RBS Assessment Centre Corporate and Institutional Banking Experience

24 November 2011 - 5:22pm

Hi there, as most people I thought I would contribute to Wikijob since I have leached off it so many times, so here goes.

I had my assessment centre yesterday for RBS Corporate and Institutional Banking.
Basically the day goes as the wee pack you get sent says.

We were suppose to start at 9 (didn't until 9.30, they were waiting on someone but they didn't turn up, so there were 9 of us) and everyone there was awesome, from a few different places as well. There was a wee table with food on it for breakfast. No-one really ate anything tho.

Group Discussion:
So first was our group discussion, we got split into two groups, one with 5 and one with 4. Being in the group of 4 we thought that it worked well. We were given a case study on an RBS fictional client which was a troubled call centre with various offices across England. We were each given a project to chat about and say why our project would help the call centre the most. It was good, although everyone tells you not to speak too much or to encourage others to talk, this wasn't really needed as everyone was thinking the same thing! Also make sure you don't talk for the sake of it (like everyone says but I did this at one point and went aw crap! but meh!) Yeh so since the exercise was made for 6 people we came to a conclusion early. If you message me I'll give you more details as there's no experience in me outlining everything exactly, but if you e-mail me after about 3 weeks of me posting this I will have forgotten so mind the date (24th Nov 2011).

We had a 15 minute break and some snacks.
This is where the groups were split. The group of 5 went through and did their interviews and the 4 of us went in for our presentation.

We had 75minutes to look through 15 pages of heavy data. They said that no financial knowledge was necessary but it certainly would have helped a lot, because doing a maths degree it wasn't very clear what a lot of things meant, so in that respect RBS weren't too fair, but I am guessing they won't penalise you if you didn't come to the same conclusions as someone with an accountancy degree might have.
I did feel there was not enough time. As I have read in previous slides but myself failed in, do not leave your slides till the last minute because they may take some of your flip chart paper.
Read the data carefully, it is quite confusing.
Then you have 35 mins to present to a member of the RBS staff that are there. I never asked what their positions were but maybe it's something you would want to think about. You present for 10 minutes, watch you time, they wont necessarily stop you!
Then they ask you questions for about 25 mins like:
-if you were doing this again what would you do differently
-what could you improve on
-what do you think you did well
-what didn't you do well
-if you had more time what would you do
and things like that.
They asked me one question in relation to the task but that will be different because some of us got asked different questions. But they did say the scenario will be used again so you may well be getting the same case study I did.

Then this part was a bit nye. They were over-running by about 15minutes, so we had 40 mins (!!!) for lunch, which I felt was not necessary I would have rather just had my interview, but we had to wait nearly 2 hours till the other group had finished their presentation and then they got to go home! This was about 3'o'clock and we were told it would last until 2 the latest. Yeah okay. We were entertained by the head of HR for a while who was cool and looked a bit like Tom Hardy but only when he was in Inception.

'Situational' Interview:
The interview was nice, as they all were. She asked me lots of RBS questions, about what's in the news and what challenges they face. Ones I did not want! A few situational questions but I think there were only two hence the 'situational' and it was three questions rolled into one which made it a little hard to keep track of when you're speaking so I counted them on my fingers when I though I covered them.

Left about 4.15 because we were slightly forgotten about near the end so we had to find someone to dismiss us as we had a form to sign.

Overall ti was a good experience. I hate interviews but because I was so exhausted and bored of waiting around I wasn't even nervous. Talked a load of crap but at least it's an experience.

My drawbacks were the lack of attention and organisation for our group. It felt like we were jsut pushed aside for ease, although they did say they just changed their system.

So as I mentioned only mail me if it's within about 3 weeks of me sending this because I will forget!

And if you have one. Good luck! It's a good experience and they do everything they can to make you feel welcome.


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