Hiscox Grad Scheme

26 November 2009 - 6:17pm

Had a tele interview earlier this week, still waiting on response. Anyone else applied?

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  • 9 March 2014 - 9:22am
    • Miss Stella

    Hey can tell me hos is the assessment centre? I applied for the business consultant graduate position. thanks

  • 20 December 2012 - 4:07am
    • gradjobhunter121

    does hiscox provide visa for international students on Tier 4 visa?

  • 5 December 2012 - 9:07pm
    • gopher

    And no commercial awareness questions!

  • 5 December 2012 - 9:05pm
    • gopher

    Hey sorry the.economics.guy, only just seen your message. Yeah I suppose you can call it technical even though they said they wouldn't ask anything technical - It was unrelated to the job though and the aim of it was to understand the way in which you think. I haven't heard back from them yet on whether I have a place at the AC. Hope this reply isn't too late. Let us know how you get on.

  • 29 November 2012 - 6:11pm
    • gopher

    Hi, I had a telephone interview this week. The questions I was asked:
    1. Why do you want to work for Hiscox?
    2. Why do you want to work as an underwriter?
    3. Why should we hire you? How do your skills match to the position as an underwriter?

    Two competency based questions requiring examples:
    4. A time when you've had to deliver a difficult message to a group.
    5. A time when you came up with a creative solution to a problem.

    And then one tricky question which you won't be able to prepare for, just make sure you're focused and thinking clearly.

    • 29 November 2012 - 6:38pm
      • the.economics.guy

      By tricky do u mean technical? or commercial awareness?
      Thanks for the info.
      Have my tele interview comming up for actuarial. Has anyone been offered an AC yet? They said that theyre early december.

  • 29 November 2012 - 6:07pm
    • gopher

    Hi, I had a telephone interview this week. The questions I was asked were:
    1. Why do you want to work for Hiscox?
    2. Why do you want to work as an underwriter?
    3. Why should we hire you? How do your skills match to the position as an underwriter?

    Then 2 competency based questions requiring examples:
    4. A time when you've had to deliver a difficult message to a group.
    5. A time when you came up with a creative solution to a problem.

  • 4 March 2012 - 6:29pm
    • eek

    Could anyone tell me whether the company reimburse you for travel costs to interviews/assessment centres?

  • 23 January 2012 - 3:02pm
    • jobhunter007

    Hi, I've applied to the Hiscox Trainee Underwriter Graduate scheme, I was wondering if anyone knew how long before I would hear back from them for my application form, not even had an interview yet and getting a little impatient! :/

  • 2 January 2012 - 12:49pm
    • ebiz88


  • 18 November 2011 - 4:31pm
    • RichardMarshall

    Anyone going to the assessment day on the 23rd of November?

    • 5 January 2012 - 12:59pm
      • harper.sfb

      Hi Richard. How did your assessment centre go? I hope you got through!

      I have one next thursday and was wondering if you could give me any clues as to what might be in the interview. Is there any competency stuff?

      Also, I was told that there would be 16 of us on the day and that 8 would make it through to the 2nd half of the day. Do you know how many of that 8 get offered the job?

      Many thanks,


      • 18 January 2012 - 1:50pm
        • Schnurzkiesel

        Hi there!

        Last week I had a telephone interview. I could answer all questions without any difficulties except for one, which in my opinion was a technical question. Seeing that Hiscox writes in their e-mail that the interview will not be a technical one, I find that a disgrace!!!

        Here are the questions:

        1.Why do you want to work as an underwriter for Hiscox specifically?
        2.Why do you want to work as an underwriter?
        3. Why should we hire you? How do your skills match to the position as an underwriter?

        4.Problem solving skills? A ship departs from Southhampton to NYC, worth 10m and cargo worth 10m, what would you ask the broker/client in detail? ( technical quesiton)
        5.Tell me about a time you led a team?
        6.Tell me about a time you successfully negotiated?
        7. Describe a work problem you have encountered and how you handled it?

