In-Demand Jobs in 2023
In-Demand Jobs in 2023

In-Demand Jobs in 2023

Each year certain careers increase in prominence. Whether it is because of the speed of development throughout the world or the fact the job market follows trends, we do not know.

This article, therefore, will investigate the jobs in-demand 2021 to inspire you if you are looking for a career change or want to know what is trending in the world of recruitment.

What Industries Are Growing in Demand?

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 affected the job market tremendously and changed how we viewed the world of work.

It is no surprise that the healthcare arena has increased as workers and employers know the value of this industry and the essentialness of a skilled workforce.

Remote working has also gained prominence, and with that, designated digital teams have worked together to ensure technology runs smoothly in the absence of office workers – think remote servers and VPN access.

eCommerce has also grown significantly over the past decade, with an increasing volume of people either shopping remotely, reading digital content and socializing online.

As more automated services come into play, there is a rise in manual workers retraining in the digital space to accommodate the shift in labor.

For example, a switchboard operator or even HR executive may find their services redundant in the future due to these roles being automated.

Therefore, they are gaining skills in other areas, such as digital marketing and IT.

From technology firms and global corporations to ethical businesses and flexible organizations, it is predicted there will be strong categories vying for the attention of top talent within the next decade.

Here are a few of the future trends we can envisage dominating the job market in 2023:

  • A team of flexible workers with multi-functional abilities – This means businesses are looking for employees that are efficient in more than one discipline. For example, an HR worker can handle other administrative tasks.

  • Recruiters will focus more on a worker’s skill set than the job role in question – If a potential employee has qualifications in another field like accounting, for instance, then they might factor this skill into the job role.

  • Emphasis will be placed on wellbeing in the workplace – There has been a rise of niche employees with the skill set to run this department; organizing mindfulness classes, meditation, digital detoxes, etc.

With that being said, we have compiled a list of 2023’s top 15 in-demand job titles.

Top 15 In-Demand Jobs in 2023

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialists

Salary expectation: $124,000–$150,000
Education: AI specialists usually hold a bachelor’s degree or higher

Artificial intelligence specialists help to build and maintain AI models using algorithms and business insight.

This is to accommodate business needs that could affect the entire organization and the way it operates.

Machine learning is a growing trend, and AI engineers and practitioners will teach machines how to undergo tasks without the need for future training.

Presently, it is a niche job title; however, within the next decade, it will be a popular choice of occupation.

What skills are needed to become an AI specialist?

  • Programming
  • Data science
  • Software engineering

2. Computer Programmers

Salary expectation: $49,000–$147,000
Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher

Computer programmers, coders and engineers have been around for a while.

However, this is an in-demand job.

With the technological world growing, many manual roles are going digital.

Therefore, having skills in computer programming and development is key, especially if you have majored in computer science or math.

Most tech firms and global finance organizations possess an ever-growing team of computer programmers.

What skills are needed to become a computer programmer?

  • Coding
  • Math
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

3. Cloud Computing

Salary expectation: $124,000
Education: Bachelor’s degree

Cloud computing specialists are hired to help organizations migrate their important services and information into the cloud.

Specialists will analyze a company's needs and assist them by selecting an appropriate cloud technology.

Presently, this is classed as quite a unique job role; however, as more businesses move to the cloud, it is advantageous to possess the appropriate skill set for this role.

What skills are needed to become a cloud computing specialist?

  • Virtualization technology skills
  • Systems architecture skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Analytical reasoning

4. Cyber Security Specialist

Salary expectation: $91,000
Education: Bachelor’s degree or more

With more technological advances comes more security specialists. Cybersecurity jobs usually report to the head of IT, and you are expected to advise and instruct on the best methods and processes to secure all the systems.

You will be required to add value to the development of the organization's security strategy, combining non-functional requirements, security policies, technology reference models and standards.

What skills are needed to become a cybersecurity specialist?

5. Full Stack Engineer

Salary expectation: $81,000–$108,000
Education: A bachelor’s degree is good but is not necessary to gain the skills you need to become an FS engineer

A full stack engineer or developer is a specialist who handles all the work of servers, databases, clients and systems engineering.

The term 'full stack' refers to a range of series of technologies an organization needs to complete a series of data-driven tasks.

In-Demand Jobs
In-Demand Jobs

What skills are needed to become a full stack engineer?

  • Knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Vue browsers
  • Programming experience
  • Knowlege of a range of popular stacks

6. Data Analyst

Salary expectation: $100,000–$130,000
Education: Undergraduate or master’s degree in analytics, math or science

A data analyst analyses data and can be used in various corporations and companies.

Since 2019 this job role has grown by about 46%.

A data analyst is essentially a gatekeeper for a company’s data so key people within the business can understand the data and can use it to create strategies and make important decisions.

