Internal Auditing

28 September 2011 - 9:03pm
Wise old head - sometimes

The only University that appears to provide a course in this area is Glasgow Caledonian Universitya nd this is a part time two year course. I stand to be corrected on that point. The business schools also appear to be lacking in any appraoch to this area.
As I understand the Institute of Internal Auditors has three stages of qulaification and they cover the following topics:
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Internal Auditing – Tools and Techniques
Effective Delivery of an audit
Communication and Client-Auditor Relations
Organisation and Management - concepts and practices
Accounting and Financial Systems
Internal Auditing
Business Information Systems Auditing
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Effective Delivery of an audit
Communications and Client-Auditor Relations

Strategic Management
Financial Management
Risk Assurance and audit Management
Advanced Internal Auditing case study
Advanced Business Communication.

From the above ot is hard to see how any form of generic degree course can establish a student on a path for this qualification, yet with Corporate Governance and SOX high on agendas today the internal audit comliance team are a vital part of a business.

It would be appreciated if people or indeed Internal Auditors could give their views in training and how they see this qualification as being vital. Thanks


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