100 Best Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List
100 Best Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List

100 Best Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List

Updated March 10, 2022

Written by the WikiJob Team

Companies operating in the global insurance sector are responsible for providing risk management through insurance contracts.

Actuarial work is an essential component of the industry as actuaries are responsible for identifying and mitigating risk.

Insurance firms can work across multiple areas including life, health, property, casualty and general insurances for both individuals and businesses.

Actuaries are employed by a variety of companies including consulting firms, insurers and financial institutions.

Below is a list of the world’s top companies operating in these areas, subcategorised by insurance and actuarial, listed alphabetically.

100 Top Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List
100 Top Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List


1. Aegon

A multinational company headquartered in the Netherlands, providing pensions and life insurance products to approximately 29 million customers worldwide.

2. Aflac

Founded in 1955, the American Family Life Assurance Company specialises in the provision of supplemental insurance to customers across the US.

3. AIA Group

The largest publicly listed insurance group operating in Asia-Pacific markets, AIA Group offers business insurance services and life, health and accident insurance for individuals.

4. Allianz

One of the top insurance firms in the world, Allianz is a Germany-based multinational company offering business, life, health, accident and property insurance.

5. American International Group

A multinational company providing commercial and personal insurances to customers in over 80 countries, with a staff of over 56,000.

6. Anthem

US-based insurance firm focused on the provision of health insurance to families, individuals and employers, with headquarters in Indiana.

7. Assicurazioni Generali

Italy’s largest insurance firm, offering a range of personal and business products with specific expertise in corporate insurance solutions.

8. Aviva

Operating on a global scale and serving around 33 million customers, Aviva is the UK’s largest provider of general insurances and the second-largest in Canada.

9. AXA

A multinational firm providing health, business, property, landlord and travel insurances to Western Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

10. Brighthouse Financial

American insurance company specialising in the provision of annuities and life insurance products, one of the largest insurance firms operating in its region.

11. Cathay Life Insurance

Founded in 1962, this Taiwanese insurer provides health, life and annuities solutions to the Chinese market, with additional operations in Vietnam.

12. China Life Insurance

Headquartered in Beijing, China Life Insurance is a 70% state-owned company offering annuity products and is China’s largest provider of life insurance policies.

13. China Pacific Insurance Company

Also known as Pacific Insurance, this company provides insurance products through two main subsidiaries focused on property and life insurance solutions.

14. Chubb

A multinational firm operating in 54 countries, providing products including commercial and private property, health, accident and life insurance, as well as reinsurance solutions.

15. Cigna

Global health services organisation with multiple insurance subsidiaries, offering medical, disability, accident, dental and life insurance products and services.

16. CNP Assurances

France’s leading provider of life insurance solutions, offering life, health, personal risk and pension products and services, both personal and commercial, across Europe and Latin America.

17. Covéa

A mutual insurance firm headquartered in Paris, providing products and services across liability, and property insurance and reinsurance.

18. Dai-ichi Life

A Japanese insurance company specialising in pension products and the provision of life insurance to customers across Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Australia.

19. Fubon Financial Holdings

A holding company based in Taiwan, operating several subsidiaries in the financial sector. Its insurance arm is focused on life, casualty and property insurance.

20. Humana

Founded in 1961, Humana specialises in the provision of personal and group health insurance plans to customers across the US.

21. Japan Post Insurance Company

Specialists in the provision of life insurances, pension services and property insurance, headquartered in Tokyo and part of the Japan Post Holdings group.

Multinational financial services firm, its insurance arm provides life insurance, annuities, pension and general insurance products to customers across the UK and the US.

23. Liberty Mutual Holdings

A US-based holding company providing property, vehicle, casualty and life insurances through multiple subsidiaries.

24. Life Insurance Corporation

Formed in 1956 through the merger of over 240 individual companies, this state-owned group is India’s largest insurance company, specialising in health and life insurances.

25. Lincoln National Corporation

US-based holding company with multiple subsidiaries providing group protection, annuities, retirement plans and life insurance products and services.

26. Manulife Financial Corporation

Canada’s largest insurance company, this multinational insurance firm specialises in the provision of health, life and travel insurance across Canada, the US and Asia.

27. MassMutual

Officially known as the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, this US-based firm specialises in life, long-term care and disability income insurances.

28. Meiji Yasuda Life

Japanese firm providing multiple insurance products including accident, disability, illness, death and pension solutions to both businesses and individuals.

29. MetLife

A holding corporation and one of the largest insurance companies in the world, MetLife offers several products including home, vehicle, dental, critical illness and life insurance policies on a global scale.

30. MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings

Japanese holding company formed in 2008, specialising in vehicle, casualty, fire, life and allied insurance solutions through various subsidiaries.

31. Munich Re

Germany-based company specialising in reinsurance. It is one of the largest insurance companies in the world operating in this niche.

