Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme

Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme

The recruitment process at Jaguar Land Rover is lengthy and comprised of multiple different parts.

It is designed to select the most skilled and relevant candidates for the positions that the company has on offer.

Introduction to Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover fuses two icons of British car manufacturing:

  • Jaguar, famed for luxury sports cars
  • Land Rover, the global industry leader within the manufacture of all-wheel-drive vehicles

The origins of Jaguar can be traced back as far as 1922 to a company that used to make sidecars for motorcycles, giving the company many decades of experience within the industry.

With over 38,000 employees, Jaguar Land Rover boasts the title of the largest automotive manufacturing business in the UK.

The scope of its operation means that it has a wide range of job roles on offer consistently, from manufacturing roles and highly skilled technical opportunities within design and engineering to roles within sales, marketing and corporate business.

Jaguar Land Rover also has several career paths available to talented graduates. These will be explored more in this article.

Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme Opportunities

Jaguar Land Rover offers numerous different career path options to graduates as part of its graduate schemes.

Each programme promises the chance for graduates to build on their existing technical skills and develop both personally and professionally.

They offer them networking opportunities with other graduates and industry professionals.

The company welcomes applicants from a diverse range of inter-disciplinary backgrounds. It is looking for a mixture of technical expertise, drive and personality, with more specific requirements for some of the more technical roles.

It has a dedicated graduate development team on hand to offer role-specific support to successful graduates to ensure that they get the most from their chosen programme once they are enrolled.

There are four programmes available:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate

Each programme offers a selection of different speciality pathways for graduates, with varying requirements.

All programmes offer a starting salary of £29,000 plus a £2,000 joining bonus after two years.

Below, the pathways of each programme are discussed in more depth.


Creative Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A design degree

The Creative pathway offers graduates the chance to gain a deeper understanding of design concepts whilst predicting future trends.

Through 2D and 3D modelling, this understanding informs new design ideas.

Studio Modelling Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A design degree

For those who thrive on problem-solving, the Studio Modelling pathway is about making ideas come to life. This can be either virtually or by creating an inspiring, tangible product.

This pathway is ideal if you enjoy working digitally and are inspired by new technology.

Technical Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A design or engineering degree

The Technical pathway is itself split into three disciplines:

  • Surface
  • Studio Engineering
  • Cubing

Working across these three disciplines, the design technical teams ultimately create 1:1 scale models to assess the viability of new and innovative designs.

This pathway is great for those who enjoy design but would like to work closely with the engineering side of the business and have an understanding of complex design and manufacturing systems.


Software Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A software engineering, cyber security or a computer science degree

Working alongside experienced engineers, successful graduates in this programme will learn how to develop and integrate the software that runs inside and outside the company’s vehicles.

Graduates will be required to complete tasks using model-based software as well as directly write code.

Electronics and Complex Systems Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A systems engineering, electronic and communications engineering, computer science, software engineering or a cryptography degree

To help to develop the complex systems that Jaguar Land Rover customers have come to expect in their vehicles, teams of specialist electronic engineers constantly work to innovate and create the ideal customer experience.

Here, graduates can provide support in these processes and have the chance to learn how to use cutting edge tools and systems.

Hardware and Mechatronics Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A maths, physics or chemistry degree, or a degree in mechatronics, computer science/programming or any engineering discipline

This pathway is for those who love to work with formulas and conduct detailed analyses.

Graduates will be supported to help professionals with the design of electromechanical control systems.

Propulsion Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A degree in mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, software engineering, computer science, chemical engineering or mechatronics

At Jaguar Land Rover the Propulsion Engineering teams are tasked with designing, developing and improving the engines, transmissions and motors of their vehicles.

Selecting this discipline will give graduates the chance to gain a thorough understanding of each engine engineering component, from design to delivery.

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A degree in engineering or STEM (excluding biology and life science)

This is a highly creative role. Graduates can learn how the company plans out and implements its engineering outputs and translates these into physical products.

Manufacturing Product Integration Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: Engineering and STEM (excludes biology/life science)

This pathway focuses on customer satisfaction – the heart of everything that the company does.