As the role is very technical, you are usually required to have a master’s degree in analytics, science, math or computing.

What skills are needed to become a data analyst?

  • Data visualization
  • Communication
  • Machine learning

7. Technical Project Manager

Salary expectation: $50,000–$110,000
Education: Although you do not require a specific degree to work in this field, you must possess analytic experience and proven technical ability

A technical project manager is someone responsible for managing and providing project initiatives within a business.

If you take on a role in this department, you must ensure all projects are carried out and finished to specification, within an agreed budget and time frame.

As a technical project manager, you will need to have particularly good technical knowledge.

What skills are needed to become a technical project manager?

  • Good communication skills
  • Math (for budgeting)
  • Technical and software knowledge

8. Digital Marketing Specialist

Salary expectation: $48,000–$96,000
Education: Most digital marketing specialists hold a bachelor’s degree or more; however, it is not essential to get into this field

With more eCommerce companies selling products online rather than a physical store, a digital marketing team is essential.

Perfect to achieve direct marketing initiatives, such as PPC, SEO, newsletters and social media ads, it is an integral part of the business to help achieve more traffic to the website and create sales.

What skills are needed to become a digital marketing executive?

  • Brand management
  • Digital knowledge
  • Good communication skills, technical ability and reading analytics

9. Marketing Strategists

Salary expectation: $38,000–$47,000
Education: Bachelor’s degree or other courses to help build your knowledge of various platforms

Like digital marketing executives, a marketing strategist is a more forward-thinking and strategic role that looks to future trends and analyses them to help create a successful marketing plan.

This role is about gaining a greater understanding of the wants and needs of the consumer and building a strategy around your findings.

What skills are needed to become a marketing strategist?

  • Analytical mind
  • Forward thinker
  • Communication

10. Receptionist

Salary expectation: $30,000 depending on experience or the industry
Education: While you might not need any formal education to become a receptionist, some businesses may prefer you to have some qualifications before applying

Although this job title has been around for decades, a receptionist’s role is vital to an organization.

The receptionist is usually the first person you see when you enter an HQ, and their knowledge of in-house systems and organizational skills are vital.

What skills are needed to become a receptionist?

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal ability
  • Organizational skills

11. Tax Specialist

Salary expectations: $30,000–$55,000 depending on experience
Education: Majoring in math is a good place to start; however, you must take a qualifying course from a CTEC approved provider

If you are planning on becoming a tax specialist then you can either focus on advising clients on different ways to reduce their tax bills (tax planning) or compliance.

Tax compliance is when you prepare and submit a client’s tax return.

Before you do anything, however, you will need to be educated in tax law to ensure your clients abide by the rules, and you will need to perform other accounting duties to do with tax too.

What skills are needed to become a tax specialist?

  • Math
  • Organizational skills
  • Attention to detail

12. Teacher

Salary expectations: $46,500–$63,200
Education: 97% of teachers hold a bachelor’s degree or more

Teachers are always necessary whether they teach at a school or offer remote learning, and the need for teachers is at the highest it has ever been.

The teaching industry grew by over 20% between 2019 and 2020.

What skills are needed to become a teacher?

  • Communication skills
  • Language
  • Math

13. Care Workers

Salary expectations: $30,000–$60,000
Education: You might not need academic qualifications to become a care worker; however, you might need to take a course in First Aid and other care practices

Care workers have increased a great deal in recent years, especially in 2021 when there has been more need for care workers than ever.

This area can range from social workers, care-home workers and special needs assistants, among other things.

What skills are needed to become a care worker?

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail

14. Healthcare Professionals

Salary expectations: $65,300–$106,000 depending on your role
Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher

The hiring rate for healthcare workers has increased rapidly over the past two years, approximately 34%.

There will always be a need for this type of worker, especially since the pandemic.

The past year has called for thousands upon thousands of healthcare workers to work on the frontline, whatever their major, and helping people is a much-loved job.

What skills are needed to become a healthcare professional?

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Physicians relations
  • Data entry

15. Skilled Trades

Salary expectations: $24,000–$70,000
Education: You do not need a degree to become a tradesperson; however, you will need to take specific courses and hold certain certificates depending on the trade

Learning a new skill is always enticing, especially one that is needed time and time again. Being a skilled tradesperson means you can work for yourself and hone your skills to create an enterprising business.

This can range from carpentry to electronics and plumbing. These types of skills are needed around the world, also.

What skills do you need to become a skilled tradesperson?

Final Thoughts

If you are uncertain what career path to go down and want more inspiration, we would recommend researching each in-demand job to understand which one will work best for you at this time and your skill set.

The workforce is ever-changing; therefore, it is crucial to keep up-to-date and continually research.

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