Graduate Fairs

12 October 2011 - 12:46pm

I am interested in the views of students who have been to the Graduate Fairs.
There are two Graduate Fairs that will soon be held in London and Manchester. These traditionally have been a good ground for the matching of students and employers and the filling of internships. Clearly the exhibitors who will be present still see some value in these fairs but in today's economic world and the current unemployment figures are these fairs offering a future to students that may be over optimistic?
I understand that the fairs will allow graduates to meet prospective employers and to gain a feeling of the industry they are offering, but is this of value if when the graduate is seeking employment there are no openings?
This is a quote from The London Graduate Fair: "Over 50% of the visitors at last year's event were in possession of a 2.1 or 1st at degree level; another 21% were working towards this, an additional 8% had studied overseas". Does this make the fair an exclusive set up where if you have a TuTu or a third then you are a misfit and you will therefor feel that your degree has less value?
I think that of students who have been to these fairs could regale us with their experiences and the benefits they have received it would be useful.


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