PwC vs Deloitte (MC) Who would you work for if given the choice?

7 May 2010 - 1:18am

Hey there everybody,

I was recently lucky enough to receive an offer from PwC on their Autumn graduate intake for Management Consultancy and have a Final Assessment Day coming up soon with Deloitte for Management Consultancy as well.

If I received an offer from both PwC and Deloitte, I am looking to understand which company would be the best one to work for in regards to Management Consultancy. The following factors would be pertinent to making a decision:

1) Which company has the best reputation in the industry for Management Consultancy?

2) Who has the better working culture?

3) Which company gives the best salary and joining bonus?

4) How long you would work in / spend away from London? (I've heard PwC keep you in London more than Deloitte, which is of course better for me)

5) Which company has the best career progression and future opportunities?

If anyone can enlighten me further on any of the above five points, that would be really, really useful for helping me make a decision and also helping others see things more clearly who may be in the same boat. Note: This is purely for Management Consultancy only, not Strategy or Economics Consultancy.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Cheers.


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