It explores the journey from the initial engineering stages and pilot builds through to product launch and enables graduates to take on some responsibility.

Supply Chain and Logistics Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: Engineering and STEM (excludes biology/life science)

Graduates will be able to join one of three divisions:

  • Material Planning and Logistics
  • Parts Logistics
  • Trading

Regardless of the division, graduates will gain an insight into the relationship between the initial supply of parts, labour and production and the end-user experience.

They will use this to plan and develop strategies to promote growth.

Powertrain Manufacturing Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: Engineering and STEM (excludes biology/life science)

On this pathway, graduates will set about seeking out advanced technologies to keep Jaguar Land Rover ahead of the competition and develop ways to improve its engine production facilities.

Production Manufacturing Engineering Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: Engineering and STEM (excludes biology/life science)

Jaguar Land Rover always wants to expand its horizons, and graduates on this pathways will help.

They'll learn about how the plant manufacturing processes, body construction and finishing touches can be enhanced and come up with their own refinements.

Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme
Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme

Tooling and Pressed Parts Group Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: Engineering and STEM (excludes biology/life science)

This pathway is focused on the manufacture of Jaguar Land Rover car body parts, aiming to improve all the processes involved.

Graduates will work with an expert team to learn and develop their own ideas.


The corporate programme, unlike the others, just has one pathway.

Analytics Indigital Pathway

Duration: Two years
Requirements: A data science degree or similar is advantageous, but the company is willing to consider graduates from a range of backgrounds

Working alongside digital experts, graduates will use their talents to problem solve, work with data-driven projects, give presentations and speak on behalf of the company at conferences.

The Corporate pathway is ideal for digital natives with analytical minds and outgoing personalities.

Each of the above programmes offers a starting salary of £29,000 plus a £2,000 joining bonus.

Graduate Scheme Requirements

To be considered for one of the company’s graduate schemes, applicants require a minimum 2:2 undergraduate degree or must be working towards graduating at this level.

Jaguar Land Rover Recruitment Process

As a company that prides itself on its reputation and attitude to innovation, in addition to offering generous benefits and career progression, it is passionate about filling its job roles with the best fitting candidates.

As such it has an application process that is lengthy and rigorous.

The specifics of the recruitment process vary slightly depending on the role that is being applied for, but in general, applicants might be expected to:

Apply Online

Initially, Jaguar Land Rover requires applications to be made online. This is a fairly standard application form and you will also upload your CV for consideration.

Have a Discussion via Telephone

During this phone conversation, candidates have the opportunity to ask questions as well as impress the interviewer with their knowledge and briefly explain how their skills and experience fit the graduate role.

Take Assessment Tests

Candidates are informed in advance of which tests they will be required to take.

These might be:

Follow the links above for in-depth articles on each type of aptitude test and how to prepare.

The invitation that the company sends will give some information on what to expect and how to prepare.

Pay attention to the deadline for completing them as they cannot be re-taken once they have expired.

The tests may be timed and have to be completed in one sitting.

Attend an Assessment Centre

Assessment centres involve interviews and activities at a location that the company will disclose via email.

It is important to arrive on time and to look presentable. This will be the first time that you meet fellow candidates and potential co-workers, as well as the interviewers face-to-face, so it is important to make a good first impression.

Attend Multiple Interviews

Jaguar Land Rover requires multiple types of interviews with potential candidates – behavioural, technical and strength-based.

Behavioural interviews give candidates a chance to show that they understand Jaguar Land Rover's core behaviours and can embody them.

Here, recruiters want answers that tell a story: what happened, how did it happen and what outcome did this lead to.

Technical interviews are focused on a candidate’s technical knowledge, skills and expertise.

It is important to relay how these relate to the company rather than to simply recount a set of achievements and qualifications.

Strength-based interviews are a chance for candidates to show how they can be an asset to the company. Questions are designed to assess a candidate’s potential.

Take Part in Various Exercises

During the Jaguar Land Rover recruitment process, graduates will have to take part in exercises at various points. Often, exercises are part of the assessment centre day.