32. Nationwide Mutual Insurance

One of America’s top insurance firms with its main headquarters in Ohio and several regional headquarters across the US, specialising in life, casualty and domestic property insurances.

33. New York Life

The biggest mutual life insurance firm in the US (i.e. owned by its policyholders), specialising in life insurance products with a key focus on whole life insurance.

34. Nippon Life

Japanese firm offering multiple life insurance products including pension, hospitalisation, death, illness and educational policies, headquartered in Osaka.

35. NN Group N.V.

A multipurpose insurance company offering vehicle, travel, transport, income, fire and liability insurances to both groups and individuals across the Netherlands.

36. Northwestern Mutual

Founded in 1857, Northwestern Mutual is a US-based financial services company with an insurance division focused on disability income, life and long-term care insurance products.

37. Pacific Life

A subsidiary of the Pacific Mutual Holding Company, Pacific Life specialises in the provision of mutual funds, annuities and life insurance products for US-based customers, with headquarters in California.

38. Phoenix Group

Founded in 1857 and originally known as The Pearl Loan Company, this is one of the UK’s top insurance firms.

39. Ping An Insurance Group

Chinese holding company and one of the largest insurance companies in the world, offering life, casualty and property insurances through multiple subsidiaries.

40. Power Financial Corporation

Canadian holding company with multinational subsidiaries, specialising in life and health insurances across the UK, US and Canada.

41. Principal Financial Group

A global investment management company with an insurance division serving individuals, businesses and institutions worldwide.

42. Progressive Corporation

Founded in 1937, Progressive Corporation is a specialist in vehicle insurances including commercial vehicles, boats, RVs and motorcycles, and is the largest car insurer in the US.

43. Prudential

A global company operating from headquarters in the UK, providing life insurance products and services to around 26 million customers worldwide.

44. Prudential Financial

A multinational company operating across the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia, its focus is on life insurance products and services.

45. Samsung Life Insurance

A subsidiary of the Samsung Group based in South Korea, offering health and life insurances and annuities to multinational markets.

46. State Farm Companies

A US-based firm providing vehicle, property, health, life, liability, disability and small business insurance through multiple subsidiaries.

47. Sumitomo Life

Founded in 1907, with headquarters in Osaka, Japan, this mutual life insurance company offers a range of policies across health, medical, education, pensions and lifetime insurances.

48. Sun Life Financial

Based in Canada, one of the oldest and largest insurance companies in the world, specialising in the provision of life and health insurance products to international markets.

49. Swiss Life

Switzerland’s largest provider of life and property related insurances, also serving customers throughout Europe with headquarters in Zurich.

50. Swiss Re

Specialist reinsurance company founded in 1863, operating in over 25 countries across Europe, the US, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

51. T&D Holdings

Japanese holding company providing life insurances through the three main subsidiaries of T&D Financial Life, Taiyo-Life and Daido Life.

52. Talanx

Germany-based firm specialising in business to business insurance and reinsurance products and services, serving retail, commercial and industrial companies on an international scale.

53. TIAA

The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association is a US-based organisation that provides specialist insurances for individuals working in medical, academic, governmental, research and cultural fields.

54. Tokio Marine Holdings

Holding company providing various insurances including vehicle, travel, home, medical, accident and life insurance products, also the largest casualty and property insurer in Japan.

55. Travelers

A multinational firm operating across the three core areas of business insurances, personal insurances, and bond and speciality insurance.

56. UnitedHealth Group

Founded in 1977, specialising in the provision of commercial group health insurance plans for customers across the US.

57. USAA

US-based financial services company with an insurance division specialising in personal property and casualty, and life insurance products for serving and ex-serving members of the United States Armed Forces.

58. Voya Financial

Headquartered in New York, Voya Financial is focused on employee benefit products and services including accident, critical illness, disability income and hospital confinement indemnity cover.

59. Zenkyoren

Officially known as the National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, Zenkyoren specialises in liability, property and life insurance services for Japanese farmers.

60. Zurich Insurance Group

A global company offering individual and commercial general and life insurance products to customers in over 170 countries.

100 Top Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List
100 Top Insurance & Actuarial Firms: A List


61. Accenture

Irish professional services firm offering various areas of actuarial consultancy to leading global companies in over 120 countries.

62. Actuarial Resources Corporation

Founded in 1987, this firm provides actuarial software solutions and consultancy to life and health insurers, reinsurers and investors across the US.

63. American Association of Insurance Services

Specialising in the provision of actuarial analysis for the property and casualty insurance markets across the US.

64. Aon

UK professional services company offering actuarial services to the global insurance sector, with 500 offices worldwide.

65. APR

Full service actuarial consulting firm focused solely on the provision of consultancy services to the financial and insurance sectors, with headquarters in London.

66. Barnett Waddingham

One of the UK’s largest actuarial consulting firms, providing fully integrated actuarial consultation for the insurance industry as well as services for trustee, public sector and private employer pension funds.