        Good luck to all future applicants :)

  • 4 November 2011 - 10:48am
    • PlumpPrincess

    FE10MD - I replied to you privately

    jobsahninja - It is a Watson Glazer test. There are no maths questions just verbal. Its split into 5 section each looking to identify different skills such as you ability to conclude, infer, assume etc. In some sections you can answer 'true' or 'false' but in others you need to select from 'Definately true' 'Probably true' 'can not tell' 'probably false' and 'false' based on the information given. This is more tricky becaue it can seem there is no correct answer.

    Example Q (from memory - I did it a while ago so may not be exactly how it is)

    Text: The lights are on in the house
    Statement: Someone will be home

    Select from the following for the statement given: Definately true, probably true, can not infer, probably false and false.....I think the correct answer was probably true.

    Hope this helps. All the best in your test.


  • 4 November 2011 - 9:50am
    • jobsahninja

    hey does anybody know anything about the test? is it watson-glaser?does it have analytical (math) questions?verbal? please update me

    thank you very much

    • 1 December 2011 - 5:12pm
      • citychick123

      what positions have u all applied for??

  • 31 October 2011 - 9:37pm
    • PlumpPrincess

    Hey, So I realise nobody has written on this forum for a little while but has anyone recently had a phone interview with Hiscox? I have one on Thursday and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what they will ask - I believe its competancy only. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • 3 November 2011 - 2:03pm
      • FE10MD

      hey PlumpPrincess, i have a phone interview next week as well but have not seen any potential questions on this forum. All the best in your interview today. and if you dont mind, can you post the questions here to help some of us out? thanks a lot

    • 3 November 2011 - 2:03pm
      • FE10MD

      hey PlumpPrincess, i have a phone interview next week as well but have not seen any potential questions on this forum. All the best in your interview today. and if you dont mind, can you post the questions here to help some of us out? thanks a loy

  • 20 February 2011 - 10:26am
    • searchingforajob

    They said they would take 7 to 10 days to get back but in the end it was 4 I think. I had the assessment centre on the Wednesday and they called me Sunday evening.

  • 20 February 2011 - 12:44am
    • Holmes89

    Cheers buddy, what you have wrote is incredibly helpful. I've got mine in a couple of weeks, so a while yet. How long did it take them to let you know whether you were successful or not?

  • 20 February 2011 - 12:03am
    • searchingforajob

    Hey I had the assessment centre recently.

    The day started with introductions and presentations from different people within the company. Then there was a presentation/case study.

    The case study was about a cinema chain and you had to give info on one branch and any recommendations to go with it. There is a huge amount of information to get through in a short space of time so you have to manage that carefully. Maybe don't waste too much time explaining what has been going on in the branch and spend more time thinking about the recommendations and why you are giving them. They then ask you questions on the presentation and they might ask you some mental maths questions (I couldn't answer them becuase I didn't bring the information in with me but that didn't seem to hinder my performance so if you're not good at mental maths leave the information sheets behind). The feedback I got on that was that there wasn't enough structure behind the reasons for my recommendations.

    Then we had a group exercise which was to organise a charity event for the cinema. This was actually the worst part of the day for me because there were 8 of us with 45 minutes to complete a lot of tasks. I think the important thing in this is the way you interact with the others rather than completing the tasks so think abotu that when you're doing it. You should listen to others, not talk over them and make some good contributions at the same time. It's extremely difficult becasue there are so many of you trying to talk and do the tasks in a short amount of time so stay calm and adapt to other people's styles. I didn't get the job because of the group exercise which is unfortunate but I let the others wind me up a bit with all the excitement going on.

    Then there was lunch where you can chat to graduates and some of the assessors.