The types of exercise include:

These exercises should be approached with confidence and as if it was a real-life situation, even if the situation may seem artificial.

It is in these exercises that candidates get to show their abilities within problem-solving, teamwork, public speaking and time management.

The practical exercises offer the opportunity for a practical application of some of the answers that have been previously given.

6 Key Tips for Getting Hired at Jaguar and Land Rover

1. Read the Role Description

Before you apply, make sure you meet the requirements for the role. These are generally clearly set out in the role's description.

If you find that you lack the relevant qualifications, consider another career opportunity that the company has on offer.

There are many, such as undergraduate placements (for example, for engingeering students) and apprenticeships.

2. Craft Your CV

Before the recruitment team at Jaguar Land Rover ever have a chance to meet you, they will be reading your CV. So you need to sell how you will be an asset to the company.

Therefore, it is supremely important you take the time to get it in tip top shape.

The company is detail-focused, so it doesn't want to see any copy and paste cover letters or generic CV templates.

It is looking for outstanding candidates, so ensure that your CV highlights your relevant achievements and transferable skills that you have gained during past work, education or training.

If possible, particularly demonstrate skills and experience that are relevant to the position.

Proofread all of the documents that will be sent and make sure everything is clear without spelling or grammar mistakes.

Autocorrect cannot be entirely relied upon; it can misinterpret the word you meant and replace a misspelling with something completely different.

3. Research Jaguar Land Rover

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have already begun your research.

Research the company history, its mission statement, culture, key developments and recent news.

By bringing up such information in the interview, you will seem keen and thorough, and it will show that you have a genuine interest in the job and company.

Such research will also offer you important insights that can help you to evaluate your own suitability for the role. You do not want to find yourself in a role you will be miserable in.

4. Interview the Interviewer

In general, job interviews are a chance for not only the company to ask questions of the candidate but also the candidate to check out the company.

During the Jaguar Land Rover recruitment process, the initial telephone interview in particular is an opportunity for both parties to assess whether the role is a good fit.

So, do not be afraid to ask questions at that point, especially if you have any concerns.

Consider in advance what questions you could ask during the interview. As well as gaining information, the right question can show that you are engaged and have done your due diligence in terms of research.

5. Prepare For Assessments

Make sure you prepare yourself for your assessments at Jaguar Land Rover.

For certain assessments, particularly personality ones, many of the questions require innate responses and aren’t something you can necessarily revise for.

Just always make sure to thoroughly read the question before answering, so you know what it is actually asking and to make sure you have not jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

Stay calm and focused. Ensure you have had enough sleep the evening before and have a clear head.

Remember – the assessments are designed to find the correct candidates for the scheme and are intended to promote equality and fairness. They aim to allow all applicants to showcase their talents to the company.

6. Read Past Interview Questions

On websites like WikiJob, past and potential interview questions are listed to help you research.

Formulate some ideas about how you would answer them or similar questions. Try not to make your answer too generic.

Use your research on the company to develop specific answers.

But you must relate this information to yourself. The interviewer already knows about the company; they want to know about you.

Keep the company at the centre of your answers but try to relate everything you say back to your skills and experience too. Show the assessors how you will fit into Jaguar Land Rover and how you share its values, ethos and culture.

For example, if you are asked, "What makes you want to work for Jaguar Land Rover?", consider it an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge about the company.

Jaguar Land Rover has recently pledged to reimagine Jaguar as an all-electric brand by 2025 and it aims to achieve net carbon zero emissions across its products, supply chain and operations by 2039.

If you were to decide to mention these points in your answer, it is important to relate this to yourself and your own experience.

You could mention relevant data collection you did at university on carbon emissions or your own opinions on the environmental impact of vehicles, reinforced by facts.

Final Thoughts

The recruitment process at Jaguar Land Rover is long and the environment is highly competitive.

Candidates who were almost successful but did not quite make it are added to the company’s ‘talent pool’ and may be contacted regarding future job opportunities.

So don't be disheartened if you are not successful the first time; you may get a call from them in the future.

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