter, coordinator or hiring manager.

Communications are gathered in email, social media mentions and in-house communications.

The software also allows applicants to deal directly with human resources, review the role and expectations, sync schedules and upload their resume.

Any job vacancies can automatically be sent to partner job search sites such as Indeed or Glassdoor.

Greenhouse provides reports to aid in the hiring process, such as sourcing, pipeline, timing and performance management.

All reports can be sent to Excel and used on IOS and Android devices.

For small companies, it may be a bit more than needed, and there is no free trial.

Visit Greenhouse

2. Manatal

Best for: AI
Cost: $15/month

Manatal is a cloud-based human resources management solution that offers users pipelines, artificial intelligence, candidate matching capabilities and driven analytics.

Manatal works for medium and large businesses and offers sourcing, a recommendation engine, tools for team collaboration and more.

The system also offers sourcing tools for finding suitable candidates, such as importing LinkedIn profiles, custom career pages and multiple job posting boards.

Manatal features a custom reporting engine and dashboard that helps users to access their reminders, referrals, chats and generate custom reports from a single location.

Mobile applications are offered by the solution for iOS and Android devices.

Users pay a monthly subscription fee that includes email and live chat support.

Visit Manatal

3. Workable

Best for: Customisation
Cost: Monthly pay as you go

Workable offers automated and AI tools that source candidates and help recruiters move from a job posting to hiring quickly.

Workable offers built-in sourcing and one-click job posting.

For its candidates, it offers applicants interview self-scheduling, advanced careers page builder, texting and one-way video interview support.

It is easy to set up and use with little training needed. Support is offered live whenever needed.

Workable does not offer a client management solution, nor does it have a native onboarding solution.

Customers must manage new employee onboarding with other providers.

Visit Workable

4. Bamboo HR

Best for: Mobile use
Cost: $4.95 a month/per employee

BambooHR is an HR software platform that consists of workforce analytics and a well working ATS.

It allows recruiters to track employee records, store hiring data and more.

The application is self-service and allows for collaboration among company members.

As few or as many people as you want can be involved in the hiring process with the change of permissions.

The software is available on smartphones and the BambooHR app.

Visit Bamboo HR

5. SmartRecruiters

Best for: Features
Cost: Starts at $10,000 annually

SmartRecruiters offers strong social recruitment abilities, where employees can view open jobs, make referrals, browse their networks and more.

Recruiters can even send social messages from within the program.

All applicant documents are centralised to allow collaboration among hiring managers, and areas of responsibility can be assigned.

SmartRecruiters can also manage assessments, interviews and callbacks.

It offers a recruitment agency marketplace where users can choose from hundreds of integrated recruitment agencies.

Visit SmartRecruiters

6. Recruitee

Best for: Growing businesses
Cost: Starts at $79/month

Recruitee is an integrated cloud-based recruitment management and applicant tracking system that offers business branding, candidate sourcing, job multi-posting, applicant tracking and more.

The product offers an 18-day free trial.

Visit Recruitee

7. JobDiva

Best for: Ease of use
Cost: Quote-based plan

JobDiva is a high-performing staffing software system. It works in every area of the staffing process and with every department.

It prides itself on offering a solution to every task; JobDiva was completed in-house and offers full accountability and customer service.

Visit JobDiva

8. JobAdder

Best for: Customer support
Cost: Quote-based plan

JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment management platform that allows recruiters to match applications to jobs, manage job orders and track a candidate’s progress.

The tool also manages candidate communications by email, phone and SMS.

Recruiters can also schedule, manage and prioritise tasks as well as set reminders.

JobAdder also offers candidate searching, resume parsing as well as email plugins for Gmail, Outlook and Office.

Visit JobAdder

Final Thoughts

ATS has changed the way hiring processes and are essential in saving companies time and money in their hiring process.

They are equally beneficial to employees looking for work.

Instead of a small group of people seeing a resume or application, it will now be seen by many through the hiring process and will be saved for future positions.

There are many different systems, each with its benefits and drawbacks. No matter which one a company uses, it is still a step up in the way of hiring.

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