67. BDO Global

A multinational network of consulting, accounting and business advisory firms, providing actuarial consultancy in over 162 countries.

68. Bolton Partners

Serving clients across the US with headquarters in Baltimore and specialising in actuarial pension consulting.

69. Buck

Founded in 1916 as a dedicated actuarial firm, Buck now operates globally providing consultancy services across pensions, health, life insurance, investments and personal financial planning.

70. BWCI Group

Based in the Channel Islands, BWCI Group offers actuarial services across insurances, investments and employee benefits on an international scale.

71. Capita Employee Benefits

Specialists in the provision of actuarial advice for defined benefit pension schemes and one of the UK’s largest employee benefits consultancies.

72. Cheiron

Operating across the US, Cheiron specialises in pension and health plan actuarial consulting for public sector and corporate clients, as well as not-for-profit organisations.

73. Conrad Siegel

Provider of benefits and investments actuarial consulting, serving corporations, government and public sector clients, educational institutions, and individuals across the US.

74. Deloitte

Founded in 1845 and headquartered in London, Deloitte’s actuarial division specialises in the provision of actuarial consulting services across pensions, life, health and general insurances.

75. Ernst & Young

London-based professional services firm with a global actuarial division providing fully integrated services across the complete insurance industry.

76. First Actuarial

Based in the UK, First Actuarial provides full actuarial consultancy across defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes for employers and trustees.

77. GAD

The UK’s Government Actuary’s Department, providing actuarial services to the public sector, principally focused on pension schemes.

78. Grant Thornton

A global network of independent professional services firms with actuarial expertise across general and life insurances, healthcare, pensions and enterprise risk management.

79. Griffith, Ballard & Company

Founded in 1967, this is a specialist provider of actuarial consultancy services for life insurance companies across the US.

80. Huggins Actuarial Services

An independent actuarial consultancy firm specialising in the insurance and financial sectors, serving customers across the US.

81. Hymans Robertson

Founded in 1921 with offices in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow, offering actuarial services across benefits, pensions, insurances and investments.

82. Insurance Services Office

Multinational firm specialising in property and casualty insurance actuarial services, with offices in the US, UK, Germany, Israel, China and India.

83. JLT Benefit Solutions

UK-based employee benefits firm focused on actuarial consultancy services for trustees of defined benefit pension schemes. Now owned by Marsh & McLennan Companies.

84. Korn Ferry

Global management consulting firm with actuarial services offered through multiple subsidiaries in 52 countries worldwide.

85. KPMG

Headquartered in the Netherlands, KPMG is a multinational professional services firm offering actuarial services across general and life insurances, healthcare, employee benefits and pensions.

86. Lane Clark & Peacock

One of the UK’s leading actuarial consulting firms specialising in pensions and benefits advice, with offices in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

87. Lewis & Ellis

US firm operating across healthcare, employee benefits, life insurance, property and casualty insurance actuarial, with headquarters in Texas.

88. Mazars

Founded in 1945, Mazars is a multinational professional services group with an actuarial division specialising in pensions, health, life and general insurances.

89. Mercer

One of the top actuarial consulting firms, Mercer operates across North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, with expertise in pensions and employee health benefits.

90. Milliman

An independent actuarial firm specialising in consultation across life, property and casualty insurance, as well as healthcare and employee benefits for international clients in various industry sectors.

91. Oliver Wyman

Management consultancy firm with an actuarial division covering life, health, property and casualty insurance on a global scale, with offices in 27 countries.

92. PBI Actuarial

Based in Vancouver, Canada, PBI provides actuarial consulting and de-risking strategies in investments, benefits and pensions.

93. Perr&Knight

Founded in 1995, Perr&Knight is a specialist provider of multiple services to the insurance industry, including actuarial, and operates across the US.

94. PwC

Operating on a global scale, PwC is one of the UK’s largest actuarial consulting firms, providing services to insurers, financial service providers and industry regulators.

95. Redington

Independent firm and specialist provider of actuarial consulting for long-term savings institutions and pension funds, based in London.

96. RSM UK

Part of a global network of independent accounting and advisory firms, RSM UK offers actuarial consultancy to private, public and not-for-profit companies.

97. Segal Consulting

Part of the employee-owned Segal Group, Segal Consulting specialises in health and retirement actuarial consultancy across a broad range of industries.

98. Wakely Consulting

American firm specialising in actuarial services for the healthcare industry, with offices in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Denver, Minnesota and New York.

99. Willis Towers Watson

One of the top actuarial firms in the world, formed through the merger of the full-service actuarial firm Towers Watson and the Willis Group in 2016.

100. XPS Pensions Group

The UK’s largest actuarial consulting firm focused solely on pensions consultancy, formed through the acquisition of the Punter Southall Group by Xafinity in 2018.

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