London School of Corporate Finance

5 January 2012 - 3:03pm
Wise old head - sometimes

Many of the postings on here reflect of long term education, but there is a need for professionals to be updated on a regular basis, bearing in mind that legislation changes regularly. To this end I was looking for a course that would allow me to update my Corporate Finance including M&A to IPO's to LBO's.
There appears to be a number of courses that are available but the structure of the course run at the London School of Corporate Finance took my attention and I wondered if anybody had used this course.
The structure covers:
a) Applications of corporate finance.
b) Identifying and evaluating synergies.
c)Valuation methodology and techniques.
d) Cashflow approach vs. accounting approach.
e) Cost of capital and capital structuring.
f) M&A: public company takeovers and private company acquisitions.
g) Leveraged finance and management buy-outs.
h) Financing alternatives and typical financing structures.
I) Exit strategies

In my view that is a comprehensive approach but my concern is whether there is a slight overload. The course is run over 5 days with a cost of almost £5K which is a substantial investment thus my concern as to the quality of the course.

Can anybody who has undertaken the course please comment, and can others give an opinion on the content and whether they think it is balanced?


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