    Finally I had the interview. That was quite straight forward. I can't remember all the questions exactly but they asked about my CV and my work experience. They also asked some technical questions. The first one was how you would underwrite a cargo ship going from Southampton to New York. Well I think they said what would you ask me if I was the broker.. you know so same thing. Then he followed on from that and said what would you do if I told you there was a hurricane going through the path of my ship and as a broker I was asking you to do me a favour and underwrite it. (I think he asked this because he underwrote natural disasters, particularly hurricanes) I don't know what they want in the answer but I think it's to see how you form relationships with the brokers and then he asked what I would need to underwrite the cargo ship. I think ~I was also asked what underwriters do (I applied for underwriting) Yeh and the rest was general questions about myself and why I want to work at Hiscox etc. They said I should improve on my technical knowledge but I showed that I wanted to be an underwriter.

    I didn't get the job in the end but I hope this helps.

    • 27 February 2011 - 11:41am
      • L1989

      Wow thanks that is great!!! I was told that there would be two interviews on the day but from what you've written there only seems to be one interview. Can you tell me if you had any competency based questions in your interview please? Thanks you've been really helpful!

  • 9 February 2011 - 2:49pm
    • bos-devil

    How long did people have to wait to hear back after the tests? I didn't get a rejection email but am getting nervous.

  • 28 January 2011 - 1:36am
    • Huge11

    Anyone know if they're still doing the Watson Glazer tests or whether they're using SHL instead now (or doing nothing?)

    • 28 January 2011 - 2:04am
      • tantart

      Watson Glazer. :)

  • 26 January 2011 - 8:45pm
    • searchingforajob

    Has anyone had an assessment centre and got any hints and tips about it?

  • 26 January 2011 - 5:52pm
    • Holmes89

    Has anyone heard back from these guys yet? I had my telephone interview a few weeks ago now and so far nothing ....?

  • 27 April 2010 - 11:08am
    • jak

    Hi Guys, could someone kindly share what they had to do at the Hiscox AC?

  • 15 March 2010 - 10:30am
    • moon

    Anyone, jude, nojob88, ronghaizi, any other 25-February AC attendees, have u been contacted with the results yet?

  • 8 March 2010 - 7:28pm
    • jrjc2

    Hey guys, I have an AC this Friday for the internship scheme. Can anyone provide any info? ie what kind of questions you were asked in the interview or the style/format of the group exercise? Would be much appreciated!

  • 26 February 2010 - 9:03am
    • jdog

    what role was the AC for? what did it consist of? thank you

  • 25 February 2010 - 9:39pm
    • Jude

    Was good - prob could have done better on the presentation! We have to pass all three so fingers crossed. You?

  • 25 February 2010 - 8:49pm
    • nojob88

    Jude - Great, me too! How did you find it all?

  • 25 February 2010 - 7:51pm
    • Jude

    Yeah I attended the AC today.

    • 30 January 2011 - 11:50pm
      • searchingforajob

      Hi Could you tell me a bit about the AC? I have one coming up and I am nervous!

      • 19 February 2011 - 6:21pm
        • Holmes89

        How did the AC go? Any tips on it will be greatly appreciated.

  • 25 February 2010 - 4:43pm
    • nojob88

    Did anyone attend an A/C today (25th Feb?)

  • 6 February 2010 - 8:21pm
    • hohoho

    Yeah, I haven't heard yet either.

  • 6 February 2010 - 7:08pm
    • Jude

    Yeah I'm still waiting! and if the AC is this week, that means they're giving us essentially a couple days notice! ronghaizi have you heard whether or not you passed the telephone interview?

    • 7 February 2010 - 10:59am
      • ronghaizi

      Jude: Yes, I am invited to the AC on Thursday. Good luck! You might get an email on Monday.

  • 6 February 2010 - 11:35am
    • xx007

    have any of you guys found out whether you have got in the AC?? I haven't, so I'm thinking I didn't get in!

  • 6 February 2010 - 11:10am
    • ronghaizi

    The AC wil be held on the 11th Feb. Good luck everyone!

  • 2 February 2010 - 7:54pm
    • hohoho

    Took the liberty of emailing HR about this: apparently they are making their decisions this week. Gd luck everyone!

    • 3 February 2010 - 9:33am
      • ronghaizi

      Thanks Hohoho!

  • 29 January 2010 - 7:04pm
    • bcs262

    I haven't heard after the telephone interview either which was last week!

  • 29 January 2010 - 3:17pm
    • ronghaizi

    It has been ages since I had the telephone interview. I applied for the actuarial training position. Has anyone heard from them after the telephone Interview?

  • 26 January 2010 - 3:05pm
    • gstilgoe

    Hi everyone,

    I have a telephone interview this week, any pointers would be much appreciated.

    Good luck to u all,


  • 15 January 2010 - 12:37pm
    • hohoho

    Has anyone head back about the outcome of their telephone interview? Applications closed this week, so I would expect HR to start contacting people about AC's soon.

  • 6 January 2010 - 4:30pm
    • Jude

    Hi jdog, lawtorisk and Ryo, since you both had your telephone interviews quite recently would you mind telling what kind of questions they asked? Are they all just competency and personal related qs? Or are there any commercial awareness questions.?

    I've got my interview coming up and am really nervous, so any help would be very much appreciated guys!

  • 6 January 2010 - 4:02pm
    • jdog

    do you mean phone interview or face to face. I haven't anything about my phone interview results. If you had a face to face interview how was it lawtorisk? Is there any stage between the face to face and telephone interview?

  • 6 January 2010 - 2:32pm
    • lawtorisk

    anybody applied to the underwriting program at Hiscox... they are taking forever to get back to me...

    its been about 3 weeks after the interview

  • 2 January 2010 - 2:16pm
    • jdog

    ok thanks. hopefully we will hear back sometime soon

  • 2 January 2010 - 12:00pm
    • Ryo

    When I had mine I remember the guy telling me not to be surprised if I didn't hear back from them for a while. He said they were carrying out all their phone interviews before they notified people and this could be sometime between middle to late January. Hope that helps.

  • 25 December 2009 - 9:01pm
    • jdog

    Is it good that I haven't heard from hiscox for about 3 weeks now since I've done my phone interview? does anyone know when they are suppose to get back to us?

  • 18 December 2009 - 1:14pm
    • hohoho

    Ryo, it's a fairly standard competency based affair. Can't remember the exact questions, but wouldn't expect any surprises. What scheme have you applied to?

  • 17 December 2009 - 4:53pm
    • Ryo

    Hey hohoho, I have a telephone interview coming up, do you remember what sort of questions they asked during yours?

    • 7 January 2011 - 7:05am
      • carpediem158

      Hi everyone, I am having a telephone interview soon. Do you mind sharing what kind of questions they asked? Thanks

      • 17 January 2011 - 11:42pm
        • tantart

        Hi carpediem158, how did the interview go? I'm having mine soon, and would appreciate if you could share your experience/questions? Thanks.

  • 30 November 2009 - 6:43pm
    • hohoho

    Sorry to hear that dude - I hate it when they reject you on the basis of these tests. Best of luck on your other apps.

  • 30 November 2009 - 12:13pm
    • jobless

    AAAHHHHHHHH rejected!
    I hate these verbal type tests. Even the practice questions were timed. It was such an unusual test!

    Wish u luck hohoho

  • 27 November 2009 - 4:37pm
    • hohoho


    It's called the Watson Glaser. It's broadly similar to the SHL verbal reasoning, although structured differently. Don't think there are any practise questions out there unfortunately. I found it fairly straightforward so I wouldn't be too worried. Good luck!

  • 26 November 2009 - 6:38pm
    • hohoho

    Cheers mate. Was waiting over a month - I wouldn't give up hope.

    • 27 November 2009 - 2:49pm
      • jobless

      hohoho (Happy christmas! lol)

      I've got the Critical Thinking Test to do and have not done one of these thingy midgets before!
      What is it? Its not clear from my invitation email!

      Any advice would be truly appreciated!


  • 26 November 2009 - 6:22pm
    • jobless

    Yeah, been waiting for 3 weeks for a response on application!

    How long did it take u to get a reply on application?

    Thanks. Good luck